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Monday, October 5, 2015

Fred Brito, Part II

As Rifleman discovered, it turned out that the "Mark" who made that unwittingly self-abnegating comment is almost certainly Fred Brito, a well known con man. One of the things that is apparent from the articles is that he is a homosexual.

In an NBC interview in 2007, Brito said:

I learned a lifestyle that I’d never participated in before. The lifestyle of Mercedes Benzes, living in the Hollywood hills, going to Beverly Hills restaurants, doing all the things movie stars would do. And I got to meet a lot of movie stars….Paul Lynde, you know, he had an entourage of people. He had usually five or six people that were friends of his and I at one time was lucky enough to be the the favorite chosen one, until I got older ...and I was cast off.

(This almost certainly means that Brito was Lynde's boy toy for a while.) 

The Lies of Fred Brito states that Brito was arrested for molesting an underage boy in 1974, though the charges were eventually dropped.

Looking back, Brito's comment to this blog on the Abagnale sociopath alert did sound awfully gay somehow:

"what is this the Jerry Springer show ? Is that retard Steve Wilko going to throw people off the stage. Uneducated finger pointing trailer trash calling people sociopaths and narcissists as if the they have a clue. Passing judgement is so unproductive.How disrespectful to this life we are lucky enough to have that you draw conclusions with such tiny amount of facts. So this is what feels like to be a hypocrite."

What exactly was it about that comment that betrayed Brito's sexuality?

The worst insult he could come up with was to call me (and possibly some of the other commenters) "uneducated trailer trash." Brito had admitted in his interview that he had developed a taste for "the lifestyle of Mercedes Benzes, living in the Hollywood hills, going to Beverly Hills restaurants, doing all the things movie stars would do." In other words, the opposite of living in a trailer park: glitz and glamor. These are things that gay men tend to be more attracted to.

Brito seems to consider the Jerry Springer show the height of tackiness. Yet he is evidently familiar enough with the show to know who Steve Wilko is, meaning that he has enjoyed watching the show himself. The man he's referring to is actually named Wilkos, and he was head of security on the Jerry Springer Show from 1994 to 2007. He is a 6'3" former police officer. And how would an effeminate little guy express his resentment of big, masculine, straight guys? Probably by calling them "retards" or something to that effect.

And then, "Passing judgment is so unproductive." This line is not so much gay as it is namby pamby, the kind of thing you'd hear a liberal woman say. (And when it's said right after having passed judgment oneself, it's hypocritical to boot.)

"How disrespectful of this life we are lucky enough to have that you draw conclusions with such tiny amount of facts." I can't say exactly why, but that sounds awfully gay too. Maybe it's the nominal nod to the fact that we are lucky to be alive, which is something no one would argue with, and then trying to tie that in to something which has nothing to do with it, which is drawing conclusions about others. How is calling Frank Abagnale a sociopath (which, by the way, there is plenty of evidence for) disrespectful to life itself? Brito's statement was utterly logic-free -- in a gay sort of way.

Anyway, I've milked his comment for all it's worth. I promise not to bring it up again -- unless Brito writes in again. 


Runner Katy said...

Thanks for this, this was absolutely entertaining to read. Nice work on the research finding out who the real commenter was!

John Craig said...

Thank you Katy. I'd like to take credit for the detective work but that was all Rifleman.

Anonymous said...

Fred's comments were hollow, pointless, non-sensical (at least to me, from my perspective).


John Craig said...

Birdie --
You're right, but I bet you he thought he was really successfully lacerating me.

Anonymous said...

I suspected that you were put off by Fred's comment. Fred's comment was what I call, "word salad," not saying whole lot, certainly nothing of value. It was interesting to learn the writer's true identity, an actual con man.


John Craig said...

Birdie --
Yes, that was interesting. Kudos to Rifleman for figuring out who he was.

Rifleman said...

Passing judgement is so unproductive.

That's what seemed gay to me.

LOL. Maybe multiple oooooooos in so would be more gay. But yes very girly, posh, fashionably dismissive. Or should I say "fabulously" dismissive.

I didn't dwell on the gay angle but yeah the Paul Lynde entourage thing was a dead giveaway.

