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Friday, March 17, 2017

A closer look at the crime described in the previous post

The nature of the assault and robbery committed in that Texas Burger and Chicken restaurant in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn calls for a closer look.

I wrote about the group nature of much of black crime before, here. This crime fits that pattern perfectly. There were five people involved. And they may not even have known each other.

First, there were the two guys at the restaurant who evidently didn't have the money to pay for their meal.  (Who goes into a restaurant and orders a meal they can't pay for?) The white guy, perhaps in order to save them from embarrassment, offered to pay. Somehow, they took offense at this, and started beating him with his own cane. Once he was down on the floor, they started to kick him.

Two more guys -- who just happened to be passing by -- saw what was happening through the restaurant window, and decided to join in the fun. So they came in and stomped him some more. (Why should the first two have all the fun?)

Then, a fifth guy entered the scene, and, seeing his opportunity, went through the pockets of the victim to steal what he could.

When whites commit a crime like this, it's almost always one or maybe two sociopaths. But this incident followed a not uncommon pattern: whatever blacks happened to be in the vicinity at the time, joined in.

You have to wonder what set off the first two. Their white victim offered to pay for their meal, which they somehow found so infuriating that they had to start attacking him? Were they insulted that he thought they were unable to pay for their own meal? (They were a couple dollars short.)

Given that the man whom they assaulted was gay (this article points out that he has AIDS), it's likely he has "gay voice." Perhaps the first two blacks felt that he was coming on to them somehow. So the most likely scenario seems to be that it started out as a gay bashing.

But the second set of two guys wouldn't have heard the victim's voice, and probably wouldn't have known he was gay. They just saw a white guy getting stomped and wanted their share of the action.

So the incident was a twofer: the guy was first picked on for his sexuality, then for his race.

Shockingly, there have been no demands from the New York Times as yet demanding that this beating be prosecuted as a hate crime.

(I don't approve of the concept of "hate crimes" in the first place, since we can't read minds, but if you're going to have such laws, they ought to be applied evenly.)

It almost goes without saying these days that if the races were reversed in such an incident the sky would come falling down; but this case seems particularly egregious. Most of the MSM has simply ignored it. Imagine if some black gentleman had offered to help two whites pay for their meal, then those two whites had taken offense and stomped him. Then imagine that two more random whites had come into the restaurant to join in the fun.

Then imagine a fifth white guy had robbed the black man, who was lying on the floor with multiple broken bones.

The hue and cry that would ensue would be deafening. The various news networks would all cover the crime, and act properly aghast at the fiendish nature of the crime. The New York Times would scream for an investigation by the Department of Justice, and would wail about how racism is alive and well in the age of Trump. They might even say that Trump had implicitly encouraged the crime with his encouragement of violence at his rallies and his exclusionary policies.

But, the crime was not white-on-black. So, crickets.


Pangur said...

The police will start to notice crimes like this when the perps start receiving non-traditional, extra-judicial punishments. This, after all, is the current role of the police -- not to protect the innocent, but to protect the guilty from the victims or the victim's family.

John Craig said...

Pangur --
Bring back the Middle Ages......or whatever works.

Maybe the appropriate punishment in this case is, the victim gets to "make love" to his attackers.

Smallberries Worldwide said...

What can change a natural low level of inhibition combined with a lifetime of societal grooming and no upper limit toward violence just for the heck of it or their own entertainment. Given the current trend, it seems predictable that there will be increased vigilantism that will be generally supported by the right and neutrally reacted to by the MSM and everyone else. Maybe we are already back to Middle Ages..

John Craig said...

Smallberries Worldwide --
I can't imagine that increased vigilantism will be neutrally reacted to by the MSM, which seems to consider it their sacred duty to keep whites, especially conservative whites, on the defensive.

Something has to give though.

Smallberries Worldwide said...

What I meant to mean was that as the alternative and online media scorces gain ground and the MSM looses more credibility and attention, being the whores that they are, the MSM will find it advantageous to promote and positively portray white victimization and frustration on these types of incidents.

