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Sunday, March 16, 2014

"2008 SAT scores by race by income"

An interesting chart from Steve Sailer. (Note that he quotes from the Journal of Blacks in Higher Education, and refrains from editorial comment himself; the comments which follow the post, however, display no such reluctance.)


arthur thurman said...

No one wants to comment on this? Ok, I will.

Thomas, the African-American from Greenwich CT will score an outstanding SAT. His parents are professionals; one is a Heart Surgeon and the other is a Lawyer specializing in Finance.

Tyrone, the African-American from Detroit MI will score poorly. His parent will have had him when she was 17 and he grew up waiting on the first of the month for his mom to get paid.

Is it Racist to frame this in the terms I just did? If you say yes like most of our country does then you are well on your way in describing the the problem we have in this country.

Grow up and go to school where the minorities pick on any of their own when they try to strive as "Acting White". Grow up where they openly jeer at their own when they show aptitude and intellect. See the results you get.

John Craig said...

Arthur --
Everything you say, about both the different backgrounds and the poisonous effect of a culture which disdains studying as "acting white," is true, but the point of the Sailer article is that even Thomas will score well below where his white Greenwich classmates do. Compare the white vs. black scores at the same income levels and there is a remarkable difference. Even whites from families which make below 20k a year will outscore blacks who come from families making between 160 and 200k a year. So the odds are that a Thomas will illustrate reversion toward the mean, even if he has two professional parents who pull in a good income.