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Monday, March 2, 2015

I am an "asshat" and a "fucktard"

Got the following comment yesterday morning from adogaholic about my post "Gay men," from April 2010:

OMG. You are an A-1 asshat. Your level of fucktardedness is truly amazing to behold. I'm going to forward this to all of my lovely Big Gay Bears---they love to see endangered species in the wild :) At some point you will be extinct and the world will be a much better place for it. This won't make it to your blog, but I hope you read it and know that for your 1, there are THOUSANDS that aren't so, um...You.

This comment is interesting on a number of different levels. First, it cleaves to rule number one of liberal argument, which is to never address an issue directly, but to stick strictly to ad hominem attacks. Note that he didn't refute anything I said, he merely told me how horrible I am.

Second, although the commenter is delicate enough to call me an "asshat" (instead of an asshole), he uses the word "fucktardedness" in the very next sentence, indicating that perhaps his sensibilities are not quite so refined. 

(And I love the "OMG" with which he starts off -- right out of the teen girl lexicon.)

Third, he refers to his Big Gay Bear friends as "lovely." There are certainly plenty of gay guys who are good-looking. (I've heard girls lament that "all the best-looking guys are gay" on more than one occasion.) But "bears" are called that because they tend towards corpulence, which makes them lesser objects of desire within the gay community. 

Fourth, he seems to feel that because I described gay men in all their glorious diversity, I must hate them. But I feel no animosity, merely fascination. 

(As always, it's those who most ardently celebrate diversity who object most vociferously if you actually analyze what it is that makes us diverse.)

Fifth, the commenter eagerly looks forward to my extinction -- and that of people like me. This sentiment echoes Oprah Winfrey's comment about how older white people have to die off so that racism can disappear. 

The problem with that is, what currently gets called "racism" and "homophobia" will exist as long as human beings differ. Adogaholic -- and Oprah -- look forward to a brave new world in which clear-eyed observation about human differences will cease to exist. But that world will never come to pass as long as there are some people unwilling to filter their observations through the prism of political correctness.  

Sixth, he mistakenly assumes that I won't publish his comment because I am like him in that regard: unwilling to accept any criticism. 

And seventh, he says that for every person like me, there are thousands like him -- who are more enlightened. But, in fact, people who would react with fascinated curiosity to that influx of gay men at Club Med are actually in the majority. (I'm not suggesting this reaction is "correct" in any way, merely that it is a natural response.)

I'm guessing, though, that people who talk -- or even think -- like me would be in the minority in adogaholic's neighborhood.

One thing I will say for the guy: if his screen name means that he loves dogs, he can't be all bad. Dogs are friendly, loyal, eager, playful creatures. Their owners tend to share those qualities, if in lesser degree. 

Cats, on the other hand, are cold, selfish, and disloyal. If left alone in a house with your dead body, they will reportedly start to eat you within 24 hours of your death. (I've never understood cat people.)  

I would have guessed that as badly as adogaholic wants to see me extinct, he would have been a cat person. But I'd have been wrong.

However, I'll still guess that he owns a breed of dog which is cat-sized.

I could be wrong about that, too. But I'm not wrong in my analysis of his comment.

Even if I am an asshat and a fucktard (neither of which I will deny). 


PeƱaflor said...

I think the attack by adogholic reveals what is the biggest problem of the culture wars - people like him believe that they cannot feel secure unless those who disagree with them or who do no more than tolerate them (as opposed to giving full-throated, enthusiastic and lavish flattery of what they do) are subject to constant humiliation. There seems to be no possibility of "minding one's own business" under these conditions. Plus social media makes it easy to find bigots who say outrageous things, which then give fresh fuel to tar anyone who is not a leftist liberal with the charge of bigotry.

John Craig said...

Penaflor --
You're exactly right.

The only thing is, they don't need outrageous statements by someone on social media. All they need is someone who doesn't kowtow to the willfully blind, politically correct line, and they'll go to town. (Without, of course, actually addressing any of the pints that the person made.)

Steven said...

John Craig said...

Steven --
Interesting -- and sort of scary -- article on toxoplasmosis.

And that's an intelligent, commonsensical article on the causes of homosexuality as well, though I don't agree with the author's conclusion, that it's caused by some sort of pathogen. My best guess, and it's only that, is that it's just an accident of nature, caused by the mix or hormones in the mother's womb. There does seem to be a continuum of gender, from very feminine to very masculine, and not all women fall on the former end of the scale, and not all men on the latter. So….some of the in betweens end up with aberrant sexualities. But, as I say, that's only speculation. Nobody really knows.

