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Thursday, September 11, 2014

"The lessons of Ferguson"

Another must-read from Steve Sailer.

Read that, then ponder the following:

If the mainstream media were a person, it would have to be classified as a sociopath.

It constantly and uninhibitedly lies, to the point of being pathological about it.

It never admits it has lied, or even acknowledges its "errors."

When caught in a lie, it distracts its audience from the lie by glibly changing the topic and directing their attention elsewhere.

No matter how many times it's lied before, it expects us to believe its new lies.

And it is utterly without shame in the way it does all these things.

All the classic signs.


Quartermain said...

IMHO, the media is owned and operated by sociopaths. They are an unelected branch of government.

I quit believing the press 30 years ago.

Yes, they never learn but they still expect us to believe them indefinitely.

That's my take.

John Craig said...

Allan --
Well, you learn more quickly than me. Thirty years ago I still believed them.

I think a lot of the owners probably are sociopaths, or at the very least, have what is effectively a sociopathic attitude towards us hop polloi.

The sad thing is, as with all sociopaths, there are people naive enough to believe them and accept their reality distortion fields.

Glen Filthie said...

You are forgetting what the media is: a group of increasingly less profitable corporations.

They have to sell copy and advertising. They are not there to educate you or give you the facts. They are salesmen.

Objectivity is boring - especially to the legions of double digit IQ Americans that comprise their readership. They know that if they annoy people those people will perversely buy more copy "...just to see what those idiots are saying this time...". Political correctness and social justice are excellent ways to do that but they are getting old. The media is trapped, they have to get more provocative, and more annoying - without hitting that threshold where readers get so annoyed they start turning away.
Couple that with psychotic libel and slander legislation - and you get a politically correct, intellectually and morally barren media that no longer represents or speaks for the audience it is intended to serve.
There are no mental problems here, just the logical result and response of a company to a public that is culturally ill.

John Craig said...

Glen --
You're right about the print media becoming less profitable, and I have to admit to some schadenfreude about that, but I was referring to both print and TV, and TV remains profitable.

I don't see the media as needing to be provocative and annoying so much as having the mandate to keep whites on the defensive.

Thank goodness for the internet, where people can read some unfiltered truth.

Baloo said...

You are... Quibcagged!

let - it - burn said...

@ "and TV remains profitable."

not if "tv" means news media. the demographics of news shows local and national are rapidly aging. for example national nightly news shows average viewing age is 60. local news is almost there. that demographic is not the one advertisers pay alot for. the coveted 18-49 demo has been dropping for decades.
tv news is going the way of newspapers to the trash heap where it belongs.

on to cable tv. cable has been hemoraging viewers for several years now. with net streaming of video people are cutting the cable cord, especially younger people. again as people age the total viewers is going down for cable. sionara asshats i say.

personally, i stopped watching tv 15 years ago. i don't even own a tv these days.

John Craig said...

Let - it - burn --

That's good to hear, and now that you mention it, it does ring a bell. I hope it's at least partly a function of peoples' growing distrust of network news/propaganda, and not just the increasingly wired nature of our world.

Yes, sayonara and good riddance.