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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The media wants a race war

Here's a quick test: name one of the two black men who were killed by cops in Minnesota and Louisiana.

Now, name one of the cops who were killed in Dallas.

Chances are, you could name one of the first two, but the five cops have remained relatively faceless.

The media makes a very deliberate decision to humanize certain people who've been killed, while allowing others to languish in anonymity.

We've heard from Philando Castile's girlfriend, and seen videos of the aftermath of his shooting. And we've seen videos of the shooting of Alton Sterling and seen his smiling picture many times.

Will we see pictures of the cops' funerals? Will we hear from their grieving relatives?

Why not? Why do we never become acquainted with the names of whites who are shot and killed by the police, in some cases black police? (There are roughly twice as many whites as blacks killed by police.) Why do we never become acquainted with the names of blacks who are shot by blacks? And why do we never become acquainted with the names of whites shot by blacks?

Why did the media want to make Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and Eric Garner into household names, while not giving so many others a fraction of their airtime?

As a result of this lopsided publicity, the public at large, particularly the innumerate masses, get all riled up thinking that the police are hunting down young black men.

As I said in the previous post, Micah Johnson was probably just an unbalanced, hotheaded simpleton. He may not even have been a sociopath. As the Dallas police chief mentioned a couple of times, Johnson felt that he was being "righteous."

Johnson's mentality was probably not much different than that of a suicide bomber whose head is filled with poisonous propaganda by the local imam. Except that in Johnson's case, that role was filled by the Obama administration, the media, and the various radical black groups he followed.

All of whom subtly encouraged, while not quite condoning, his actions.


Pangur said...

Blacks are as always poorly lead and foolish.

Some thought on white people:

All of them--left wingers, Blacks, Chinese, even Jews-- act like whites are the most dangerous people on the planet because we are. We're the most capable, the most innovative, and the most systematically violent people on earth, and the reality of that is as plain as day.

In the last 500 years, Europeans and their descendants in North America pummeled the world into submission, and when we ran out of opponents we pummeled each other in the two biggest and baddest wars the world has ever seen. After that, when it was clear that we had the ability to destroy all human life, every post-war institution, western or Soviet, worked to keep whites from making war on each other again. We understand that Germany has been deliberately neutered, lest it make war again, but we don't usually understand that all the rest of the white nations have also been deliberately neutered for the same reason.

Steven said...

I agree with you. There's a very one sided media narrative. You could even be numerate and fall for it if you don't look into it as most people don't.

One thing I keep reading that I'm not sure about is that several times more unarmed black people get shot by police than unarmed whites. Is this true? Are they victims or did they attack the police officer?

I just read this and thought it was a good effort at impartiality by the BBC. You don't usually see this stuff in mainstream media. (the title is a parody of Monty Python's 'what have the Romans ever done for us?' You know it?)

John Craig said...

Pangur --
All true. Except I'm not sure that's the reason white nations have been neutered.

John Craig said...

Steven --
That study that came out today took into account all sorts of factors and it said that there was no different in the rates at which blacks and whites were killed by the police once you take into account belligerence, proximity, whether or not the person was armed, etc. I'd heard the unarmed statement before, and I wouldn't be surprised if it were true, but I also wouldn't be surprised if it was because blacks are more likely to act like Michael Brown when officer Darren Wilson asked him to stop walking in the middle of the road. Most people would just move toe the sidewalk. Brown saw fit to try to punch Wilson when he was sitting in his car and also try to take his gun.

Pangur said...


Curious to hear an alternate theory.

Steven said...

Okay fair enough. That's basically what I suspected might be the case too.

John Craig said...

Pangur --
A lot of it is Jewish people don't feel safe when white Christians get nationalistic, witness what happened in Europe from the 13th to the 20th century on various occasions. So Jewish organizations do their best to make sure that whites are kept on the defensive and made to feel guilty about all of their past conquests.

Another reason is just that civilization has moved forward and people realize that war is barbaric, so have more safeguards against it than in the past. And with increased globalization there's just naturally a little less hostile nationalism. Also, the combination of the technological revolution and globalization has led to more emigration, and more divided loyalties. And people with divided loyalties are just less instinctively likely to agitate for war.

Steven said...

That's also why some of them support multiculturalism I think, to be one group among many rather than victims of a nationalist white majority. They must be profoundly aware of that threat given things that have happened to them, particularly the holocaust. In Europe, the increase of Muslims has been bad for them though.

Saying that, I'm pretty judophile. They've just made so many great contributions to civilization that have benefited me.

arthur thurman said...

Good morning,

First of all, I am glad to hear your medical issue is not interfering with daily activities and I hope all is well.

I disagree with the statement that civilization has moved forward in regards to beliefs about war. Maybe the narrative has been more tightly controlled by the media and governments but that does not change the fact that at least 30 or so conflicts are raging in the world at any given time. Maybe the superpowers and middle players are sated for now but the human race is still, well, human.

John Craig said...

Thank you Arthur, good to hear from you.

