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Saturday, February 13, 2016

"The Unequal Opportunity Race"

An AP article yesterday contains a video cartoon created for the African American Policy Forum about white privilege and the need for affirmative action. It was shown at Glen Allen High School  in Virginia, but the Henrico County School District decided to stop showing it after too many parents objected.

I'm not sure why they objected; I found the cartoon to be wonderfully educational.

The video is titled, "Structural discrimination: the unequal opportunity race." As the title fades, we see two whites and two people of color in the starting blocks at the beginning of a track race. The starter's pistol goes off, but then a stop signal appears in front of the two darker-skinned runners. The two whites start racing, while the darker runners are not allowed to start. The words "slavery," "broken treaties," "genocide," "manifest destiny,"  "trail of tears," "Dred Scott," "segregation," "Chinese exclusion act," and "Japanese internment," appear on the screen, accompanied by some snappy music.

(I hadn't realized that people of Chinese and Japanese descent are now eligible for affirmative action.)

Meanwhile, the white runners continue around the track, and somehow the race turns into a relay. An older white man tosses a large baton with a dollar sign on it to a younger white runner. The baton grows increasingly large and the words "wealth disparities" appear onscreen.

(Now I know that whites don't have to work for their money, but merely inherit it.)

Finally, after the whites have lapped them twice, the runners of color are allowed to start. But a rain cloud suddenly appears over their lanes, drenching them, and the word "discrimination" appears.

(I now know that people of color have to get better grades than whites in order to get into the same colleges.)

Then a bunch of rocks are placed in the path of the runners of color, they stumble, and the words, "Poor schooling" appear.

(I had naively thought that the poor state of the schools in certain areas had mostly to do with the nature of the unruly, undisciplined, uneducable people who live there.)

Then one of the runners of color fall into a pit, and the word "underemployment" appears.

(I hadn't known that this problem never afflicts white people.)

Then a moat with sharks swimming in it appears and the words "standardized tests" appear.

(I hadn't realized that the Chinese exclusion act and the Japanese internment had so completely shut down Asian-American's ability to do well on the SAT's generations later; I had foolishly thought that the ability to do well on these tests correlated with IQ.)

Next, a cage falls down near the dark-skinned female runner, and one actually falls down around the dark male runner. The cage containing the young man then floats into the air, and words "school to prison pipeline" appear.

(I had been completely blind to this method of incarceration; I had mistakenly thought you had to commit a crime first.)

The young woman, continuing on her own, sees a sign saying, "rest area." She goes in that direction, and sees some nice-looking houses, but then the gates swing shut in front of her and the phrase "housing discrimination" appears.

(I had mistakenly thought that buying a nice house was a question of having enough money to afford one, and that it was illegal to not sell a house to someone because of his race. No wonder Kobe Bryant and Oprah Winfrey still have to live in the ghetto.)

The young woman continues to run on, but then we hear sirens and a nerdy-looking white holding a clipboard saying "drug testing" on it stops the woman runner, and the words "racial profiling" appear.

(At this point all I could think of was Marion Jones.)

Then the black girl runs into a brick wall with the words "dead end" on it. She collapses against it in despair and the words "shortened lifespan" appear.

(The statistics showing that people of Asian descent have an average lifespan of 85, Hispanics of 82, whites of 78, and blacks of 74 must be wrong.)

By this point the music has turned more dirge-like.

Some workmen appear and build a moving walkway, of the type you see in airports, and the white runner appears again, moving fast without having to even walk. He is holding a drinking cup inscribed "Yale," with a scarf blowing in the breeze behind him. He looks proud, and the word "privilege" appears.

He is whisked past the young man of color, who is still in his cage, and the word "wealth" appears. He then passes the white girl, and the words "old boy network" appear onscreen.

(Whites achieve success without even having to work for it.)

Then, the white boy breaks the finish tape in a triumphant pose.

A construction crew then appears, as if to knock over the brick wall behind which the black girl sits.

The sentence "Affirmative action helps level the playing field" then appears.

I'm sure you'll find the video as educational as I did.


Mark Caplan said...

