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Friday, November 11, 2016

Predictable behavior

An article in the NY Post yesterday described protesters' behavior after the election (my comments in parentheses):

Anti-Trump protesters take to the Streets across America

Thousands of protesters chanting, “Trump is Hitler!” stormed up Sixth Avenue en route to Trump Tower on Fifth Wednesday night in one of many demonstrations nationwide against the new president-elect.

(Transcendental meditators chant in order to empty their minds; for Leftist protesters, it seems superfluous.)

Those in the mob first gathered in Union Square to vent their anger over the election results.

(Union Square is the usual gathering place for drug dealers, drug users, panhandlers, and others with nothing constructive to do.)

They later took to the streets and headed to Trump’s headquarters and penthouse apartment in Midtown, where they climbed light poles and burned flags. There were at least 62 people arrested, police sources said.

(Hey, if we clog up traffic, that's not our problem.)

“That man who is not our president, we are going to make him hear us,” declared one demonstrator, 34-year-old Shannon Malone...

(Shannon, you may not have voted for Trump, but like it or not, he is everybody's President for the next four years.)

A large marching band joined the procession, as angry cabbies and other motorists who were stuck in the sudden traffic chaos honked their horns and cursed.

(Don't the protesters realize that it's precisely this sort of behavior which converts onlookers into Trump supporters?)

“This is what the popular vote looks like,” one protester noted, referring to the fact that Hillary Clinton actually beat Trump in the popular vote, despite losing the electoral vote — the only one that counts...

(Actually, the protesters are what HRC's supporters look like; and if you take into account the likely fraud, Trump probably won the popular vote as well.)

A number of demonstrators were placed under arrest for disorderly conduct, others climbed a utility pole, and one group could be seen burning an American flag.

“Donald Trump, go away. Racist, sexist, anti-gay,” the crowd shouted.

(Cogent analysis seems beyond most of them, so Leftists do what children do: call names.)

Heloïse, a 9-year-old fourth- grader whose family moved here from France, was one of the youngest protesters at the march.

“I think it’s unfair. We voted for Hillary Clinton, but it is Trump who won. It is unfair,” Heloïse said.

(If Heloise did vote, it would have been no more illegal than the many dead people, illegal aliens, and multiple voters who undoubtedly voted for Hillary.)

“We were going to go for a school trip to Washington to watch Hillary come to power in January, but now we’re not because she didn’t win.”

(Heloise's complaint is understandable for a 9-year-old -- the trip she'd been looking forward to was canceled. But had she fully grasped that most of the grownups surrounding her were no more mature than she, she might not have felt quite such solidarity.)

Protesters also gathered in Chicago, where thousands blocked the entrance to that city’s Trump Tower.

(That'll show 'em. Most of the residents of the tower, which was completed in 2009, undoubtedly decided to buy or rent there because they anticipated Trump's political run and platform.)

In Boston, thousands of protesters streamed through downtown, chanting, “Trump’s a racist” and carrying signs that said “Impeach Trump” and “Abolish Electoral College.”

(Normally, a country waits until a President assumes office before trying to impeach him.)

On the West Coast, people smashed windows and spray-painted anti-Trump graffiti in Oakland.

(Oakland without broken windows and graffiti would be unrecognizable anyway.)

Several hundred people flooded onto one of the busiest freeways in Los Angeles, causing a miles-long traffic backup.

(That's okay, commuters in Los Angeles don't depend on the freeways.)

The protesters, who had remained peaceful and not overly disruptive for most of the night, poured on to U.S. 101, which links downtown LA to Hollywood, and stayed there for most of an hour. Drivers sat and waited. Many got out of their cars.

(Many of them undoubtedly thinking, "Hmm, these protesters really do have logic and rationality on their side. Maybe I should have voted for Hillary.")

There was no violence between officers and protesters.

Back in Manhattan, protesters unleashed their rage at the states that helped elect Trump.

“F–k Florida!” and “F–k Indiana!” people shouted, along with “F–k Mike Pence!” and “F–k Giuliani!”

