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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Whom to blame

Reuters article came out yesterday which reported that Hillary blames James Comey for her defeat. She evidently feels his announcement about the emails stored on Anthony Weiner's computer was enough to tip the balance. In Hillary's sociopathic mind, nothing is ever her fault, and this is a good example. She doesn't blame herself for having created that email mess in the first place; it's Comey's fault for having investigated it.

There's also talk that DNC staffers are blaming Hillary's arrogant campaign managers, John Podesta in particular.

But as Hillary spends the rest of her life gnashing her teeth, there are any number of factors she can blame for how this extremely close election was tipped. Any one of a number of people could easily have made the crucial difference. And she has plenty of people she can be mad at.

There's Anthony Weiner himself. Aargh, she never should have arranged that marriage for Huma. At the time it seemed like such a good idea, with that Jewish-Muslim alliance a harbinger of the wonderful things a Hillary administration would be able to accomplish. But then he had to go and act like a typical piggish man.

Huma, her ever present, Sapphic shadow. She should not have allowed her to appear in public wth her so often.

Those advisors who told her it would be okay to set up her own email server. Without those idiots it would have been a landslide victory for her.

Colin Powell, who denied her claims that he had recommended her email set up. Why couldn't he just keep his mouth shut?

Jill Stein, that meddlesome woman whose Green Party candidacy took votes only from Hillary.

The fact that the media overplayed their hand. Even people who'd been unaware of the media bias before this summer saw how incredibly tilted the coverage was, and they were turned off by it. If the media had dialed the hysteria level back to, say, just 75 or 80%, that would have worked so much better.

Her hubby Bill, whose long record of abusing women made all the outrage over Trump's behavior with women ring a little hollow.

Monica Lewinsky and Paula Jones, the most prominent of her husband's bimbos, and the two who led to concrete actions (impeachment and a financial settlement, respectively).

Linda Tripp, the bitch who secretly tape recorded her phone calls with Lewinsky and convinced her to not have that blue dress dry cleaned.

Gary Byrne, that loudmouth Secret Service agent who had to go and write that book about how Hillary treated the men who protected her. Couldn't she have some privacy in her own house just like everyone else?

Those Arkansas State Troopers who told of her behavior with them.

Those four guys who had the nerve to die in Benghazi.

Congressman Trey Gowdy, who pushed and prodded her during the Congressional hearings on Benghazi to the point where she cried out, "What difference, at this point, does it make?"

The BLM cast of characters, with whom she allied herself. Hands up, don't shoot, and don't vote for us.

The rioters in Charlotte. A black cop kills a black man in Charlotte, NC, so black rioters go around attacking random white people. North Carolina subsequently tilted to Trump.

Tim Kaine, that simpering, oleaginous half-man who was essentially forced upon her by the DNC, whose main claim to fame's having accepted generous "gifts" while Governor of Virginia. He turned a lot of people off with his snippy, bitchy performance during the VP debate with Mike Pence.

Bernie Sanders, who forced her leftward during the primaries and whose vast support forced the functionaries at the DNC to use all their wiles to tilt the election to Hillary.

Deborah Wasserman Schultz, whose clumsy machinations at the DNC angered a lot of Bernie supporters who might otherwise have voted for Hillary in the general election.

Frank Giustra, who engineered that sale of 20% of North American uranium assets to Russia, which Hillary approved after that donation to the Clinton Foundation.

Barack Obama, who appointed her Secretary of State and thus brought on Benghazi into her life, and the email scandal, and the accusations of her having run a play to play operation at State. And if it hadn't been for that narcissistic upstart, she would have been the first female President in 2008. Back when she was relatively clean, relatively young, and healthy.

The Arab Spring, which seemed like a breath of fresh air at the moment, but which eventually resulted in chaos and anarchy and made her and Obama's foreign policy look so shabby and ineffectual. If only Hosni Mubarak and Mummer Gaddafi hadn't been so obviously corrupt.

Vladimir Putin, who made her "reset button" with Russia look foolish, and who was obviously rooting for Trump, and who may or may not have been responsible for some of those leaks...

Julian Assange, whose Wikileaks exposed the corruption of the Democratic Party. Why couldn't he have done something similar to the Republicans? Didn't that clown realize that the Democrats are the voices of reason and enlightenment?

And most of all Donald Trump, that third rate reality TV star who inherited a real estate empire and then had the nerve to call her crooked Hillary, just because she wanted to be able to support her family too.

It was, in the end, a group effort. But any one of these people, for any one of those reasons, could have made the crucial difference.

Ah, cruel fate.

You can bet that as Hillary lies awake at night rehashing her lost opportunity, she'll think of all these people. And they won't be kindly thoughts.

You can also bet that the one person she won't blame is herself.


Anonymous said...

I've also enjoyed reading articles from another website, Daily Mail Online, having learned that HRC blamed Comey, white women, etc. Most of the comments from the public were spot-on, laying the blame for HRC's loss squarely at her feet. One commenter stated that "it couldn't have happened to a better person." LOL. I had already realized that HRC's disordered mind wouldn't allow her to accept responsibility for her own election loss. America dodged a bullet.

