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Monday, February 1, 2016

The Oberlin demands

Anyone curious about the tenor of race relations on campus these days should read the following list of demands presented by the Oberlin Black Student Union back in December:

“We DEMAND a 4% annual increase in Black student enrollment from EACH of the Americas, the Caribbean and continent of Africa starting in 2016 to accumulate to a 40% increase by 2022.”

“We DEMAND a concerted effort to increase the percentage of Black students and specifically Black female identifying instrumentalists in the Jazz department.”

“We DEMAND that Black student leaders be provided a $8.20/hr stipend for their continuous organizing efforts.”

“We DEMAND a structural change in institutional graduation requirements: Intro to the Black Experience or a similar course must be instituted as a mandatory requirement for all students before graduation.”

“Departmental requirements for students to take Western/Classical centered courses must be eliminated. If NOT then we demand all students MUST also take an equivalent course in the African Diaspora . . . For example, in the Dance Department students are required to take Ballet& Contemporary I & II, therefore students should be required to take West African I & II.”

“We DEMAND a 6% annual increase in grant offers versus loan offers for Black students for the next 5 years leading to a 30% increase by 2021.”

“We DEMAND that a mandatory professional development program be developed for faculty . . . that will help facilitate their understanding of the ways in which racial capitalism, settler colonialism, and other forms of violent oppression inform and shape instructional methods for the disciplinary content of their courses.”

“We DEMAND that Jazz Curriculum in the Conservatory be reflective of the students [sic] musical focus. Students SHOULD NOT be forced to take heavily based classical courses . . . and seeing as how most Jazz students are of the Africana community, they should not be forced to take courses rooted in whiteness.”

“We DEMAND that spaces throughout the Oberlin College campus be designated as safe spaces for Africana-identifying students. Afrikan Heritage House should not be the only space allotted for the promotion and acknowledgement of our community specific needs. We DEMAND that no less than one full room or space be given to this need in: Wilder Hall, The Science Center, Mudd Library.”

“We DEMAND a written form that assures us of the institution’s commitment to increase the number of black psychologists within the Counseling Center. Furthermore, we DEMAND that Black students be able to sit in on the interviews of . . . candidates in order to ensure that these professionals cater to the needs of the Black students. We also DEMAND the hiring of Black healers/ non[-]western health practitioners because not everyone finds comfort and healing solely from a psychologist.”

I hope these demands, excuse me, DEMANDS, get more publicity than they have; I only heard of them a week ago.  

It would be interesting to know what percentage of black students at Oberlin view this list of demands as justified. And what do the less militant black students think when they hear this list? Are they embarrassed by it, but afraid to voice that opinion for fear of being labeled Toms?

Will these demands make alumni more inclined to give more money to the college? (Alumni donations are a college's lifeblood.) Will they make the white students more sympathetic to the black students? Will this list encourage more interracial friendships?

To his credit, Oberlin College President Marvin Krislov said last week that he would not respond to this list. At the same time, it seems poetic justice that these demands would be made at Oberlin, which has always been one of the most left wing campuses in the country.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lot of black whining.

whorefinder said...

As Steve Sailer has hinted in his writings, one of the best ways to defeat the left is to merely create environments where there no right wingers around. As sociopaths, lefties naturally start turning on one another.

This is why NYC fell into an abyss in the 1970s and 1980s---there were no non-lefties in power, and so no one to either maintain order or fight with, and so lefty groups turned on one another: blacks v. Eskimos being the predominant one, but gays versus Eskimos and (slightly) gays verus blacks happened as well.

Then, in tatters, the Eskimos allied with a non-lefty (Giuliani) to defeat their lefty enemy (blacks) who had just slaughtered them (crown heights riots). But once Giuliani restored order, it was back to hating the non-lefties who had just saved them.

The key for non-lefties is to refuse to make the save. If Giuliani hadn't saved NYC, it would have ended up a Detroit-like war zone, leaving no one left to exploit.

Anonymous said...

What Whorefinder said, only more so.

NYC is a malignant growth and the first task of any serious racialist, or nationalist wanting to keep most of the present United States intact is to cut it down to size, by any means necessary.

Make the financial and entertainment/communications industries abandon it and it comes down like Detroit, or becomes a museum or a containment facility for undesirables.

Part of that has already happened, but it has a long way to go.

That's why I never took Rush Limbaugh seriously as a conservative: no real conservative would live there. And that's why I am skeptical in the extreme that Trump-a consummate New Yorker-is going to have any long term beneficial effect on things, indeed, he's just going to keep the whole mess going a few more years.

But, he's definitely an improvement over any mainstream politician in the short term.

Dave Moriarty said...

although I understand that college kids need to protest something - the veal is overcooked !! -- this list of demands is ridiculous.

the president should respond simply : don't like it here? then go elsewhere

the PC movement is one where the misfits vault themselves to the top of the hierarchy of entitlement on the basis of inclusion or diversity.

you can be sure if the president were to roll over on this list the white alumni would shut down donations

Paulie said...

The list of demands is ridiculous. At least on the face of it. Maybe the plan is ask for the moon, maybe get some cheese. However to say that conservatives have your best interests at heart is like expecting a sociopath to give a crap. Ask the middle class how Reganomics worked out for them. It ain't about race people, it's about class, power, and money. It's just to keep everyone fighting among themselves while the rich laugh all the way to the bank. A high number of sociopaths are of the highest order. How do you think they came in power? Palin anyone. Look over there at them, not over here while my hand's in your pocket.

John Craig said...

Paulie --
These Oberlin demands were all about race, not class.

I've written about various political sociopaths on this blog, and while I've named a few Republicans, there seem to be more Democrats who are sociopaths. It fits with the whole pose of wanting to appear sympathetic and empathetic while personally being the opposite.

And while I've never been a proponent of trickle down, the middle class actually did well under Reagan, just not as well as the upper class. it's really been the last 15 years that have hurt the middle class so badly.