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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

"Can America fight a Thirty Years' War?

Pat Buchanan does an excellent job of outlining how confusing the lines are in the Middle East between our enemies and our allies.

When you're through with that, take a look at how Thomas Sowell captures Obama's attitude towards America perfectly in Ebola and Obama.


Anonymous said...

Sowell brings raises the specter of a nuclear Iran in his criticism of Obama. This is a rallying cry of the war-mongering Right - who are clamoring for war with Iran. The main stream media also propagates the idea that a nuclear armed Iran is immanent.

Yet according to a 11/2013 Buchanan article: "All 16 U.S. intelligence agencies in 2007, and, again, two years ago, said, with high confidence, that Iran has made no decision to build a bomb and has no nuclear weapons program."

Are we to believe McCain and Graham, the overheated rhetoric of many conservative columnists, and the main stream media - or our own US intelligence agencies?

I agree with Sowell's article otherwise.

I also wonder how many people just soak up the Iran propaganda, and how many know the statistics Buchanan cites.

- Ed

John Craig said...

Ed --
I posted the Sowell article because of what it said about Obama, not about Iran. You're right, it's unfortunate that Buchanan's statistics and those of our own intelligence agencies don't get more press. The press is to a large extent owned by the neocons, who want us to destroy any possible threat to Israel.

Glen Filthie said...

wait. WHAT?
The mainstream press is owned largely by anti-Semitic liberals that hate Israel. The worst offenders in that particular regard are also owned by virulently liberal Jews. There may be small alternative media sources that are pro-Israel but they are few and far between.

With all due respect to Pat...he missed the boat. A nuclear Iran isn't good for anyone except in the shortest possible terms. Thinking like this will make this a 50 year war. Just ask Israel...ask any white citizen of Europe, whom the moslems are beginning to treat the same as the Israelis. We are all Jews as far as moslems are concerned.

Israel has its faults, it is a lightning rod...but Bill Whittle nails it.

He sticks entirely to the big picture, he tells no lies, and everything he says is a matter of public record. Whenever anti-Semites start arguing with any of this...they always start with some small, isolated incident where gun-shy Jews MAY have over reacted - if you ignore the provocations that led to it. They ignore the reasons for that and stick only to the facts that support their idiotic viewpoints.

Pat's logic is infallible - but only if you look at the United States and only if you look at the short game. Long term - the whirlwind is coming, folks. Being nice to our moslem enemies will not make them like us.

John Craig said...

Glen --
I disagree completely that the mainstream press is owned by anti-Semites. If you look at the ownership of most of the major newspapers in this country, if you look at the people in charge of most of the networks, they're mostly -- not entirely, but mostly -- Jewish. They're simply not anti-semites. They are also liberal, but they generally don't apply the same standards to Israel that they do to the US. The same people -- for instance, at the liberal NY Times -- who would never criticize Israel's policy of not letting in anybody who is not Jewish, agitate for us to liberalize our immigration policies and for us to become more multicultural. I have no problem with Israel wanting to remain Jewish, but I resent the hypocrisy of those who would never criticize them for being that way while calling for more multiculturalism here.

As far as the Muslims go, I completely agree that they're a backward people who are a blight on Europe and, to a lesser extent, the US. I just had an argument with my brother a couple days ago in which I said that they were completely ruining Europe. And I would support an immigration policy for our country that screened out anyone whose loyalty to the US would be questionable. But that questionable loyalty issue extends to people of dual citizenship with Israel as well as Muslims; there have been too many people in our government who have put Israel's interests ahead of our own, and gotten us involved in wars which have not benefitted us in the least. What did we accomplish in the Iraq War? We got rid of an oppressive dictator, yes, but we also opened Pandor's Box and made way for a civil war with one side being ISIS.

If the Muslims in the Middle East want to kill each other because of age old sectarian and ethnic and minor religious (Sunni vs. Shiite vs. Kurd) rivalries, why should we get involved? Let them kill each other over there. Just don't let them come over here. And we can do that by tightening our immigration policy, not by waging foreign wars.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading the article by Thomas Sowell. It makes me very nervous, having Ebola in our country. People being people can easily spread this virus to the rest of our country. President Obama is crazy to send U.S. troops to Africa - our soldiers are now at risk, being able to catch this deadly virus. Africa should take care of it's own problems. I wonder if President Obama lacks common sense, realizing what the consequences could be - if he does A, then B could result. I just hope and pray that this disease does not spread within the U.S.A


John Craig said...

Birdie --
I couldn't agree more. Sending monetary aid or supplies is one thing, but sending 5000 troops over there, some of whom will inevitably catch the disease and bring it back, is downright treasonous.

Glen Filthie said...

I suppose John. It is fair to critique Israel for policies you may disagree with. But if you critique them for defending themselves - that is anti-Semitism and the NYT has done it repeatedly. It boggles the mind: only liberals could produce anti-Semitic Jews! LOL!

I have to admit I enjoy watching moslem scum killing each other in their homelands rather than here. But - if we are to sit back and allow that how will it affect our interests there? And our moslems here? What happens when the meanest, smartest viper left alive over there starts playing us off against the soviets and Chinese to threaten our interests closer to home?

I dunno if this is germane to the issue but years ago the AEC was screaming bloody murder about disappearing stock of weapons grade fissile materials from the former Soviet republics. Where is that material? Who would buy it?

Pat is ignoring some very disturbing side issues that will need to be considered when dealing with the middle east.

But you guys are probably right. I just hope I am wrong and being paranoid...