Speaking of that, try research on Paul Lynde!! Supposedly one of his boy toys jumped out a window at his apartment! No arrests, no charges. Suicide was the finding I think.

Or maybe an angry Paul Lynde pushed him? What about Shatner and his wife's death? Or Robert Walker and Natalie Wood? Pushed? Accident?

Paul Lynde bio videos on Youtube. Interesting views from that trashy low brow Hollywood striver's world in the 1960s-70s.

By the way to give you an idea of how empty my life is I actually look forward to the captcha tests before I post...."Select all images with pizza, a bridge, bananas, street signs...."

I don't mean to brag but I'm pretty good!

John Craig said...

Rifleman --
I just spend half an hour reading about Natalie Wood, Robert Wagner (yes, that was a very suspicious death), and Paul Lynde. I remembered the Wood death but not the Lynde-connected one. Yes, Lynde was pretty creepy, but he was also evidently rich -- whichI guess allowed him to indulge his creepiness even more.

Ha! I never have to deal with those tests, Google is set up so that if it's your blog, you don't get them.

Runner Katy said...

Oh my gosh, great idea, Rifleman! I bet there are a slew of older Hollywood stars that we never even scratched on that could be included in the Sociopath alerts! That is hilarious about the pizza/airplane tests! I'm always hoping it will skip that on my comments (it does that about once every 10 comments). Great job figuring out the real person!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the laugh. I suspect by now we're all experts when it comes to selecting those interesting images (before posting comments). Totally agree, liking your comment very much.


Anonymous said...

I agree that Paul Lynde was creepy. What causes some people to literally be creepy, just giving off a creepy vibe? I remember this actor from the Bewitched t.v. show. He doesn't come across as being a really nice person (having watched him today on a game show where I noticed he seemed gay and possibly had a truly unpleasant personality off camera). Years and years ago, I met a couple at church and always thought the husband was different some how. Through a friend of this couple, I learned that the much younger husband was most likely a sociopath. Recalling that man today, he was creepy as well.



John Craig said...

Birdie --
He was creepy because he was always putting on this act which just wasn't real. Everything that came out of his mouth was camp. He was sort of the Carson Kressley of his day.

Anonymous said...

Having thought about it, these men were creepy because there was a darkness either attached to them or inside of them. In the end, they were not men you would have wanted to know. Just my thoughts regarding truly creepy people.


The Unsomnambulist said...

Hey - I write the Fred Brito blog. While Brito has used the name Marc Esparza as an alias in the past, nothing else about that posters identity seems to coincide with Brito (look at his YouTube page... all about mice... not something Brito would care about).
Additionally, Brito wouldn't obsess over Jerry Springer and Steve Wilko, as he was never on their shows. (If he was bitching about Dr. Phil, that would be another story).

But, yes, Brito is certainly a sociopath, though what's interesting about him is he's obsessed with feeling like he's a do gooder, whereas other sociopaths I've studied tend to just be after financial or sexual satisfaction, or feeding of power/control.

John Craig said...

The Unsomnammbulist --
I enjoyed your blog, it's well done and captures Brito well.

It would be awfully coincidental if this commenter used one of Brito's aliases, and just happened to comment on the Frank Abagnale post, given that Abagnale is con man just like Brito was, assuming different identities until he was caught. And it would be quite coincidental if he happened to resent people who pointed out that con men are sociopaths and also happened ro be a homosexual.

I agree, the Youtube videos about house mice is out of left field, but lots of people have varied interests. And his reference to the Jerry Springer Show could just be an attempt to equate this blog with trashiness, it wouldn't have to mean he was "obsessed" with it.

I"ve studied other sociopaths who seemed to need to feel that they were somehow even MORE moral than the average person, or who seemed to need to at least project that image, even if the opposite was true. Bill Clinton comes to mind. Or think of Lance Armstrong with his foundation, Livestrong. Or more recently, Carly Fiorina, with her new "heartfelt" passion for fetuses.

Alter Ego said...

Here's another one you might need to put on your sociopath radar:

John Craig said...

Alter Ego --
You're right, he is one. Lying about having worked for the CIA or having been in Special Operations is not uncommon among sociopaths. Many of them like to cultivate an air of mystery and bad-assedness that they've done nothing to legitimately earn.