- Susan

John Craig said...

Susan --
Amen. Scary to think what might have happened. And listening to that voice for four years.....yikes.

Anonymous said...

I can just imagine her breakdown and rage when she didnt win. Like a child.

Narcissists are never wrong, they will blame and deny.

Yes, thank god we don't have to hear her scratchy screach and head bobbing fake laugh.


Dave Moriarty said...

I am waiting to hear that the Saudi's want their bribe money back.

Mark Caplan said...

The sign next to the tip jar on Hillary's Oval Office desk would have read, "The buck stops somewhere else."

Anonymous said...

Hi John--I'm one of those people who took EST years ago wherein I learned that I'm 100% responsible for my life, good, bad, or indifferent. So accordingly, one is either master of their destiny of a victim of circumstance. You get to choose to have one or the other: results or excuses. It looks like in Hillary's case she's choosing to look outside of herself for excuses instead of looking within. Brian F

John Craig said...

I'm not a Warner Erhard fan, but that's a good philosophy to have. Renders one more effective, I would imagine.

As far as Hillary goes, I'm sure you're right. There's no way she's blaming herself for the various messes she's created. Her problem is actually that she took Erhard TOO MUCH to heart, and tried to make herself the master of every situation she was ever in, and profit from it, but that kind of attitude tends to backfire when you run for President and it all becomes public.

Anonymous said...



I'd like to ask you a question about the Bernie supporters. When they say that the whole thing was "rigged" - what are they talking about? Didn't Crooked get 3M more votes in the primaries than Bernie? (Most of them Southern blacks?) Exactly what was rigged in her favor?

Don't get me wrong, I think she's dirty as a sewer in a pig factory, but from their perspective, what are the merits of their case?


PS I would be in favor of re-opening the investigation of the death of Vince Foster.

PPS Is the Southern District Court still investigating the foundation? I know about the FBI investigations, but the district court is a different thing altogether, and much more serious.

PPPS Is Weiner still being investigated - where and by whom? Court, NYPD or FBI?

Anonymous said...


This old dog (or bitch, LOL?) learned a few new lessons during the near death experience of the last four years. And I learned something from you, half-Japanese Zen Master. They are:

No name calling. No arguing from a position of wounded outrage, i.e., offense.

The left has raised these two odious practices to an art. But I have to admit something: I'm guilty of it myself. And I don't mean just in private. It's OK to say, "that asshole!" at the TV when Bill Maher is talking. (I don't watch him, that's just an example.) But when you are engaging with someone, don't say, "that's stupid." No matter how much you are being baited, don't fall for it.

One thing that esp. happened to me in the past four years was that I would become outraged and offended when the left talked about white privilege. Or "this country was built by slaves." I was offended! I was outraged!

Stop this. You have to stay cool. You have to chill. There's a rational answer to their insane provocations. "No it wasn't. This country was built by Anglo-Saxon white men, such as your new fave Alexander Hamilton, who by the way favored the Electoral College. Slaves contributed some of the labor."

I know that that won't convince them. I'm saying this to our side: don't act like them.

As for Bill Maher, who just issued a slimy semi-apology for having dissed Bush, Romney, etc., I've had enough of him. I've also had enough of conservatives who snatch at every opportunity to meet Maher halfway. Ignoring him, driving him into obscurity, would be the best way to handle the likes of Bill Maher.


John Craig said...

Puzzled --
Thank you.

The biggest reason Bernie supporters felt the primaries were rigged was because of the super delegates, who were somehow pledged to Clinton whatever the actual outcome of the popular vote. Don't ask me how that worked, but that's supposed to be how it did. Also, I think the DNC made it difficult for Bernie to get on the ballot at first in a few states, and they had their field offices working for Hillary. Plus they schedule the primary debates on nights when they knew TV viewership would be low, either on a Friday night or when there were conflicting sports events. I'm sure there were other ways they did it too, but those are the ones I'm familiar with.

I've always been suspicious about Vince Foster's death too, the way the body was moved after he was killed. But hasn't there already been a full investigation? And what new evidence could they possibly uncover.

Not sure about the Southern District investigation. Preet Bharara has a great won-loss record and is obviously very capable.

I think Weiner is being investigated by the FBI, since he committed an interstate crime (sexting with that underage girl in NC or some place).

John Craig said...

Puzzled --
I'm no Zen Master, I basically pretend to be smarter than I am on the blog. I too am guilty of succumbing to anger, and calling people morons during arguments. Not often, but I have done it. And the not quite as bad sin of saying, "That's stupid."

Anyway, yes, you're absolutely right, we have to be cool.

Haven't seen Bill Maher in ages. (Isn't he only on HBO these days? I don't even get HBO.) And yes, "slimy" is right. And I would imagine that he would never really apologize, only semi-apologize, in a way calculated to show that really, he had been right all along.

Steven said...