(Doesn't this sound an awful lot like a childish temper tantrum? Doesn't it make an eloquent statement about the infantile nature of Leftist protesters?)

Protesters held signs that read “Impeach Trump,” “Don’t lose hope,” “Trump makes America hate” and “Not my president.”’

(Why is it always the most hateful, rage-filled people who accuse others of being "haters?")

At one point, the protesters gathered in a semicircle and took turns giving reasons why they believe the Republican billionaire developer should be impeached — despite the fact that he’s not in power yet.

“Rapist,” “anti-Semitic,” “anti-LGBT,” “incest,” and “KKK,” are a few of the responses protesters ticked off.

(Trump's daughter Ivanka has converted to Judaism; if in fact he is guilty of incest, wouldn't that make him philo-Semitic rather than anti-Semitic?)

“I am not happy, I have no words, This country is going to sh-t and it’s scary, I feel bad for my kids,” said Nancy Gomez, 38, through tears.

(In fact, Nancy, you do have words. "Shit," for one. But at least we agree on one thing: I feel bad for your kids too.)

Did people on the Right cry after Obama was elected? Did conservatives march around chanting "Fuck Obama!" and "Impeach Obama" in the days after he was elected?

No. And that's really all you need to know about politics to understand the mentality of each side.


Anonymous said...

Do you honestly believe though, that extremists on the alt-right would not have become violent, had Trump lost?

John Craig said...

Anon --
No, I don't think they would have. There might have been isolated incidents, but certainly not the nationwide protests we saw in the past few days. Look at what happened in the days after McCain and Romney lost: there were no protests, no calls for Obama's impeachment, no signs saying "Fuck Obama." In '08, nobody organized protests outside Obama's house in Chicago.

Pangur said...

It's all over but the shouting and these worthies are still mad, mad, mad . . . the tears of impotent rage are delicious, to put it mildly. The gnashing of teeth will continue for the foreseeable future, but I am forced to conclude that conservatives no longer give a care or, even better, are actively enjoying these fits of childishness. We'll also see issues raised which have mysteriously gone away during the Obama years, particularly "climate change," homelessness, and objections to encroaching federal power.

Please note that these are astroturfed protests, in safe blue cities, where they are mostly insulated from people who would treat them appropriately.

BTW John, I am a fairly recent newcomer here but great coverage of the election, you definitely helped me through it. Thanks for this place, always a good read.

Anonymous said...

Trump appeals to a more strident kind of conservative than Romney and McCain do, though, and our nation hasn't been this polarized in recent memory.
If anything, the size of of the protests we're seeing probably has more to do with the fact that major population centers tend to be liberal, and riots rarely happen in small towns. If New York were mainly conservative, and Clinton won, the "Lock her up" protests would be enormous.

John Craig said...

Pangur --
Yes, ha, I almost feel like Mason Verger in the book "Hannibal" (part of the Hannibal Lecter series by Thomas Harris), who actually literally drank the tears of his victims, and found them delicious. (I emphasize, "almost.")

Yes you've got that right about the issues raised. I'm old enough to remember that when Reagan and Bush the Elder were in power, the protesters would scream that they weren't doing enough to cure AIDS, then as soon as Bill Clinton got into office, all the screaming about that suddenly stopped. Etc etc.

Thank you very much re: the blog. I always appreciate your comments.

John Craig said...

Anon --
Trump himself is more strident than McCain or Romney, but any voter who fit the description of "strident conservative" would have voted for all three, and would have despised Obama as much as HRC. But those voters didn't riot then, and I don't think they would have now. True enough about the big population centers vs the less urban environments. It would be harder to gather enough people together to riot out in farmland USA. Smaller towns can be flashpoints, though, witness Ferguson.

Also, and this was part of the int of the post, if there WERE protests held by the right, I suspect they would be different in nature. The Right, as exemplified by the Tea Party protests in 2010, tend to get permits for their marches, tend to be orderly, and tend to respect others' property. They never spilled out onto freeways, broke windows, spray painted graffiti, etc. And the placards they eld never said "Fuck Obama" (that I recall).