It's sad that black propagandists assume their fellow blacks are so uneducated and subliterate that arguments must be formulated as childish cartoons instead of as rational and articulate discourse.

The supposedly racist Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 mentioned in the cartoon was applauded by many blacks. Ordinary blacks and their leaders recognized that the mass importation of Chinese "coolies" brought misery upon black laborers.

An Alabama black opined:

"It will take three of 'em [coolies] to do the work of two n-----s, but they'll live on next to nothing and clothe themselves, and you've only got to pay 'em four dollars a month."

Frederick Douglas agreed:

"The former slave owners of the South want cheap labor; they want it from Germany and from Ireland; they want it from China and Japan; they want it from anywhere in the world, but from Africa. They want to be independent of their former slaves, and bring their noses to the grindstone."

With this evidence, you could almost believe the average African American and their leadership is dumber today than in the 1880s.


John Craig said...

Mark --
Glad to see you're well-versed in black history. I agree, all of this immigration, whether from Asians or Mexicans or Syrians, is bad for native born blacks. They will all take jobs that might otherwise have gone to the native-born (of any race), and they will harden the majority's attitudes towards welfare, since many of them immigrate to this country to take advantage of that system.

It's not that the average black is dumber today than 130 years ago, it's that there's more propaganda around, and it's unrelenting. The attitudes expressed in that cartoon (and cartoonish) video are typical: if blacks don't do as well as whites, it's entirely due to racism, and any other explanation is simply unacceptable. With that mindset, with a set of beliefs rooted in fiction, how could people act in any way other than unrealistically? And that goes for white liberals as well as the black group who produced that video.

Lucian Lafayette said...

The irony of "unequal opportunity" for young blacks is that the greatest current example is being inflicted on them by their own SJW heroes. Illegal immigrants compete head-on with young minority workers for entry level jobs. If the positions require some degree of training, there are plenty of "guest workers" who are being allowed into the country in ever greater numbers and who frequently overstay their visas.

John Craig said...

Luke --
No question, immigration is harming them.

It's also unfortunate that so many of them seem to aspire to be professional athletes, or rappers, or entertainers of some sort. So very few achieve success in those fields. And a fair number seem to be seduced by the gangsta lifestyle as well, and that never ends up well. It's too bad that more don't aspire to more realistic career paths. Recent immigrants seem to have much more realistic career aspirations.

whorefinder said...


The sociopathy that is more natural in blacks v. nonblacks, however, will keep making videos like this relevant, since it's a hampsterization-explanation of why blacks don't do well.

Most people have an aversion to admitting they don't have the ability to compete in a field, but faced with enough setbacks they will admit to it. Blacks, however, will not, thanks to their natural sociopathy. So all these nonsensical explanations make more sense to them than their own personal inadequacy, since, to a sociopath, who believes himself superior to others, personal inadequacy is the least logical conclusion.

This is the mythology blacks tell themselves, and which Eskimos feed into and promote: it's not your fault, it's whiteys!

This is similar to how Cam Newton can't come out and admit his play during the Superbowl was poor and how his behavior when they lost was inappropriate. To a sociopath like Newton, he could not have done anything wrong, so he does not have to apologize or admit wrong.

The fact that Newton is sticking to his "dindu nuffin wrong" argument says to me he will not be the Great Black QB, and in 2-3 years will be a back up or marginal starting QB somewhere. The black QB in Seattle (Russell Wilson) owned up to his poor play in Superbowl 49 (he threw the game-losing interception), and shows himself to be a leader by doing so; he'll be around for a while with good numbers. Why? Simple: Newton will never try to improve himself, because in his mind he is perfect, whereas Wilson will reevaluate any missteps by himself and try to improve upon them.

Unfortunately, Newton's attitude is the vast majority of blacks, and Wilson is the minority.

John Craig said...

Whorefinder --
Agree about the difference between Newton and Wilson (though I'm not saying Newton is necessarily a sociopath). If you can't admit mistakes, you'll never learn from them, and that's the narcissist's Achilles' heel.