I watched a montage of the young Turks election coverage. They were devastated and angry when they realised Trump was going to win but the best bit was when the demographics came in. When they found out only 65% of hispanics had voted for Clinton and a minority of white women, it did not compute. (how accurate can those figures be though?)

and P, 'wounded outrage' is a great way to describe some of the reaction I've seen. They seem to be doubling down on the stuff that pissed everyone off in the first place. That's idealogues for you.

Now we'll see if he maintains his conviction and resolve and independence as president or if he goes back on a lot of his promises. What do you think? Didn't he already say he's keeping Obama care and how practical is the wall? Not that I'm a big fan of the wall anyway.

John Craig said...

Steven --
Yes, they do seem to be doubling down.

I think Trump is going to keep as many of his promises as he practicably can. The only thing he's said about the wall is that portions of it might be a fence. And hiring Reince Priebus as his Chief of Staff is another practical move, it will give him better -- and smoother - communications with Congress.

Anonymous said...

Can I add another thing about Hillary that I hated? It was her obvious pleasure at being around celebrities. She adored it. She got a starstruck look on her face and it was the only time I ever saw that miserable, haughty face look actually happy. I remember one campaign appearance where she shared the stage with some minimally talented jerk, I forget who - some pop singer, and she was clapping and swaying that plump, awkward body. It was embarrassing and may I say, un-Presidential.

I think Sailer wrote that Bubba told her to cut it out and campaign more in the very midwest states that she lost by a tiny margin. I guess she was too busy hanging out with her celebrity buddies. Good for us! But it was so annoying.


John Craig said...

Puzzled --
True. She loved going to those celebrity-studded fundraisers, and hated getting out to meet the middle class. Trump was out on the road practically every day during the campaign, and she couldn't be bothered. Some of that may have been due to her health, but she always seemed to be able to rally for the Hollywood dinners.

Obama was actually somewhat the same way. He loved throwing those White House parties for his NBA and rapper friends.

Blue said...

It's kind of funny that in today's press conference, Obama (smugly) mentioned how he "spent 87 days in Iowa going to every small town, fair, and fish fry". I think a little bit of his inner narcissist showed during his press conference. Is narcissism required to become a president?

John Craig said...

Blue --
Obama's extremely narcissistic, never misses an opportunity to praise himself.

To answer your question, I'm afraid it is. I voted for Trump knowing full well he's a full-fledged narcissist too. When you think about it, who else but a narcissist would think he (or recently, she) would think he should be running the country. It's basically an impossible job, so only a narcissist would think he could do it.

mark said...

I actually think Comey's letter did throw the election but we will never know. Ultimately, it was still her fault for having that server in the first place. How many dollars did Obama waste flying around campaigning for Hillary? What evidence did the brilliant big data Dems have that he could even get votes for her? Obama's ego was the evidence I suspect. Hillary's opinion of Comey reminded of the 90's and Ken Starr. The Clintons are always complaining about investigators. Rumor is that Bill Clinton was frozen out of the campaign strategy. Frankly, I just think it is weird that she gave a young, gay man the top job of trying to get votes from middle America but what do I or for that matter Bill Clinton know.

John Craig said...

Mark --
Yeah I read today that Bill had tried to get the campaign to focus more on lower middle class whites, the ones who've been hit the hardest by globalization, but the campaign just ignored him. And they're the ones who made the difference in the election. Of course, with such a narrow margin, any group could be said to have done that.

mark said...

I read the same thing and I bet Bill was the source for the story(directly or through an intermediary). Probably true, but I would respect him more if he kept his mouth shut and just said we lost as a team.

Blue said...

Every time I watched Trump's rallies I couldn't help but think how much Trump enjoyed basking in all the attention from his humongous crowds. Trump always loved to mention to the audience how his rallies were so much bigger compared to Hillary's. Even in the very beginning of his campaign he must have enjoyed that every time he appeared on TV, no matter if it was the RNC debates or SNL, the TV channel would get unbelievable ratings. That's probably why TV stations gave him so much attention in the first place even though they hated him.

But Trump seems to genuinely care about the well being of America though.

John Craig said...

Blue --
Agree on both counts. He is a narcissist, but at the same time, does seem to care about the working man.

I just read that sentence, and boy, does that make me sound naive. But, we'll see. I hope we're right.

Anonymous said...

I am thrilled that Hillary lost the election. Better yet, that she had a meltdown after she learned that she hadn't won the prize. Payback couldn't happen to someone more deserving. The results of this election caused my faith in men to increase. Because of our votes, Americans now have the chance to see our nation move in a better, more sound direction. Thank God for the final result of this election. I am absolutely thrilled that Trump won.

- Susan

Anonymous said...

You missed out computer hackers, which she almost definitely blames:

- Gethin

John Craig said...

Gethin --
Yes, thank you. I'd mentionedJulian Assange and Russia, but I hadn't even known about the possible attacks on state election vendors.

Anonymous said...

I read this post again and laughed. Just imagining HRC coming unglued, not reaching her goal, blaming everyone and everything for her LOSS is hilarious.

- Susan

John Craig said...

Susan --
Thank you, and thanks for reading back in the archives, you've always been very good about that.