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Friday, October 31, 2014

Liberals as hybristophiliacs

Occasionally you'll hear of people who are attracted to infamous serial killers. Ted Bundy attracted a lot of female attention, as did Richard Ramirez ("the Night Stalker"). Each of these men was responsible for the gruesome deaths of many women. Yet the women who flocked to their trials, wrote them letters, and in a couple cases even married them, were convinced of their innocence.

Those women suffer from hybristophilia.

For an example of this type of thinking, look at the last 50 or so comments on the Prison Pen Pals VII (which I also referenced in the previous post), from women who believe that sociopathic serial rapist and double murderer Frederick Baer is in fact a wonderful guy. You can try to reason with hybristophiliacs, but no matter how you present the facts to them, they will stick by their fact-free, logic-proof beliefs.

Hybristophiliacs are not necessarily bad people themselves; in fact, they are often the opposite, as people who are willing to believe the best of everybody tend to be. But they are terminally, and seemingly willfully, naive. And they like to reassure themselves with the kinds of bromides the commenters on that post did. ("Love never fails," "Who of you is without sin cast the first stone," etc.)

Meanwhile, they will viciously castigate anyone, like me, who would dare point out the truth about a Frederick Baer. 

Liberals who prefer to view various interest groups as innocent victims seem to suffer from a slightly milder form of hybristophilila. For instance, on their attitudes towards Muslims.

Commenter Steven, regarding the recent post on Street harassment, said:

Another interesting liberal contradiction is that they have a lot of unrestrained contempt towards Christian conservatives for their conservative social and moral positions and at the same time bend over backwards to defend Muslims and Islam, which is probably even more illiberal. It seems that while Muslims are a minority in the west and they (the liberals) don't have a real taste of what Islam is like, their wish to defend a minority is the overwhelming consideration.

He's right. Political correctness calls for very strict protocols about what you're allowed to notice and comment on and what you're not. And that, of course, depends entirely on which groups you're talking about: are they a favored "victim" group, or are they the bad guys, i.e., white males?

One has to twist oneself into an intellectual pretzel to work up a head of steam against men who would say "Hey babe" or "You're beautiful" to a woman on the street while simultaneously defending a group which would cut the clitorises off little girls, forbid them from getting an education, cover them in burkhas, and commit honor killings.

And, just like the hybristophiliacs who insist that Frederick Baer is not a sociopath, liberals will insist that Mumia Abu-Jamal is innocent of cop-killing, or that Michael Brown was a "gentle giant," despite all evidence to the contrary.

Also like hybristophiliacs, liberals tend to subscribe to the kinds of bromides which can fit onto bumper stickers. ("You can't hug your child with nuclear arms," etc.)

And, like the women who love Frederick Baer, liberals will spew venom on those who would dare to contradict their beliefs with unwanted facts.

Liberals, like hybristophiliacs, see only what they want to.

And the more I see of them, the more I am convinced their thought process is akin to that mental illness.


Mark Caplan said...

Hybristophilia. Thanks for introducing that concept to me. It makes certain events less baffling, such as the hiring of Wesley Cook, a cab driver convicted of shooting a policeman to death in Philadelphia, to speak at a college graduation ceremony. Or the sending of numerous amorous entreaties to the Boston Marathon bomber suspect by women who aren't even Muslim.

Jackie M said...

I'm not quite sure what search term I had used recently to have stumbled upon your blog but I just wanted to drop a line to say how much I've enjoyed reading your musings. I almost never make time to read non-business-related blogs nowadays let alone subscribe to them. What a great find :)

John Craig said...

Mark --
Thank you.

Not sure if this is coincidence for if you were using that example on purpose, but Wesley Cook IS Mumia Abu-Jamal.

Yes, liberalism is easier to understand when you look at it through this lens.

John Craig said...

Jackie M -
Thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

Environmentalists are some of the biggest examples of Liberal contradiction. Drives me nuts. I liked the nuclear bumper sticker, it's a perfect example of 'crazy'.

Off topic, I saw my most favorite Bumper Sticker recently. It read "Sorry about your face". I did snigger like a 15 year old.


John Craig said...

Andrew --
And it's always the most outspoken environmentalist advocates who are the worst consumers themselves. Leo DiCaprio with his private plane flights, Barbra Streisand with her special room kept at 58 degrees all summer for the sake of her fur collection, Al Gore with his 10x the average carbon footprint, etc.

Hadn't seen that sticker before. There does seem to be a trend in bumper stickers away from self-righteousness toward humor, a welcome change.

Anonymous said...

Except when it comes to rape - the accused is then *always* guilty, and should be shunned even after acquittal. I've seen feminists suggest with a straight face that there shouldn't be police investigations or trials (especially not trial by jury, with male members) at all for rape: the accused should be carted off to prison on allegation alone. The feminists don't seem to have thought the implication of that through. Imagine if it were the case: male employers would find any excuse not to hire women. It'd be too risky for them to be alone with her, just in case.

- Gethin

John Craig said...

Gethin --
What those feminists are asking for is absolutely insane, but they actually see to be getting their wish in this country now, at least in the court of public opinion. How many men have now lost their jobs because of accusations? That said, generally, when a whole bunch of women accuse a single guy, the truth becomes pretty obvious after a while. Weinstein hasn't had his day in court, and Bill Cosby got a hung jury, but I have no doubt those guys are guilty of what they've been accused of, especially since so many women described the same MO for each guy.

But yes, guilty with no chance to prove your innocence is the definition of totalitarianism.