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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Obama gets another free pass

As per the previous post, there are different kinds of sexual scandals. The electorate will generally ignore garden variety adultery, unless the politician involved was critical of another politician for having done the same.

An extramarital affair which results in a child is viewed more seriously, especially if the politician is a Presidential candidate (think John Edwards).

Harassment (a la Bob Packwood) is not forgivable.

Homosexuality is viewed differently in different areas. Larry Craig's Idaho's constituency would probably have taken a dimmer view of his shenanigans than Barney Frank's Massachusetts constituents did of his.

Having sex with an underling, as Bill Clinton did with Monica Lewinsky, is not acceptable. And lying about it, as Clinton did, makes it worse.

Actually putting someone on the federal payroll expressly for the purpose of having sex with them, as Wayne Hays did with Elizabeth Ray back in the 1970's, is completely unacceptable.

Obama, as I've pointed out before, is pretty obviously gay. If you accept that -- and I don't think it's too much of a stretch to accept -- then it appears that several of the people he's put on the federal payroll -- both of his "body men," Nick Colvin and Reggie Love, as well as Kal Penn -- were hired so that he could have sex with them.

Technically, having an affair with someone who works for you is considered sexual harassment these days. I'm sure Obama's male paramours were perfectly willing, and didn't feel harassed; in fact, they undoubtedly got an extra thrill from knowing that the man they were having sex with was the President of the United States.

Nonetheless, having sex with one of your employees is a technical trespass. And hiring them expressly for that purpose is worse.

Why is this not a scandal? Does it not count if the employees are men? Or is Obama just particularly skillful at hiding in plain sight?

My guess is, it will probably all come out in the future. But in the meantime, Obama gets a free pass.


Pavonine99 said...

One thing, though, who knows how Obama's scandal is being covered up, and by who? It's hard to make a scandal out of something if, to most people, it just looks like a handful of people are saying something uncorraborated (a la the Clinton rapes).

John Craig said...

Pavonine99 --
It's simply not being exposed because people are afraid to talk about it. The Secret Service themselves, who must know about it, all take an oath of secrecy as part of their job, as do all other White House employees. And it's not as if Nick Colwin or Reggie Love or Kal Penn has any interest in coming clean this; they're all on board with Obama's agenda, plus it would e a huge personal headache for them. (Look at how Monica Lewinsky's life has gone since she came clean.) And most of the media is on board with Obama's agenda as well. Plus, people have learned from experience that if they accuse Obama of anything, no matter how true, they'll be accused of racism and of going after him just because he's black. So people in positions of power, or those in the media who want to keep their jobs, don't bother to look into it in the first place. There's no upside to doing so. if Obama were a conservative Republican this would all long since have been mentioned widely.

So, yes, right now it's just a handful of people who are easily dismissed as extremists who will talk about it.

Steven said...

"if Obama were a conservative Republican this would all long since have been mentioned widely."

because the liberal media would be willing to expose it? But there are conservative media outlets...why don't they? They would if they had any hard evidence...the only case anyone can make is circumstantial, isn't it?

John Craig said...

Steven --
You're right, it's only a circumstantial case, though I find that case quite compelling. And you're right, that's probably why the conservatives won't bring it up.

As I said in the post, I do think the truth will come out later, once Obama is out of office, once the liberal media has less reason to protect him, once a couple of ex-Secret Service types blab. Then it will be obvious what happened in the White House, but it won't really be a scandal, anymore than it was a scandal when it became public knowledge years later that JFK had been sleeping with Marilyn Monroe and other women.

Steven said...

it would be massive news though. Its not even that big on the internet, is it? I haven't read it from any other alt right bloggers. You make a good argument. It was sort of convincing me as I read it. If its not out in 5 years, will you reconsider?

btw looks like Trump is going to be the nominee against Hilary. You happy?

John Craig said...

