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Friday, October 2, 2015

Fred Brito

Rifleman did some research and turned up these two articles about the commenter "Mark" whom I spoke about three posts ago (Another commenter insulting himself):

The Lies of Fred Brito


The ultimate con artist

Turns out that when you click on "Mark's" name, his Google ID of "Mark Esparza" comes up. That is evidently one of the names Fred Brito uses.

It makes perfect sense that Brito would have been looking up Frank Abagnale, who led a very similar existence as a con man.

It also makes perfect sense that Brito would be resentful of those who would disparage Abagnale as the sociopath he is, since Brito himself has undoubtedly been called one many times himself.

And my original guess about him being sensitive about his socioeconomic and educational background turns out to be correct. Brito had big social aspirations, but had neither the education nor the financial means to back them up. He talked his way into a number of high profile jobs, but was fired from all of them after his lies were uncovered.

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