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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

"Sabrina Rubin Erdely's Malice in Blunderland"

Great article by Steve Sailer neatly tying together Rolling Stone's coverage of the University of Virginia rape hoax and the media's coverage of this election.


Pangur said...

MPC figured this out sooner than Sailer, or just about anyone else:

It probably doesn't help that we make fun of him.

John Craig said...

Pangur --
Are you one of the MPC posters? I don't read them, but my son is a big fan, and he reads me their stuff occasionally, it's always funny.

Why do you make fun of Sailer? He seems like a decent guy, and he's pretty much entirely on your side.

John Craig said...

Pangur --
PS -- My son just said he knew your name from there.

Pangur said...


Sorry to link rather than explain, but sometimes it's better. There are various views on Sailer, this thread discusses them:

Sailer indeed seems a decent guy personally but this isn't really about that. The pro-Steve view, expressed in the second post of the thread is: "It's been commented on before that Sailer is a gateway drug to realtalk and that's what we should read him as. He's a tireless laborer in the vineyard and we should thank him for being such a steady and reliable conduit."

It's not an unreasonable view. However, he is criticized at MPC because the culture of the place is that everyone gets critiqued; the reason behind this is, at least in part, because the mainstream right has been so bad at critiquing ideas and people. Nobody gets a pass.

John Craig said...

Pangur --
Okay, just read the entire first page of the discussion (I did see that it went on a lot further). I have a couple of thoughts.

First, this seems to be partly a generational thing. Sailer is a Baby Boomer, and so comes across a little like an uncool old fogey to the MPC crowd (nobody used that term, but that was part of the subtext). Well, that can't be avoided. Keep in mind, decades of conditioning are hard to overcome, and he's been writing for a long time. Back in the 90's and 00's, much of what he said was ground-breaking. He's no longer the guy who's at the far edge, but do keep in mind he was groundbreaking in his day. And he's still way too radical for any MSM to publish him.

Second, a lot of the objections about, for instance, his observations about homosexuality, make me think it's really not the either/or situation some of the commenters are making it out to be. Sailer's observations about gay weddings vs. gay marriages are completely on the mark; so what if they're not comprehensive analyses of homosexuality and all its ramifications? To criticize a blogger because one of his posts only explains one little facet of a topic is unfair; he wrote a post, not a book.

Third, he uses his real name. Everybody on MPC uses a pseudonym. I think that most of the commenters on MPC would find themselves reining themselves in a lot if they were posting under their real names, with all of the risks that entails. Which makes a lot of the complaints unfair.

Maybe I'm more sensitive to all this because I'm a Boomer who uses his real name, and just posts observations which deal with one facet of complex topics. But, I do think that while many of the things that people say are true, they're also sort of unfair, so I'm objecting to that rather than their inaccuracy. (I suppose I should be grateful I'm so obscure, otherwise I'd attract the same criticisms.)

Pangur said...


Thanks for the thoughtful reply, here goes:

"First, this seems to be partly a generational thing."

I think that this is correct; Sailer seems caught up in the past in a way that most of the alt-right has moved past.

"To criticize a blogger because one of his posts only explains one little facet of a topic is unfair; he wrote a post, not a book."

I'd day that the entire thread (which you admittedly read only one page of) contains a bit more substance than that. Additionally there are other threads discussing Sailer's idea, not just that one.

"Everybody on MPC uses a pseudonym"

Technically not true, although I'll not be naming names, so to speak. Most of us, however, do.

You know, I admire you for using your real name, but many of the rest of us don't want to lose our jobs. In the current environment, this seems like a rational decision (particularly for one with decades of working in front of him, ask Brendan Eich). Above and beyond that, anonymity is freeing in the sense that ideas can be bruited around and criticized with more abandon. This is particularly true when dealing with topics on which it is now difficult to hold non-conforming opinions. I don't care for it, but there's a lot of precedent, including the USA's own founding fathers, who wrote under many pseudonyms.

I'm not as hostile to Steve as some and think that he does good work. I'm grateful that people like him write about these topics. I would also bet money that he lurks MPC and mines it for ideas.

John Craig said...

Pangur --
The generational thing, we agree. (And so does my son, who constantly tells me I'm mired in old ways of thinking about Left vs. Right; I am slowly being won around, and my mind is slowly opening on some of these things, but at my age, "slowly" is the best one can hope for.)

I'll take your word on the rest of the thread.

Okay, won't ask.

Don't get me wrong: I'm not criticizing anyone for not using their own name in the least; I fully understand why people don't. I'm just saying that for those who post under pseudonyms, criticizing those who use their own names for not being as bold and edgy as the pseudonymous are is unfair. I'm sure you understand my point.

i'm not saying that Sailer doesn't read MPC, in fact I vaguely recall him quoting some of its posters in the past (I could be wrong about that). But I think he gets the vast majority of his idea simply from reading the MSM and being disgusted by its hypocrisy and dishonesty. I read him on a daily basis, and most of his posts are simply cut and paste jobs of MSM articles, with his usually sarcastic/sardonic critiques of them.

Anyway, thanks for all your thoughts.

Steven said...

John Craig said...

Steven --
Excellent summation, thanks.