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Monday, October 24, 2016

Why I'm voting for Hillary

This may come as a surprise to readers of this blog. But after some long and anguished soul-searching, I've decided to vote for Hillary for the following reasons:

1. She's a financial genius. Hillary turned a $1000 investment into $100,000 through cattle futures trading in just ten months. Anyone who can just read the Wall Street Journal for a few weeks and have the expertise to do that, as she claimed, is the right person to get our economy back on track.

2. Hillary, like all good entrepreneurs, recognizes opportunity when she sees it, and doesn't let any silly little qualms get in the way. The Clinton Foundation is open for business! Our country needs more of this kind of entrepreneurial spirit.

3. Hillary is loyal to her friends, and even tries to get them jobs. She is a job-creator.

4. Some of these Secret Service agents, Arkansas State Troopers, and State Department security details get a little big for their britches (you just know that in their own minds half these guys see themselves as James Bond.) Hillary puts them in their place. We need a no nonsense leader who speaks her mind and doesn't mince words.

5. She's not some dull teetotaler. Far better to have a President with some spirit! Or, at least, spirits.

6. Even though she once said she's "not some little woman, standing by my man like Tammy Wynette," she in fact did. Who isn't touched by a story of true love like this?

7. Like her namesake Sir Edmund Hillary, she wants to do what has never been done before. We need a leader ready to scale the peaks!

8. Hillary understands the immigrant experience well: all four of her grandparents were immigrants.

9. She's patriotic: she tried to join the Marines in 1975, even though they turned her down. Semper fi!

10. She's a battle-hardened vet anyway, having survived a sniper attack in Bosnia. And after having been in the line of fire herself, she'll think twice before sending our boys into harm's way.

11. She knows what it's like to be poor, having been dead broke when she left the White House in 2001. Who better to help the poor of this country than one of their own number?

12. Hillary is thrifty, going so far as to write off Bill's used underwear when First Lady of Arkansas. No doubt she will show similar attention to detail with the federal budget.

13. She's against the Trans Pacific Partnership. (Even if she was for it before.)

14. She's for gay marriage. (Even if she was against it before.)

15. She recognizes that the Iraq War was a mistake. (Even if she voted for it as a Senator.)

16. She's not intimidated by anyone, not even the leader of the free world. We need a fearless President!

17. Last but not least, she has a great sense of humor. (Seeing humor where others don't can be a sign of intelligence.)


Anonymous said...

You know, Mister Craig, I just about got triggered when I saw that you were voting for Hillary.

sneaky sneaky Mister Craig. STRIKES AGAIN!!


Anonymous said...

You forgot to add, Hillary's a fighter. She doesn't care if the country she stands up to has tactical nukes - she'll fight for what she believes in: transgender rights (and hefty cash payments to her foundation).

Not only that, she'll fight you if you're 12 years old and living on the wrong side of the tracks, and you were raped. She doesn't care whether that makes her look like an unprofessional sociopath. She'll stand up for principle, and talk about it on tape afterwards!

Dunno about you, but I like a woman with that kind of grit.


Runner Katy said...

Ha! Love this! If I were brave enough I would post this on social media....but I hate dealing with the commentary that comes with that. I'm so excited for the outcome of the next few weeks! It's sure to be a riot, either way (pun intended).

John Craig said...

I originally had some innocuous title, but changed it to provide a jolt. Someone else told me via email that their initial reaction was the same, WTF?

John Craig said...

Puzzled --
Good point. Damn the torpedoes, she wants to bring transgender rights to Russia. And she wants to stand up for the rights of 41-year-old drifters to rape 12-year-old girls.

She actually is a fighter, as Trump said in that debate. She'll go down to her dying breath lying and cheating and taking and giving bribes so she can be President.

John Craig said...

Runner Katy --
I don't blame you for not putting this on your Facebook page, you'll lose half your friends. But still......

Runner Katy said...

Actually, more than half of my friends are on Team Trump. It's pretty easy to figure it out. But those that are still brainwashed by media would comment the crap I don't care to read.

Anonymous said...


One of the links in this post is to an article by one Esther Goldberg in TAS. Thanks. I had written TAS off - it became too Conservative, Inc./Cuck for me. But I see that they seem to have come to their senses.

I clicked on a few of her other articles and there is one that I urge you to read. I'm outside now and I don't have time to do it myself. It's called What's Wrong With the Conservative Commentariat, or something like that, and in it she decries the "submissiveness" of people like Peggy Noonan.

I thought it was also a nice rebuttal to Pangur's res ipsa loquitur crack. No, the thing doesn't speak for itself. I've known a lot of guys who got their heads handed to them in real life by a smarter, tougher woman because they thought that. Of course, there is always the internet to soothe their wounded feelings.

Anyway, Esther helped to clarify my thoughts about all this. Who the fuck cares what liberals think about anything?

