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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

"Obama and The Bell Curve"

Steve Sailer captures the prevailing attitudes about IQ testing and our current President perfectly.

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Glen Filthie said...

I just love the silence. Can you hear the crickets? :)

Don't say anything fellas. You never know when some lurking politically correct chimpanzee will stand up on his hind feet, start flinging pooh and screaming 'Racissss!!!!' at the top of his lungs. Wouldn't want to get any on ya, would ya...?

Screw that. I will say it: Detroit is the sewer it is because of the morons that live there and run it. Ditto for New Orleans and Washington. Ditto for the entire continent of Africa. Bell Curves? Statistical analysis? Who needs these studies of the glaringly obvious? Black people have turned their families and communities into dumps and ghettoes - and now they are running the nation into the ground. This - in spite of the billions in welfare, and state enforced political correctness.

I can forgive Obama. He is what he is and he represents most of the people that voted for him: the stupid, the lazy, the ignorant. But those of you that are sheepishly hanging your heads and staying stubbornly silent - or blustering with phony outrage as you try to defend that which cannot be defended - YOU I can't forgive.

Abe Lincoln was wrong. Silence can prove stupidity just as easily as an uninformed opinion under the right circumstances.