Steven --
Yes, there are a ton of jokes about it on the internet, and there's a pretty widespread meme devoted to how effeminate Obama is, but few serious pieces about how he's gay. If it's not out in five years, I'd be surprised, but I'd still believe he's gay. There's just no other way to explain the complete dearth of girlfriends from before his marriage, and all the other clues pointing in one direction. (Keep in mind, the stuff about JFK didn't really emerge as public knowledge till decades later, even though it was an open secret in DC.)

Yes, happy to see Trump winning.

Mark Caplan said...

The Washington Post reported on Barack Obama's courtship of Michelle. In 1989, at age 28, Obama got a job at the law firm where Michelle worked. He asked her out. They dated a while and married in 1992. So at least between the years 1989 to 1992 we have evidence that Obama wasn't the gay blade. The older daughter was born in 1998.

"When Michelle Met Barack" (Oct. 5, 2008)

John Craig said...

Mark --
I wouldn't consider that evidence, any more than I would his autobiography, which mentioned a girlfriend, which he later admitted was a "composite," and which some have said sounded an awful lot like one of Bill Ayers' girlfriends. It's no more convincing than listening to Tom Cruise talk to Oprah about how he was so crazy about Katie Holmes, or listening to Will Smith and Jada Pinkett talk about how crazy they are about each other and how they have to have sex all the time. There's no history of Obama with any woman other than his wife, and there have been people from his past, like that woman who went to school with him at Punahou, who said he was known for having sex with older men.

By the way, here's the piece i wrote about Will Smith and Jada Pinkett a while back:

(They doth protest way, way too loudly.)

arthur thurman said...

Obama: 'False Comfort' to Turn to People Who Share Your Culture, Values, Nationality.

That's what he tells Germans and Europe regarding the tsunami of refugees pouring into their countries. People and cultures are different. Hell, I've lived in California nearly ten years now and I still can't identify with the people. I'm from Texas and am proud of it. Places, cultures and traditions are different.
I'm voting Trump. He may be great or not but at least I get a vibe that he loves America.
Diversity is not always a strength. Just ask the Indians how well that worked out when the Europeans came to America....

John Craig said...

Arthur --
Good summation of the current situation: whites are told they shouldn't think in terms of race, or or racial loyalty, but everyone else is encouraged to think in those terms. Trust me, those Muslims invading Europe are not going to stop being loyal to their own culture, values, and nationality. It's the most obvious hypocrisy you can imagine, yet whites are supposed to overlook it.

Mark Caplan said...

John Craig wrote: "like that woman who went to school with him at Punahou."

I had to look that one up. Mia Marie Pope says she knew Obama as a teen in Honolulu while hanging out on summer vacations but wasn't a classmate of his. She said Obama went by the name Barry Soetoro. But there is overwhelming evidence he was known as Barry Obama:

Punahou school yearbook photo:

There are numerous videos online of actual Obama high school classmates who say he was known as Barry Obama. So I'd say Mia Marie Pope's statements about Obama aren't to be trusted.

As far as I can tell, Mia Marie Pope's only online existence is in a video of a telephone interview by one James Manning. In that video, Manning shows a photo of a very gay Obama as a young man scantily dressed in S&M leather. However, that photo has been proven a fraud:

"That Obama Leotard Drag Photo? It’s Fake"

The following website pretty well demolishes the rest of Mia Maria Pope's revelations about Obama:

John Craig said...

Mark --
You're right, it does sound as if Pope is a flake.

I never thought that leotard photo was anything but a Photoshopped joke, just like all those other pictures of Obama-as-monkey etc.

But the existence of flakes like Pope and Photoshopped pictures doesn't negate the weight of the evidence, which points in the direction of Obama being gay. The the weightiest of that evidence is simply the lack of any history with women other than Michelle.

Mark Caplan said...

One thing I learned about Obama's high school years was that for at least two years Obama sang in the Punahou School boys chorus. He appears in his high school yearbooks in group photos of the chorus. He also played on the school basketball team.