Anonymous said...

I hate the alt right and I don't think they would have become violent. Not their style. They would have posted a shitstorm on the net, on 4chan, reddit, etc., but they wouldn't have become violent.

It's the left that does this stuff because they are proud & open (as you point out in your next post) about who and what they are.

BTW, Ivanka Trump is now the Goddess/Empress of all Creation, John. Get ready to her awesome brilliance and never ending splendor. Submit, John, it's only a matter of time. It's Ivanka's world and we live in it.

She will have another baby in 2 years - and it will be the first Jewish grandchild born to a sitting President. Lots of great press for that.

Obama looks awfully glum.


John Craig said...

Puzzled --
I'm not even sure who the alt-right are, I've heard somewhat varying definitions, I think they're still defining themselves. And I get the impression I agree with them for the most part. Plus, a lot of what they do is humor, and I generally like that. So I certainly don't hate them, but I agree they wouldn't have become violent.

I hear you about Ivanka. I've already heard Trump talk about her, and it's one thing to be a proud papa, but he does seem to take it a little too far. And now she, and Donald Jr., and Eric are on the transition team. Yikes.

Obama does look glum, but I have the feeling he still has a lot of mischief planned for the next two months.

Steven said...

I saw the interview where Ivanka talked about growing up with Trump as a dad. She said "my siblings and I never questioned that we were his top priority...he never allowed us to question that fact" and the most consistent advice he gave was that they must do something they love. The story that stuck out in my mind is she used to sneak off with her friend to a janitor's closet where there was a payphone and call collect to the Trump organisation and he'd pick up every single time, introduce her to whoever was there and compliment her. She laughs in retrospect that he was sometimes in meetings with some pretty important people but he'd always answer.

Some of the stuff he said seemed a little creepy but maybe that's just his way. Whatever else he is, he seems to have been a good dad.

John Craig said...

Steven --
Yes, his kids seem to genuinely like and respect him. The only thing that makes me a little suspicious is that they're a little too respectful of him, which makes it seem as if it was part of the unwritten law in that family that you have to flatter Daddy, which isn't the healthiest situation. But, they're all functional and well-spoken and have kept their noses clean, which is saying something. I heard somebody say that Tiffany, his child by Marla Maples, is a bit of a party girl. But who knows, and she's young.

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean, John, but I think the public facade is actually something to be admired, because it reflects something of the reality. Whereas in the case of Bill & Hill, we all know how sordid his (and her) private life is.

Of course it's a facade. The truth is that they had some tough times after Trump divorced with Ivana (Ivanka's mom) over the Marla Maples debacle. I heard that his kids wouldn't speak to him for four years. Don't know how much credence to put to that but I think it's true. Which to me prove all the more his skills as a Dad. He fucked up very badly, humiliated their mother, there was rancor & bitterness, but he kept at it, and mended the broken ties. And they are all OK. It speaks well of his basic temperament - and his skills as a salesman.

About Ivanka of course I'm having some fun, but I think she is the apple of his eye. Take it too far? Maybe -- behind the scenes I think that Ivanka is a force to be reckoned with.

BTW Scott Adams had something about the womanly trio of Kellyanne, Katrina and Ivanka - all the gossip is that those three whipped him into shape after the Khizr Khan near death experience. I don't think that was a media wheeze. I really think he nearly sunk himself. Kellyanne took over, Katrina covered for him, and I think Ivanka had a hand in the matter.

It's still amazing, isn't it? Fucking amazing.


John Craig said...

Puzzled --
Ah, I'd forgotten about Ivana. But yeah, they all seem okay now. And yes, he is a master salesman. Yes, I heard that Ivanka was the one who got Corey Lewandowski fired.

I like Kellyanne Conway. I just had to look up "Katrina." Hadn't been aware of Katrina Pierson, to be honest. Just read her bio, she sure rose fast from humble beginnings.

Yes, it's still just sinking in. President Trump.

Anonymous said...

