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Sunday, September 14, 2014


Yesterday one of the articles about Adrian Peterson's suspension from the NFL happened to show a picture of his son's bruises. I noticed that his son seemed to be much more lightly complected than Peterson, so, wondering what his wife looked like, I Google-Imaged "Adrian Peterson and wife."

It turned out that the mother of two of his children, Ashley Doohen, was white:

This is the woman he married this year, the former Ashley Brown:

While looking for these pictures, I also saw a picture of Peterson without his shirt, from, in an article entitled, "The 25 most jacked players in the NFL." Curious as to how many of these players were black, and who they would name, I looked at the list.

It turned out that 23 of the 25 players, or 92%, were black. This is higher than the 60% of all NFL players who are black. It's not really all that surprising: black running backs and linebackers tend to have far better muscular definition than the white linemen or quarterbacks who make it into the NFL.

I scrolled through the list. It's an intimidating group. These guys seem to almost be a different species. Many of them are obviously on steroids (note the trapezius muscles which jut up from their shoulders and the well defined line between the pectoral muscles).

Still, white guys, even when they juice, don't end up looking like this. Nor do they end up with this type of speed and athleticism. The athletic gap between the races, especially at the elite level, yawns almost as wide as the IQ gap.

Here's Adrian Peterson himself, ranked #6:

Here's #15, Jon Beason:

Here's #13, Robert Turbin:

Here's #3, James Ihedigbo:

And here's #1, Laron Landry:

Maybe a few of the football players pictured are natural, but my guess is that most are juicing. Football players from the 1970's, even the black ones, weren't built like this. Remember OJ Simpson, Gale Sayers, and Jim Brown? All were magnificently athletic, but none of them looked freakish like the guys above.

Here's Jim Brown at his peak:

And here's OJ from his playing days:

Jim Brown and OJ were two of the all-time greats, but both look downright wimpy by comparison to today's stars.

I have to admit, by the time I had scrolled through all the pictures, what I was left with was…...a burning desire to try steroids.


Bob Wallace said...

I've seen those 'roid rages and I hope to never see one again.

John Craig said...

Bob --
I'm still waiting for the day when some criminal defendant pleads "not guilty by reason of temporary insanity due to steroids."

Steven said...

don't they do drug testing?

John Craig said...

Steven --
Drug testing is always a step or two behind the latest designer drugs, and if you know when you're going to be tested, you can just cleanse your system anyway. Remember how Lance Armstrong was supposedly tested 500 times and always passed? Also, the NFL has in the past had a notoriously lax policy when it came to PED's. Supposedly they've recently tighten dup their procedures, but I get the impression they're still pretty easy to get around. The best evidence is those pictures.

Steven said...

By the way, if you were wondering what kind of guy Oscar Pistorius is:

John Craig said...

Steven --
Thanks, I'd heard a little bit of that before, but not in that detail. I'd written about Pistorius here:

Glen Filthie said...

I do not understand the attraction of roids myself, other than the appeal to the opposite sex maybe.

That muscle mass comes at the expense of speed and flexibility along with the other numerous side effects. Couple that with the punishment of professional football I can see why most of these guys can't walk when they're 50.

A cop friend summed up domestic abuse beautifully, as far as I am concerned. He says, and I quote almost verbatim - that domestic violence is almost always a case of two idiots fighting, and the smaller or weaker idiot losing.

Having been 'volunteered' for charity work at the local battered women's shelter on occasion - I wholeheartedly agree. 99% of those 'abused women' are anything but victims. Maybe you and I are smart enough not to hit women...but faced with women like that? I say this with utter confidence: even a mellow, intelligent laid back man like you, John - would be sorely tempted to strike some of these women too, if you were married to them!

After seeing how these women are enabled and even encouraged by these 'shelters', I flat out refuse to contribute anything to them anymore. I strongly urge people to really, really watch where their charity goes and how their donations are handled. There are some real slimeballs involved in that game.

All that aside, this problem with family abuse ties right in with the IQ studies. The people that indulge in it are pretty damn stupid for the most part and it is logical to see the demographics break along racial lines. Up here in Canada we get natives instead of negroes forming the bulk of societal problems like domestic abuse.

lowly said...

The guys in the pics are obviously on gear.

What do make of Zoe Quinn as a sociopath? If you haven't heard of her, she's been in the news in the gamer community. I'm not into that sort of thing, but it's of peripheral interest to me, since she's in he spearhead of PC warrirors/femminists out to remake same gaming industry. Or, maybe she's just a sociopath? skip to min 36.25

John Craig said...

Glen --
What your cop friend said is interesting and rings true. In the current pc climate one cannot say that, of course, there are designated good guys (the woman who fight) and designated bad guys (the men who fight), and you stray from that narrative at your own peril.

And yes, I'm sure you're right, there's a strong IQ connection here.

John Craig said...

Lowly --
Good to hear from you, it's been a while. I think Zoe Quinn is quite a likely candidate for sociopathy. It's not the way she cheated, or the failed relationship with that one guy, but the way she used her lovers, the way she then claimed to be gay, the way she tried to hide behind feminism to hide her true motives.

It used to be said that patriotism was the last refuge of scoundrels. These days political correctness is their last, or maybe first, refuge. If you can claim designated victim status, this puts the wind at your back in the court of public opinion, at least in the eyes of the mainstream media, and clever manipulators know how to take advantage of this. Quinn seems to be one.

She's shameless, dishonest, disloyal, has all the hallmarks.

Anonymous said...

John--not to state the obvious but his first wife's tits are fake, which makes her look like a bimbo. Brian

John Craig said...

Brian --
Agreed, and the way she is proudly holding up that plastic beer cup furthers that conclusion.

Anonymous said...

I had to laugh at Glen's comment.

I recently spoke to girl who worked at a battered women's shelter and she said exactly this:

"after half a day working there I wanted to go and get drunk and beat the shit out of them"

I laughed out loud! (for real)


John Craig said...

Andrew --
Ha! And coming from a woman, too.

Anonymous said...

LaRon Landry suspended for PEDS:

John Craig said...

Anon --
Thank you.

No surprise to anyone, I guess.

Anonymous said...

Busted again!