A man's gayness is often obvious from the minute you see or hear him. (There's an amusing documentary you can get from Netflix titled Do I Sound Gay?). Most gay men have at least have one or two tells that reveal their sexual preference. Have you detected any gay tells in Obama? His grooming and attire are always immaculate, which maybe points in that direction. But being a bit dandified is also a characteristic of his being somewhat black. I haven't noticed anything else about his outward demeanor to imply he might be gay other than that he went to see a Broadway musical --the politically correct Hamilton.

John Craig said...

Mark --
Interesting question. I agree, the surest tell is usually the voice, which I wrote about here:

But Obama doesn't have a gay voice, so he didn't set off my gaydar at first; it was only when I started reading about it that I realized it made too much sense for him not to be gay. And while you can accuse Jerome Corsi and others of being politically motivated, the Globe, which wrote about his escapades with the choir director and the other guy at the reverend Wright's church in Chicago, is certainly not a political paper.

Anyway, tells. Obama doesn't have many. I agree that being dandified is sort of a black thing, though Obama's taste in clothes runs more to white preppy; but he can be forgiven for that, he is, after all President, and so is pretty much obliged, even on his casual days, to dress a certain way.

I always found his mannerisms to be a little bit of a tell: that overly jaunty stride to the podium, or when he's debarking from a plane, seem to be trying a little too hard to project a certain masculine vigor, and it comes across fake. The way he threw that baseball, like a girl, received a lot of attention, but that basically just means that he didn't play baseball or football as a kid; I remember reading of champion boxers, whose masculinity was never in question, who threw like girls, for a similar reason.

There are those comparisons between him and Putin, showing how much more macho Putin is. And yes, Obama can be effeminate at times. But I always found those to be as damning of Putin (talk about truing too hard) as of Obama.

Anyway, the biggest tell is simply his life story. He's not an obvious gay the way some of them are, he's not the kind you'd call a flamer. But the flamers exaggerate their gayness in a way, flaunt it, whereas Obama is in the closet, so does the opposite.

Mark Caplan said...

John Craig wrote: "The way he threw that baseball, like a girl, received a lot of attention, but that basically just means that he didn't play baseball or football as a kid."

Obama played forward for his Punahou high school basketball team. The first photo, from a Punahou School yearbook, is purportedly Obama attempting a jump shot:

There are also team photos that show Obama as the only black player on the team:

Barry Obama on the Punahou School junior varsity basketball team:

Barry on the varsity team:

John Craig said...

Mark --
Thank you for all that. I hadn't seen that picture of the jump shot before, though I had seen the latter two pics. I guess he threw that baseball a little like a jump shot; can't blame him for that, baseball wasn't his sport.

One of the most interesting things about Obama's background is how little contact he had with blacks up until the age of 18 or so. And even at Occidental, his closest friends were Pakistani, not black. He grew up in Hawaii, then Kansas, then Indonesia, then Hawaii again. In Hawaii, during high school, he had that black communist mentor, Frank Marshall Davis. But other than that, pretty much no exposure to blacks. And it shows in the way he thickens his black accent whenever he speaks to a black audience; it comes across as phony as Hillary did when she put on that Southern/black accent in that black church in '08.

Mark Caplan said...

An Obama idolator is making a documentary titled "Barack Obama: Made in Hawaii." There are excerpts on the web. Numerous Hawaiians appear on camera extolling the absence of racism in Hawaii. But guess what -- there is also an absence of Africans, who comprise only about 2 percent of the population.

I agree that growing up in Hawaii and with the Indonesian ruling class, attending an elite prep school, and going to Columbia and Harvard Law isn't the typical career path of an African American. That's why calling Obama the first African American president is ridiculous. In the trivial sense he does have some African genes, but culturally and psychically he is upper-class white. Maybe someday we'll have a real African American president in the mold of an Al Sharpton or a Marion Barry, but until then we're kidding ourselves to call Obama the first black president.

John Craig said...

