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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

"Woman goes off on perv fondling himself on subway"

This NY Post article is quite amusing. From the video, it's not even clear that the guy was actually fondling himself; but the woman seems to have absolutely no doubts that he was. She seems full of testosterone and completely uninhibited herself.


Steven said...

She chewed him out like a drill sergeant.

John Craig said...

Steven --
She did, in a way. But there's only one group I know of where the women are that loud and emphatic, so foul-mouthed, so threatening of violence (which they're willing to back up), and so completely uninhibited with all those things, in front of complete strangers.

Anonymous said...

many lnsan3 gals 3xlst =


John Craig said...

Thanks cell phones with recording devices and the social media, there are a lot of these videos available now. They're quite revealing.

Steven said...

One of the things that always struck me about some black people was their social confidence- to be completely uninhibited in front of people when performing in a way white people aren't.

Also their sense of rhythm.

Also their ebullience which makes them often seem like really nice people.

No doubt there are pros and cons to their psychological settings (I did get the point of your post)

I always thought black people seemed the most different to white people, both the way they look and they way they act.

John Craig said...

Steven --
Ys, I've seen a lot of similar episodes on video.

This incident is basically just another illustration of this post:

The Ambivalent Misanthrope said...

I can't decide which I loathe more --- pervs on public transportation or foul-mouthed, loud non-pervs on same. Watching that video reminded me of the many many times I was stuck on a public bus or trolley or BART being held hostage to aggressive, extremely loud rants. Smelly, homeless, crazy, drunk, high or otherwise irascible passengers regularly ruin a morning commute this way. All I can say is, I sure am glad I wasn't on that ride with my young daughter. What kind of public service is it to go off with every expletive in the book for everyone to hear?

John Craig said...

Ambivalent Misanthrope --
Agreed. The funny thing is, that video is provided courtesy of the woman herself, who figured she was showing her bona fides by engaging in that long, threatening, bellowing harangue. And I'm not even sure from that video whether the guy was actually exposing himself or maybe just engaging in a little harmless pocket pool.

Mark Caplan said...

The video is a perfect illustration of how perverts in our society are marginalized, bullied, and threatened with violence. The videographer, Ms Carter, needs to be more inclusive. And society must learn to respect the rights of the pervert community.

John Craig said...

Mark --
Ha, yes.

Only as I said above, I'm not even sure this guy was a pervert. My guess is that he was either playing a little bit of pocket pool or just readjusting himself from the outside of his pants, as a lot of guys do almost unconsciously. He was obviously terrified of that woman (as I would be too).

Steven said...

I'd love to know what she looked like. She should have fucked with this guy

John Craig said...

Steven --
She had a big voice, my guess is she had a body to match. But yeah, she would have met her match with that bus driver.