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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Which side is more hateful?

This morning, in response to the previous post, commenter "Rona" said:

Leftists certainly seem psychologically unable to entertain opposing views, or even hear them without being pained. Sometimes they even describe visible physical reaction to others opinions like being sick to their stomach, feeling convulsions, lightheaded, almost throwing up etc.

Witness their attempts to censor speech not just for being "hate" but also because it "causes harm". Normal person would ask, how can recitation of facts that itself doesn't call for violence cause harm, but to the leftist, airing of facts/ideas itself is harmful….

They love destroying, in any way possible, those who disagree with them, absolutely humiliating people. Homosexualists throwing parties celebrating deaths of opponents or rejoicing for bankrupting old married couple for not wanting to bake a cake. Others publishing names of gun owners in effort to start witch hunts. Getting people fired, cackling at prospect of a "bigot " being destitute and unable to feed himself.

And regardless in which field one finds a leftist, the psychology is the same. It can be climate science, gun regulation, gender/sex, diet, taxation, belief in god... The vitriol they espouse is something to behold.

And what's most infuriating is they blabber about tolerance. Tolerance! Do these creatures even understand what the word means?

This is a perfect summation of the Leftist mentality. I've seen far more Leftists than conservatives who seem to be full of hate.

What Rona said about the Leftists' physical reactions to unwelcome opinions -- being sick to their stomach, feeling convulsions, lightheaded, almost throwing up etc -- is particularly telling. 

Normally, reacting that way to a contrary opinion would be diagnosed as a symptom of a mental illness, or some sort of syndrome. Like social anxiety disorder, or Aspergers, or histrionic personality disorder, or hypochondria, or…..something.

The longer I observe them, the more convinced I am that being an SJW is often just an expression of mental illness -- or, at the very least, a syndrome, like narcissism. 

And one of the hallmarks of narcissistic personality disorder is narcissistic rage. As per Wikipedia:

Narcissistic rage is a reaction to narcissistic injury, which is a perceived threat to a narcissist's self-esteem or self-worth….Narcissistic rage occurs on a continuum from instances of aloofness, and expression of mild irritation or annoyance, to serious outbursts, including violent attacks.

(Sounds an awful lot like Rona's description of Leftists.)

Rona's got "tolerance" right, too. In the Leftist's mind, tolerance seems to be defined as, "intolerance for any other opinion." Ditto for "open-mindedness," which basically means having one's mind closed to every opinion other than their own.

Leftists live in Projection Land, where all of one's personal faults are attributed to the other side. 


Anonymous said...

You nearly got there with this post. It is narcissism.

The evil attack others instead of facing their own failures. p 73-74 from M. Scott Peck's 'People of the Lie'

The left love to appear good but lack any real motivation to do anything constructive about it. The scapegoating, intolerance of others, wounded animal type rage attacks and almost zero tolerance or ability to introspect the fact they MAY actually be wrong! All narcissism.

One of my favorite posts.



John Craig said...

Andrew --
Thank you. Rona deserves the credit for this one.

(But, NEARLY got there? I coulda sworn, this post DID get there.)

Anonymous said...

You've been heading towards describing SJW's as mentally ill. This post appeared to give it a name/diagnosis.

I was going to write you nailed it on the head with your comments on SJW's being narcissists/narcissistic but wasn't sure if you fully came to this conclusion in this post.


John Craig said...

Andrew --
I was just teasing, but thank you.

I actually don't think they're ALL narcissists. But an awful lot of them seem to be doing it as a pose, to prove how right-thinking they are.

Steven said...

The left think the right lack compassion. The right think the left lack wisdom. You are more likely to dislike or hate somebody you think of as lacking compassion than somebody you think of as lacking wisdom.

The real narcissistic SJW activists are only a small subset of leftists and I totally agree that kind of thing is often driven by narcissism. There are a couple of liberal-left pro-immigrant women in my family and they are lovely, high empathy people. They probably score high on openness. At least one of them has a high IQ, probably both. They are idealistic and see the best in people, probably to the point of naivety. It isn't all narcissism.

John Craig said...

Steven --
True. I supposeI could have specified that I'm talking about the people on both sides who bother to show up to rallies and protests, the types who are actively involved. I know plenty of liberal types who, while naive and easily brainwashed, are perfectly decent people.

Lucian Lafayette said...

I have commented on this lib/prog world view for some time. Often, it can be seen in conjunction with a strange version of projection behavior. The example I often use is when I am accused of "hating" someone because I have expressed disagreement with a position they hold. The person saying I am "hating" someone is projecting their emotionally driven, self-centered world onto my behavior. They are not able to separate emotional turmoil from intellectual conflict. Everything around them must be directed toward them. They are supremely important. Ergo, disagreement is a personal attack out of emotion and malice. Since everyone behaves like they do, I must hate those I express disagreement with.

At least it seems that is what is going on in their heads.

John Craig said...

Luke --
You're right, projection is everything, especially on the Left. Good analysis.

The older I get, the more I see that people rarely accuse others of emotions or motivations which they themselves are not driven by.

Rona said...

Steven, you are wrong about only small part of left being narcissistic. Yes, in all movements there are different types of people. In leftist movements, there are always idealistic, naive and empathic people who believe if only we should treat each other nicely and share, and "not see color" world would be a utopia. They are, almost never, ready to take any personal hits to bring about this new world, however, they not driven by malice.

There are also people who are without any strong moral leanings, who adopt liberal opinions like they adopts any fashion, because that's what right-thinking high status people do. These people would just as easily hold conservative values if social fashion changed.

So, the first type have unrealistic view about humanity and have idealistic, emphatic personality. They are driven not by anger but a desire to seek understanding, treat others fairly, so long as it doesn't cost them much comfort... Second type are go-along kind and don't care much unless there's a big social bonus for caring, or more accurately, for pretending to care. These are your "Isn't it terrible that children in Africa are starving...oh! look at these Jimmy Choos! 30% off!"

And then there are the leftists. Utterly merciless, humorless, lazy, envious narcissists who seek power so they can crush those underneath them. Animated by actual hatred and resentment of superior elements of society that reminds them of their inferiority, they don't seek better conditions for blacks, homosexuals, invalids, women, within existing social structure. Indeed, improvement angers them even more. Contrast todays feminists with those before. Inequality between sexes has never been smaller yet, leftists have never been more enraged. Same goes for homo activists. Where 25 years age decent treatment and live and let live attitude was all that was asked for today they go into absolute rage at the idea that someone somewhere disapproves.

No, what really gets them going is the prospect of wholesale massacre of bigots, racists, -phobes, and standards of decency, of excellence, of beauty to which they don't measure up. Total leveling of society, with even a accurate memory of past order forbidden. Historical revision and disappearing of individuals who go against the narrative from education, tv, sports, science, history books...

These are the leaders of leftist movements and it's most passionate activists. The other two groups are just there for a ride...until power is achieved, at which point they are purged, to their bewilderment, because "it's all about treating people with respect".