I guess I should have specified that the European and primarily European-descended nations (Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc.) no longer engage in war with each other in any major way, since 1945. Yes, I know, Russia and the Ukraine are involved in a conflict, and Russia also had a conflict with Georgia not so long ago. And there was the breakup of Yugoslavia. But these are minor skirmishes compared to WWII. And I think the fact that nuclear weapons exist has an inhibiting effect.

But yes, you're absolutely right, human nature hasn't changed, we are as belligerent as ever.

arthur thurman said...

One thing to add regarding the church shooting. We are still a nation of laws for the most part and when he was arrested even if he had the blood of the victims on him he was still a suspect. He was brought in for questioning and told them he would talk if they would get him food. He was not yet convicted in a court of law for the crimes. So the Uproar regarding the cops getting him food to me was another distraction. I'm not a criminal justice major or expert but I have seen countless Forensic Files and crime shows showing the actual interrogation videos of suspects and more than once I have seen bags of McDonald's or Burger King or at least some food they have brought in to get the suspect to talk.

Anonymous said...

Right on Spot John.

What you saying reminds of this video where an ISIS fighter is shown before he kills himself by driving a vehicle filled with explosives into the enemy:

There are lots and lots of weak personality vulnerable to propaganda and all kinds of crazy ideas.


John Craig said...

Arthur --
I had the exact same reaction. The Left made it sound as if Roof had gotten some special treatment because he was a white who killed blacks, but it's standard procedure for the police to get the suspect a Coke, or give him a cigarette, or order out some fast food for him in order to make him relaxed and get him to confess. And it worked, not that a confession was need in this case, but Roof immediately said he did it and told them why he did it.

John Craig said...

Sebastian --
Thank you. Yes, it's the gullible simpletons like that guy who are manipulated into doing what the (evil) manipulators want him to do. And of course, the manipulators never sacrifice themselves.

Anonymous said...

It's only since Obama has been President that I learned (and/or realized) how biased our media is.

- Susan

John Craig said...

Susan --
They've been biased for a long time, though it seems to get worse and worse over time.

Anonymous said...

Diamond Reynolds,The girlfriend of Philando Castile, may be a sociopath...why was her first instinct was to so calmly record live as her boyfriend is bleeding out....her own mother mother said, “Diamond is a narcissistic Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat junkie.” I cannot imagine my girlfriend filming my final moments and putting it on Facebook.

Her account of the incident sounds false, yet the media bought into it... Castile failed to obey the officers instructions and had the gun in his was his girlfriend Diamond who told the cop the gun was licensed, alerting the cop to the gun, making the officer take the necessary precautions he was reasonably nervous and shot Castile when he failed to follow instructions and place his hands on the steering wheel away from his gun. Moments after the shooting Officer Yanez said to Reynolds, “Keep your hands where I can see them,” and, “I told him not to reach for it, I told him to get his hands off of it.”

Will Officer Yanez’s life and career be ruined by this drug addicted abusive mother? Most of what she told authorities about the incident have been proven false so far.

John Craig said...

Anon --
Thank you for that. What you say about Diamond Reynolds certainly makes sense. When I first saw that video I was struck by how calm and cool she sounded. But recording the police seems to be something black people start to do the moment a cop appears in their neighborhood these days, so I didn't think much of it. But yes, I've heard since that a lot of the original account is not true. Castile did not in fact have a carry permit; and he may have just come from an armed robbery. And, yes, in retrospect, Reynolds' comportment looks awfully cold.

It's just amazing how so many of these incidents turn out to be other than how they were first advertised. The Sterling and Castile incidents happened in quick succession, and while Sterling was reportedly carrying a gun which he reached for, Castile looked completely innocent, and my first thought was, well, finally they have a legitimate martyr who actually wasn't doing anything wrong. Now, it's not so clear.

jova said...

most of what the media initially stated is false...Castile was a member of the Crip gang , he was pulled over because he fit the description of an armed robber, he had a loaded gun on his lap, he failed to follow the officers instructions...yet the media eagerly spreads the tale Diamond fabricated.

Just as the media reported that Omar was a closeted homosexual, who targeted the Pulse nightclub because he was homophobic...The FBI has now reported that there is no evidence he was gay. Searching his computer and phone records indicate he was having affairs with females and actively looking for female sex partners...nothing on his computers indicate any interest in homosexual activity, no record of him using the gay apps, no indication he targeted Pulse because of anything other than his Islamist views. The Pulse patron who recognized him was evidence of gay lovers, but evidence he was chasing females in his spare time.

John Craig said...

Jova --
Is that right??!! He wasn't gay? I thought there was overwhelming evidence that he was, and that was according to a number of sources. I should probably delete the posts I wrote about that. How could so many sources have all been wrong? Serves me right for believing our dishonest media. He sure didn't look gay, as I pointed out in one of those posts. Amazing.

Yes, the truth about Castile is gradually beginning to seep out, though I suppose the NY Times won't be putting any retractions on the front page. And his girlfriend, as noted by the anonymous commenter of 1:19AM today, Reynolds is smelling more and more like a sociopath.