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Monday, December 15, 2014


There was an article in the news this morning about an Auburn freshman football player, Jakell Mitchell, who was murdered this past weekend. Here's a picture of Mitchell:

He looks as if he was a good-natured young man, the kind it would probably have been fun to hang out with. 

A few hours later, a picture of the prime suspect in his murder, Markale Deandra Hart, came across the wires: 

It's hard to imagine a more likely looking murderer. His meticulously tended mustache and goatee, along with the matching neck chain and ear studs, hint at the kind of vanity which is easily wounded. His thick neck muscles and wide shoulders indicate a high level of testosterone. Sometimes a photo can be misleading, but that glower seems deeply ingrained. And that low forehead and vestigial sagittal crest seem to imply the kind of primitive nature that doesn't fret about future consequences

He actually looks as if he wanted to kill whoever was taking that picture. 

Sometimes murderers look surprisingly meek and unassuming. And sometimes, they look the part. Here's another example of that


Steven said...

Hey John,

its a fortunate coincidence that I logged on and this article is up. I just wrote the following comment on another blog and wished to share it with you:

"Just found some UK homicide data for 2011.

There were 1.864,890 black people in the UK (3.32% of population).

57 murders were committed by black people that year. By my calculation that is about 3 per 100,000. The white figure is about 0.4/100,000.

The black murder rate is more than 6 times higher.

However, 3/100,000 is a low murder rate. Compare it to the black homicide rate of 24.7 in America (2008) and the American black rate is 8 times higher than the British black rate. The British black murder rate may even be lower than the American white murder rate….

Now, aint that something?"

John Craig said...

Steven --
Yes, it is a striking statistic. It has a lot to do with the fact that guns are far easier to obtain in the US than in the UK. A lot of incidents that turn into murder in the US might have just ended with a fistfight in the UK.

It's the illegally-owned guns in this country, not the legally owned ones, which cause most of the mayhem.

Gilbert Ratchet said...


Steven said...

Yes, I agree with your analysis.

And while it interestingly shows that the black-white homicide rate difference is proportionally the same in both countries, I find it encouraging to see a black population with a homicide rate as low as 3. It shows that the black American rates of 24/100,000 are not to be taken as an inevitable result of biology, you know 'just the way they are'. The sociological/environmental part of the equation must be very significant.

Also, 3 in 100,000 really isn't much murder, is it?

ps I think I have a bit of a sagital crest. What does it mean or where does it come from?

John Craig said...

Steven --
Not unless you're one of the three.

The first paragraph of this Wikipedia article on sagittal crests explains what they are:

Steven said...

lol good point.

Yeah I have that a bit but you can only really tell by touch; its definitely noticeable by touch. I just wondered what it means for you or where it comes from. The article mentions early hominins. Maybe I'm a throw back.

John Craig said...

Steven --
You did box. That's a pretty atavistic pursuit.

(Just joking.)

Anonymous said...

Spartan said...

Here's a huge if. If the black community had any sense, they would pack the courtroom when this missing link is up for trial. Rather then spending energy defending thugs who were justly dispatched by police, they should do everything in their power to see that this element never sees the light of day.

Without researching any particulars, I'm willing to bet that homo erectus had a history with the law, but was let off by our liberal system.

Anonymous said...

Steven: "It shows that black American rates of 24/100,000 are not to be taken as an inevitable result of biology, you know 'just the way they are'. The sociological/environmental part of the equation must be very significant."
You'd also have to consider population densities of the areas they inhabit. For one thing, blacks comprise 13% of the US population -- a 4x increase over the UK. At 3%, they haven't really reached Critical Mass. Also, the 13% are not evenly distributed across the US, state by state, by county, by city, by street. Where their numbers are in single digits, they aren't much of a problem; but as that number approaches 20%, it's pretty much time to move your family to the Next Great White Suburb. Famous examples of this are Chicago (33%) and Detroit (80%) -- completely dysfunctional cities with rampant crime and murder.
This topic is widely analyzed over at SBPDL.
There may be another real 'environmental' difference, as you call it, between the US and UK -- that turrible legacy of slavery, and the requisite race baiting and general discontent whipped up by the rabble rousers Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton and the rest. Although the slave trade was a British custom, it sent the vast majority of slaves to their colonies and not their own backyards. Most of their blacks are recent post-WW2 immigrants, "returning" from their colonies in the Caribbean, along with the Pakis and other Africans. So, they're all kind of new, still. Give them time, and they will increae their numbers, and give rise to their own Prophet MLK (PBUH) to invent some "horribly racist injustice" for them all to complain about.