The Democratic protesters are a fine example of mass hysteria, getting all worked up over what exactly? I had a relative who went a little overboard, taking HRC's loss a bit too hard (learning about this through Facebook.
He went on about grieving over HRC's defeat, the five stages of grief, just over-the-top twisting and turning. Hopefully, these protesters get a grip and realize that the future just might end up being better than they imagined, even with Trump at the helm.


Anonymous said...

Seeing the outrage of my friends, the tears on TV, the fact he is already appears to be reneging on his promises, Obama's body language of contempt.

Even if he is impeached on his first day it's been all kinds of delightful!

Ha (can't share it with anyone in real life...)


John Craig said...

Andrew --
Assuming you're the Andrew from Australia -- even over there you have to stay in the closet?!

Anonymous said...

I just had a talk with a doctor who voted for Trump. She's an immigrant. Legal. She said her entire neighborhood voted Trump. It's an immigrant enclave. LOLOL.

Yes, it's ridiculous that we have to stay in the closet, or say we voted for Jill Stein, but I plan on revealing my voter preferences in due course.

Like the 1950s homosexual, you have to do this in a diplomatic way, so as not to throw your friends and relatives into shock. Unless you want to bring on that brain aneurysm.

My suggestion is to say without rancor, I could never vote for a woman who said, "We came, we saw, he died!" and laughed about it, with respect to an Arab leader, thus plunging the entire country into a civil war that has killed 100s of thousands of people and which unleashed ISIS.

Don't get into an argument about Benghazi. That's a loser argument. But the larger sin of Libya is the biggie. Point out that even Obama was leery, and she pushed him into it. (Not saying this excuses Obama, I'm talking about debating technique.)

Don't get into an argument about the server. Say, "She had her maid print out classified information."

Weiner. Don't argue about whether the emails were new or dupes. The point is, some of the stuff was classified. Say that a convicted pedo was conversing online with underage girls using a computer with classified info.

Finally, the Clinton Global Initiative, which was part of the Clinton Foundation. Learn the difference between the two (the former was part of the latter), and which functioned as a pay to play influence peddling organization. Donations from terrorist supporting countries, such as Saudi Barbaria and Qatar. Saudi Barbaria is a literally medieval country. Saudi Barbaria cuts heads off in a public square every Friday! Just before the call to prayer. I will put a rant about this in another comment.

Regarding the speeches, she never said anything truly terrible in them, except for that common market, no borders thing - which the people you argue with will agree with, so that's a no win. Say that it's the whole picture that counts, Ms. Liberal: she was speaking to her peers. She was obviously comfortable with her cronies. She was running to be their President, not ours.

After that you can say, "by the way, I DO believe in borders!"

I'm a great debater John, when I keep my temper. My problem is I lose it and say, "Oh that's so stupid!!"


John Craig said...

Puzzled --
Those are all great points. And your way of making them is quite skillful. But I'm afraid any actual live liberal you'd be speaking to would refute them by saying, "Bah!" with a divisive wave of her hand and retort, "But Trump is a sexist, racist pig!" And that, for them, would settle the argument.

The old expression "The best defense is a good offense" was never illustrated more clearly than this pat summer. The Democrats pushing Hillary basically HAD no defense. So all they could do was rant about Trump's real and imagined faults.

Saudi Barbaria, ha, so true. Never heard it referred to that way.

Anonymous said...

I didn't say you would convince anyone. But you might influence an impressionable kid. That kid screaming his head off might harbor private doubts. I know that no one will convince a middle-aged battle ax with an "I'm With Her" sticker.

And you'll win the argument.

Saudi Barbaria was made up by Nassim Taleb, the Black Swan guy. He's a Lebanese Christian. No one hates the Saudis more than they do.


Anonymous said...

To the anonymous comment-er who argued that if Trump had lost, we'd see similar behavior from Trump supporters to what we're seeing from Hillary supporters now:

Another way to look at this is to consider what happened prior to the election. Vandalism and violence came, with large disparity, from the Left / Hillary supporters - as has been documented in other thread(s) on this blog.

- Ed