As to the larger picture, I honestly don't think it's all blacks who promote the myth that racism alone accounts for their inability to do well in civilization. It's just a few of them, and even more than that, it's the media, as you point out. The majority of blacks swallow the propaganda, since it's much more palatable than the truth, which boils down to IQ differences and lack of inhibition; but that's mostly a matter of believing what they're told, not a matter of being duplicitous.

europeasant said...

I was hoping for an end to affirmative action but it seems the propaganda is becoming even more pervasive. I just wonder how many black people believe stuff like that in the video. I was once told by a college educated black that all white people are guilty of slavery, even the ones who are recent immigrants. Maybe some research firms have the results of various people's beliefs.

John Craig said...

Europeasant --
The correct answer to that is that no living white people are guilty of slavery. And if you want to hold all white people collectively guilty for what some of their ancestors have done, then by that line of logic all black people are guilty of all of the murders, rapes, and muggings that some of them have committed.

Spychiatrist said...

The immigration issue is why many black people are supporting Trump. They realize that their jobs have been outsourced to the Mexicans and others, of course many don't care, because they're on the government tit so long as their checks keep rolling in.

I battle these liberal regressives (refuse to call them progressives) every day on the Internet. These people that promote white antipathy are determined to bring down the white power structure they see as evil.

They are classic Marxists and they don't know it. Social Justice Warriors on the march.

John Craig said...

Spike --
Mike Tyson has already endorsed Trump, I wouldn't be surprised to see a few other black celebrities follow suit. Trump represents what a lot of young blacks aspire to much more than Hillary does. And you're right, immigration and job exportation are killing the working class.

The more I see of them, the more I see the SJW's as psychologically unbalanced.

orionwrench said...

Actually, I think blacks got smarter from 1865 to about 1960, on average, and after 1965-the Great Society-the number of them who are in the really stupid, dysfunctional or dangerous has increased. Post-Reconstruction, the smarter blacks had more kids and the dumber ones had fewer. After 1965 this reversed drastically. The talented tenth are breeding at SWPL rates and the dregs are welfare-breeding. Black girls expect to be knocked up before 18 for the most part, because that's how they get their own apartment or townhouse and get out of their dysfunctional mother's house. Their home becomes equally dysfunctional, but it's theirs. Marriage is for white people and those blacks that act white, which is a big source of shame.

The military was a great moderating influence for those blacks that can get in-meaning can score acceptably on the ASVAB/AFQT and aren't felons before they can enlist. My black peers were not as squared away as the whites but they were mostly basically decent and we had a few who were trusted, respected sailors we had no problems with allowing to fulfill a billet where trust was a necessity.

John Craig said...

Orionwrench --
You're absolutely right about the dysgenic trend among blacks.

And I've heard the same thing about blacks in the military, that they are mostly decent, trustworthy, likable types.

Anonymous said...

If you think about, despite the propanda, blacks must have the sense that compared to other races, their race is inferior to other races. No other race even has to bother trying to impress upon other races how special they are as a people.


John Craig said...

Birdie --
I'd never used the word "inferior," it's too all encompassing. Blacks are superior at various sports, and a few other things. But they do have a lower average IQ, and they don't do as well in societies where that's important. I've heard that in Africa, they just accept that whites are smarter. It's only in the West, with all the propaganda we're constantly inundated with, that such realizations are anathema.

Anonymous said...

Despite what these videos try to attempt to do, if you're a thinking person, the videos indicate that the blacks apparently need special services to compete in society, thus, we enact measures to help them along. In our society, not all things are achieved based on merit alone (sad to say).


Quartermain said...

I went to the YouTube page that the vid was on and what did I see? There were more negative votes than positive votes. The comments were telling and some were more educational than the vid itself.

John Craig said...

Allan --
Just took a look myself. I hadn't realized the video was five years old, I just saw it in the NY Post the other day for the first time. I guess they just showed it recently at that h.s., and that's why it was in the news.

By the way, thank you very much for linking the Wendy Davis post on the Amerika website.

Anonymous said...

This blog is "a perfect way to" kill brain cells. So who made you the objective arbiter of truth about race and racism in America? The penultimate example of white privilege is a white man telling you to ignore centuries of racial oppression because they are inconsequential and to believe him because he, a white man, said so.