Anonymous said...

please understand that crime has been criminally under reported in the uk for decades now. sentences handed down and served has also been systematically downgraded. there was a kinsey moment about it a little while back, where a sitting judge made some comments on the issue.

a retired judge also made some comments about women, alcohol and how rape occurs; i believe she was from cambridge or oxford. just fyi.

also GBH offenses occur much much more often in the uk, particularly with bludgeoning or stabbing weapons. home defense rights are non existent. for protecting yourself in your home you can easily go to jail.

Steven said...

Hi Alex,

I think the black people in the UK are mostly in London, Birmingham and Manchester. They are 12% of the London population and do live in predominantly black, high density areas. And yes, they do commit a disproportionate amount of violent crime. However, the murder rate evidently is not very high.

Regarding the revelations about the fiddling of crime stats, which I'm aware of, I doubt that applies to homicide (but may be wrong).

There are other black countries with homicide rates below 10: Sao Tome and Principe, the Seychelles, Mali, Niger, Senegal, Barbados some years.

Also, Detroit is in a dire condition but I don't believe this is the inevitable state of a black country. Look at Barbados ('high' in the human development index) which has a very modern central area. Or take a ride around Gaborone, Botswana on google streetview, and you'll see some very pleasant residential areas, much nice housing, good infrastructure, and even the poorer areas have well spaced brick dwellings and are tidy. That is no Detroit but a well planned town in a country with a well managed economy.

And yes, I know the state of most African countries but you only need a few counter-examples to show that squalor isn't *inevitable* or to show the potential.

Incidentally, British studies of cognitive ability indicate a black-white IQ gap less than the much touted -1 standard deviation- 15 points- found in America. In Britian, most studies with a median birth year after 1970 show black IQs to be -0.4-0.8 SD range. The more recent ones tend to be at the lower end of that. And achievement score gaps are not big (about -0.3 at age 18).

John Craig said...

Steven --
Bear in mind, a lot of Third World countries drastically underreport such statistics. I looked into suicide rates once and found a lot of Third World countries reported a rate of 0, which doesn't seem likely.

That's interesting about the smaller IQ gap, but the gap is actually significantly wider than 1 SD between American whites and African blacks. Of course, there the environment has more to do with it.

Steven said...

In the UN global study on homicide, 2011, which I got the stats from, most of the African figures come from public health records because the law enforcement figures can't be trusted. But, indeed, I wouldn't be the slightest surprised if they didn't reflect the true figure.

Note that of the countries I quoted, three were fairly affluent islands and two were black Islamic countries in the Sahara (the Islamic ones do seem to have lower murder rates- perhaps the punishments are harsher or they order life more strictly).

As for IQ, yeah I think most people would agree that a -2SD gap is at least 1SD due to poor environment. The question then is do American blacks represent the highest black potential relative to whites?

Both answers seem plausible to me. In America, there was formal segregation (and serious economic exclusion) in living memory. You can't expect to go from that to a level playing field in two generations. I doubt it anyway.

I know the arguments of both sides and for a while I have strongly leaned towards the hereditarian view, but the Britain provides an interesting possible counter example.

Steven said...

p.s. I mean the black Islamic countries compared to the non-Islamic black African countries. The lowest murder rates of all are European and NE Asian countries.

I should have also stated that while its plausible (even likely) that the African murder stats are unreliable, we've got Barbados (8-12) and Britain (3), both more reliable.

Anonymous said...

There is definitely what I would call a "kind face".

Top dude has this bottom murder fella does not.