I agree with you that something has to give. If you read the comments that are available on yahoo news and a few of the others that are allowed to be publically viewed, it appears that popular opinion is already outraged, and not just pure whites. How can all this groundswell of emotion and unfairness go un-addressed. Maybe the MSM will figure out a way to make a buck when it's to their advantage. Or, the alternative and online media scorces will become the MSM. No one thought Trump was electable but look how quickly things have changed in spite of the MSM's efforts. My gut feeling is they will do something to survive.

arthur thurman said...

Slightly off topic but I have noticed a pattern of articles not allowing comments whenever there is even a whiff of anyone reading it and being conscious of media bias.

John Craig said...

Smallberries --
Okay, gotcha. It's hard to imagine the current alternative media ever overtaking the MSM, but who knows. It's true about Yahoo, even though they're basically a liberal organization, and skew their coverage that way, the comments sections are filled with people like us who are outraged the at the hypocrisy and double standards currently in vogue.

John Craig said...

Arthur --
Sure seems that way. yahoo seems to be one of the few exceptions left. Even the NY Post, which basically skews conservative (though mainstream Republican National Party neocon-tie conservative), won't allow comments anymore. And the NY Times evidently "edits" their comments, which is to say, doesn't allow un-brainwashed commenters to voice their opinions.

Anonymous said...

Any guesses about what that grand in his back pocket was for?

Bob J

John Craig said...

Bob J --
No clue. But good question. I hadn't even thought about it, but what would he possibly have wanted to buy with that much cash in that neighborhood? Your implication is probably right.

Mark Caplan said...

Police apprehended one of the attackers. The gray-haired victim looks about 60 but is only 37.

"Attacker Busted"

John Craig said...

Mark --
That's what AIDS will do to you, I guess. Though what with the new cocktail of drugs people are taking, some look robust years after contracting the disease. Look at Magic Johnson.

Hope they catch the other four.

europeasant said...

The victim forgot one of the main rules of the jungle "Don't feed the animals". There are many more rules that people need to follow in order to remain safe while in the jungle.

Here is a site with some sensible rules;

On another topic you brought up the idea of some men urinating while sitting down.
In some cases this is understandable. While I am sure most men can urinate and never miss the toilet bowl while standing, there are some men who will miss and the results are not pleasant. I had a relative who's two very tall sons had a habit of urinating on the floor and missing the toilet. This caused him to have to replace the grout and tile due to the eventual smell. I guess in our own house we can piss all over the place but if you are a guest at someone else's place then the host might not take too kindly to the eventual cleanup.
Personal story. My mom's boyfriend (elderly people) pissed all over the toilet and man oh man was my older brother pissed!

John Craig said...

Europeasant --
That's funny; I've never seen that blog before.

True enough, sprayed urine is not a desirable outcome. I wouldn't argue with that, but was merely making the point that current day Scandinavians are the opposite of Vikings in their general attitudes. Instead of conquering, they are passively allowing themselves to be invaded.

gambino dellacroce said...

I always remember in The Sopranos, there was a running joke amongst the mafiosi in Tony's crime family about always blaming things on black men:
* one Mafiosi hits an unmade guy with a beer bottle while they're all sitting around as part of their no-show construction jobs. One of the mafiosi is worried a civilian construction worker will call the cops, another simply says, "ohh, I think we all saw a couple of n$@#!*s run that way." The other guy says, "ohh, yeah, those two guys"
* when a family gets carjacked, it's black guys
* when they want to whack the boss of the Luppertazzi (NY based) crime family, they hire black guys and are told to make it look like a car jacking.
* when Tony's daughter dates a (admittedly educated) black guy, he is livid and quotes FBI statistics on robbery etc.

Not to the mention the numerous portrayals of them as crack addicts etc.

The Sopranos simply wouldn't have been allowed to exist on TV today, even on HBO. Too close to reality!

John Craig said...

Gambino --
But wasn't that aspect of the Sopranos, in its roundabout way, actually liberal propaganda: black guys getting blamed for stuff they didn't do?

(That DOES happen, on occasion, even if they're responsible for the vast majority of street crime.)

Anonymous said...

What's the solution John?

John Craig said...

Anon --
The solution to street crime? More honesty from the media about who causes it, more criminal profiling (including more racial profiling), and stricter sentences.

Obviously, none of that is about to happen.