Mark --
I've spent time in Hawaii, there's nothing but racism there, even if it's not the variety found on the mainland. All of the various Pacific islander groups resent each other, but not as much as they dislike whites. And the locals don't particularly like blacks, either. The only group that people haven't historically resented are the native Hawaiians, who resented every one else, but recently people are starting to resent them because of the special privileges they get. My information is a little dated and much of it is secondhand, but I have heard it directly from people who live(d) there.

Well, technically Obama is our first black President, but I agree with everything you say, his background is not typically African-American at all. And even when it comes to his genes, he has little in common with the West African-descended blacks of the New World. Most East Africans, from what I understand, look at West Africans as crazy. And while Kenyans are mostly Bantu, which makes them technically the same tribe as most sub-Saharan Africans, in fact they look different. kenyans are skinny, and don't pack on the muscle that West Africans can.

An aside that I find interesting. The fastest human of West African descent, Usain Bolt, has run 100 meters in 9.58. The fastest white man has run something like 9.97, and the fastest Asian in 9.99. The fastest East African in history has only run a 10.4. (They're great at distance running, in fact dominate that aspect of track, but have less speed than whites or Asians.)

Samuel Nock said...

John and I have a running bet about Obama post presidential life:

John thinks he will come out as gay.

I think he will come out as Muslim.

Who knows: maybe we'll both be right. :)

John Craig said...

Samuel --
Did I say that? I vaguely remember that discussion. I do think it's more likely he comes out as gay than as Muslim, but I also think it's more likely he gets outed as gay than that he comes out voluntarily.

Samuel Nock said...


You're right: you never said he would come out, just that "it" would come out. I'm mainly joking around.

I'm still not sold on the Obama is gay thing, although I agree with your overall analysis about, e.g., he doesn't have _obvious_ gay tells, it is weird that he has no real track record with girls, etc. Somehow I still don't feel convinced, but it is more of a gut instinct than on any evidence one way or the other. He just strikes me as someone not particularly interested in sex, period.

John Craig said...

Samuel --
Thank you, thought I had lost my mind there for a sec .

Well this will be one of our rare disagreements then. I've found that when a public figure is thought of as "asexual," the way Ed Koch was, it's usually just a cover for homosexuality. Obama was a healthy young man, he participated in a sport (basketball), he was outgoing, and had an extremely narcissistic outlook. Those are traits that usually go hand in hand with a robust, uninhibited sexuality. Yet he had zero track record with girls before Michelle, and there are witnesses to his homosexuality, at Man's Country and at the Reverend Wright's church, as per that post I wrote about it.

Mark Caplan said...

John Craig wrote: Obama "has little in common with the West African-descended blacks of the New World."

Great point. There was a lot of Caucasian back migration to the Horn of Africa. Ethiopians are almost half white and tend to have white facial features aside from skin color. I don't know specifically about Kenya, but it lies just south of Ethiopia, so its population is probably somewhat less white genetically than Ethiopia's.

John Craig said...

Mark --
Yes, Kenyans look prototypically black compared to Ethiopians and Somalians, but they still live a long way from West Africans and have different builds.

mark said...

Maybe it's just not said because it isn't true. I mean I can see a young Obama not trusting women and his narcissism would make it more difficult to connect with people of either sex not easier. He thinks he is a 9 and the girls think he is a 5(I suspect Michelle agrees) which makes him even more of a loner. I don't know if Obama was or is outgoing. One college classmate, Wayne Allen Root, literally never saw Obama. He wasn't big man on campus or even big man in the Choom gang. I suspect Obama's dream was to not end up like his father who had more women then he could handle. Now Obama isn't particularly macho, I give you that but he sure isn't a carefree fun loving gay guy either.

John Craig said...

Mark --
It's possible I'm wrong, but I doubt it. No question, Obama was not a BMOC at Punahou or Occidental or Columbia. But part of being a BMOC is pulling in the babes and if Obama had no interest in them, what would be the point?

Time will tell.