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Sunday, January 5, 2014

A prayer for Barack Obama

Should Barack Obama come to an unfortunate end before his term is up, it would be the worst thing that could happen to this country. Seeing him become a tragically romantic figure, or even worse, a martyr, would give the Left a new Abraham Lincoln.

Obama's years in office would immediately take on the soft, gauzy feel of a latter day Camelot. He would be forever frozen in time forever as a relatively youthful icon. One can only imagine the purple prose that would be summoned up for his various eulogies. Liberals would compete to outdo each other in their fulsome praise for him (thereby proving what good people they are).

Obama would be said to have "given his life" for the cause of bringing much needed medical attention to poor people. He would have practically died for our sins.

Pictures of Obama's grieving family (well, the official photographer's ones, anyway, the regular new agencies will probably continue to be denied access) would saturate the airwaves. They would be shown over and over, much like the shot of John-John saluting his father's coffin or the one of a tear-stained Jackie standing next to LBJ when he took the oath of office.

Obama's work would be said to have been left "unfinished." Leftists who want to push Obama's left wing agenda further will have only to invoke His name ("It's what Barack would have wanted"). Any criticism of Obama would be considered sacrilege, or, at the least, "speaking ill of the dead."

If, by some horrible chance, Obama were assassinated by a paranoid schizophrenic off his meds with even the most remote connection to conservatism, the media would make hay out of that connection for the next century. The man's name would become indelibly linked with conservatism.

Even if Obama were to be killed by someone with no connection to conservatism, that killer would most likely be instantly Jared Loughner-ized: given right wing credentials he didn't have. Or, as also happened with Loughner, the killer would merely be said to have been emboldened by the atmosphere of hatred promulgated by the right wing.

Let's hope Obama leads a long life, allowing the public to see his character in full. His lavish personal lifestyle. His soaring oratory, when he has no Teleprompter. And his sexual inclinations, once the media has less incentive to ignore them.

All of these things can only be revealed in the fullness of time; so please join me in wishing Barack Obama a long, illuminative life.


Chris Mallory said...

I am hoping for an auto-erotic asphyxiation accident involving goat porn the year after he leaves office. Otherwise we are going to have to put up with 30 years or more of him and his "moral judgments" against America.

John Craig said...

Chris --
I sincerely hope we get 30 more years of him and his "moral" judgments, so that the public finally wakes up to who he really is.

Anonymous said...

The best thing about the David Carradine story is, you can basically assassinate anyone scot-free, if you stage it as an auto-whats-it. The investigators will be too embarassed to touch anything or take photos, and just call it a heart attack, or "choked on dinner", and maybe leak the "auto" story later.
That said, I always thought that Obama and Clinton were never assassinated for their respective treasons and derelictions, because their VPs were such drooling morons who would be two orders of magnitude worse if they ever sat in the Big Boy Chair.

John Craig said...

Chris (?) --
Hadn't thought about the Carradine death from that angle, but I suppose it's true.

What you say about the Gore and Biden is certainly true, but I don't think the type of misfit who becomes an assassin generally thinks too much about the consequences of his actions. Most of the political killers we've seen in this country have either been insane or semi-insane, or one issue fanatics.

Glen Filthie said...

I think that if he was potted - there is a fair chance race riots would break out. I see a lot of very bad things ahead for black people - and it will come from men like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Barak Obama.

I used to think there was this big Karmic wheel that went round, and that anything you did would eventually come back to you. A lot of people still think like that and it just isn't true.

Fair enough, I will hoist a glass and wish Obutthole a long and happy life...and a long and painful death too. He and some of his cronies deserve that as well.

John Craig said...

Glen --
I'm with you on the karmic wheel thing; what goes around does not necessarily come around.

You're right, that's another thing I hadn't thought of, the race riots which would break out if he were assassinated.

bluffcreek1967 said...

I agree that to have Obama assassinated would be a terrible thing, especially (God forbid!) if it was done by a hard-core right-winger!

We would never hear the end of how angelic Obama was and how evil those gun-toting conservatives are. There would be a special federal holiday for him, unique commemoration trinkets, a grand monument, people would talk endlessly about where they were 'on that fateful day' when it happened, and on and on.

I too agree with Glen Filthie that blacks would riot throughout our U.S. inner cities - and of course the MSM would legitimize it as 'the expression of an oppressed people whose Moses and only hope was taken from them by the evil white man.'

John Craig said...

Ambrose --

Anonymous said...

John, you have expressed my sentiments, and fears, exactly, since Obama winning the election in 2008!I also wish him a long healthy life! Donna

John Craig said...

Thank you Donna.