More: out of curiosity I wondered what Jane Fonda said on her twitter feed about her ex Tom Hayden dying. Nothing. But she did tell us that it's important to vote for Hillary to keep "rape culture" out of the White House. At that point Esther Goldberg's words rang truer than ever and the whole pussygate nonsense became brutally clear. We are simply being bombarded by Soviet style propaganda from a totally corrupt media whore elite. I'll vote for Trump, and if he loses, I won't lose hope. We have just begun to fight.


Pangur said...

Good stuff John.

John Craig said...

Puzzled --
I didn't check the links I used all that carefully, I just put them in just so people could see what incidents I was referring to if they couldn't tell immediately. A long, long time ago I subscribed to TAS, but have long since lost track of it, which is not to say that I disapprove of it in any way, merely that there's a ton of stuff out there to read on the internet these days.

I've alway liked Noonan, will try to get to that article.

My first thought whenI saw that Hayden had died, was, of course, Jane Fonda. I guess that marriage didn't exactly end on a high note, not that any marriage does, but when you have two narcissistic personalities like that, it's going to end on a particularly ugly note. The thing about Fonda, I actually don't even think she's evil, or a sociopath: she's just plain dumb. She got caught up in all the insanity of the late 60's, and drank the Kool Aid. And in the circles in which she travels, she's reinforced in her left wing beliefs. I wrote posts a while back talking about the family backgrounds of some of the more prominent feminists like Frances Lear and Gloria Steinem (and Susan Sarandon, who's more of a general leftist than just a feminist), and they were all screwy backgrounds. The same goes for Fonda: her father was movie star who was cold to his children, and her mother committed suicide when Jane was 12 or 13. That, more than acting else, explains her political stances.

John Craig said...

Thank you Pangur.

Dave Moriarty said...

Hi John,
how could you forget that the criminal class will be adored in an HRC presidency.Of course, they are aggrieved. Of course they ought to be able to take their frustrations out.
of course the business of being a victim will never be more successful. The millennials main aspiration will be to be a victim of somebody preferably old straight white males i under the HRC presidency. Forget acheivement victimhood is the way to go.

Lets find a grievance and file suit. You know John, I have been disadvantaged by that starvation in Ireland in 1840's. I can barely look at potatoes now without being moved to tears. And yet day after day i hear about people eating french fries, au gratin potatoes, sweet potato pie without once even being held accountable to offending my sensibilities. Can I get safe spaces in a restaurant or shall I be subject to the ferocious onslaught of insensitive diners ordering a baked potato with their steak, Thankfully, with an HRC president old white guys can be blamed for the potato famine and all the subsequent consequences.

I cant wait -we sure have plenty to look forward to over next years

John Craig said...

Dave --
Right, the criminal class, forgot about that. Hillary definitely favors them. (After all, she's a member, even if her crimes are all white collar ones.)

Pangur said...

"I thought it was also a nice rebuttal to Pangur's res ipsa loquitur crack. No, the thing doesn't speak for itself. I've known a lot of guys who got their heads handed to them in real life by a smarter, tougher woman because they thought that."

These women will all be voting for Hillary. Good for them.

Should Hillary win, I will be completely unsympathetic to women stupid enough to vote Dem who will inevitably be raped and/or blown up by the retarded Muslim "refugees" Hillary loves. Why? These are the people Hillary wants to bring here, and violence/sexual crime towards women is part of the package. (The proof is what's happening in Europe. E.g.: Norway is now giving classes to teach immigrants "not to rape." At the same time, Oslo is overrun with these people.)

Draw your own conclusions.

Also, lol at "smart, tough women." GRRRRRL POWER only works in advanced secular states willing to engage in the fantasy that women and men are equals in any meaningful way. Muslim men don't indulge in these fantasies and will be happy to disabuse you of any such notion.

John Craig said...

Pangur and Puzzled --
I'll let you two duke it out, I'm not going to play mediator anymore.

Anonymous said...


I hate flame wars too, and I'm not duking anything out. In fact, I decided that I spend too much time on the internet. I learn a lot but I also waste a lot of time.

I will catch up with you after the election and remember, this GRRRRl says "never give up."


Pangur said...

Anonymous said...

Well, your post caused me to catch my breath, like is this for real? Good to know, you're still in the conservative camp.


Steven said...

Of course there are smart, tough women.

Smart: there are women with 160 IQs. Or 140 or 130 IQs. ie smarter than most men.

Get a women with a 140 IQ and a man with an 80 IQ and that relationship probably wont work because the woman is way intellectually superior.

Tough: toughness is not how much you can dish out. Its how much you can take and keep going. Women are on average way inferior to men athletically but that's nothing to do with toughness or psychological strength.

So smart, tough women are totally a thing, just as much as dumb guys are a real thing.

Of course, a dumb guy could physically bully or abuse a mentally superior woman but it doesn't mean that's okay by any civilised standards and would be ample justification for an ass kicking by the woman's male relatives.

Ambrose Ken said...

Thank goodness, John, that you were only kidding! Good title though because it certainly garnered my attention.

John Craig said...

Ambrose --
Thank you, yes, was aiming for a little bit of shock value there.

I know you've been busy, but I've been missing your posts on the big fellow recently.