Steven said...


I did wonder why lots of male homosexuals are very effeminate while some others are averagely masculine. I don't see how a pathogen can explain that.

The toxoplasmosis article is interesting but I think the author exaggerates the effect of micro-organisms on behavior by suggesting they are potentially responsible for most behaviours. The fact that most rats stay away from cats is testament to their naturally selected instincts (encoded in their dna and expressed in their brains) not some alternative pathogen.

John Craig said...

Steven --
Agreed about homosexuals. You do have to bear in mind that steroids do seem to be more widely used in the gay community these days than in the population at large, which can skew perceptions of that.

Yes, rats generally obey their evolutionarily-derived instincts, but the fact that a pathogen can mute that and make them attracted to the smell of cat urine is a very powerful effect.

Steven said...

Yeah, that's the scary part- having your brain hijacked by an alien organism that makes you behave in ways that advance its survival, not yours.


John Craig said...

Steven --
Richard Dawkins expounded on a similar theory in "The Selfish Gene," in which he describe due as collections of genes which are somewhat involuntarily cooperating with each other, all for the sake of increasing their own chances of survival and reproduction.

Anonymous said...

oddly enough or not, all the most flaky bipolar sluttish women i know love cats.

a couple of pure dimes - pro dancer/ballerina types just adore them and put up twitter pics with the pussies, etc.... these are also the same women who starve themselves and gorge on wine when they break up with a boyfriend with an "overlarge" weapon who cheats on them regularly. go figure. i still regret not picking up on the signals and screwing that one btw. the crazy was strong in her, and hte wall has caught up now - she's 25 and badly losing her looks, but in her day a perfect gorgeous petite 10. mein gott!!

the other chick went into advertising, and specialized in taking the virginity of interns and junior team members. family is richer than god. got caught doing boss's colleague at a work related trip....

all the dog people i know are basically ok. you are a perceptive one john craig. we russians were beaten by the best.

John Craig said...

Anon --
That all rings true. You have higher standards than me, btw, if you regret having done a dime, and see a 25-year-old as having hit the wall.

I like that phrase, "the crazy was strong in her…"

I can't even stand going into a house that has a cat living there, I'm allergic to them, but even if I weren't, the smell of cat urine is both pervasive and oppressive.

Anonymous said...

Spartan said….

Jeez, if he got his leather panties in a bunch over that harmless piece back in 2010, what would he think of me who would refer to him as agerbilaholic?

John Craig said...

Spartan --
It took me a minute, but I just made sense of that word.

Unfortunately, I don't think we'll find out what adogaholic thinks, as I doubt he'll return to his site. I'm sort of tempted to write to his Google address and tell him there's an entire post devoted just to him though.

Hissy fits are sometimes fun to watch.

Anonymous said...

Always hated cats, I would never have one of those things in my house. I'm seriously allergic to them and they hate me, I remember one pissing on my brand new sleeping bag while staying at a friends house (I swear it could tell I hated it)

I class people with those little dogs as a cat person.

I liked the comment, probably not a bad guy, just reactive emotionally and a little immature.


John Craig said...

Andrew --
All true.

As far as adogaholic, he has one side of the culture wars on his side, so he's emboldened. I actually think gay liberation has been a good thing, no one can help their sexuality and there's no reason gays should have to live in the shadows. I just object to people who react like, shall we say, scalded cats, at the first hint of any reality when it comes to discussing human differences.

lowly said...

I don't know, John. If "no one can help their sexuality and there's no reason gays should have to live in the shadows", then perhaps no one can help their, well, whatevers, and, for example, those with murderous instincts shouldn't live in the shadows either. What it comes down to, in my mind at least, is that we declare some things ok, and others not so good.

John Craig said...

Lowly --
Good to hear from you, though I have to disagree with you on this one. Being gay doesn't hurt others, whereas murderers inflict the ultimate hurt. I wouldn't compare the two.

Anonymous said...

I get why the aspie attacked you, I sorta get why the sociopath did (but normally their self esteem is so high they aren't fragile enough to feel the need).

But what is it about gay people that would make him attack you? Are they, well, sissies?

John Craig said...

Anon --
Ha! Adogaholic sure sounded like one.