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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Lack of inhibitions pays off

Just stumbled across this article in the NY Post, If you don't have anything nice to say, you could make $900 a day.

It's about a black man who gave up his job working in a photo lab when he realized he could make more money shining shoes.

I wrote earlier, here, about the difference in inhibition between the races. This guy is a perfect example. He is utterly, completely uninhibited about talking to strangers on the street and jokingly insulting the state of their footwear.

He's likable, congenial, and actually quite witty. He doesn't have any false pride. And, he's making an honest living. But he's a perfect illustration of that basic racial difference.

The video clip of him talking to strangers on the street shows whites reacting as they almost always do in such situations. They keep moving, somewhat warily, and either ignore him or smile as they process what he's said and his harmlessness registers.

It's just a little, telling, slice of life.


Anonymous said...

I am reminded of (when I was growing-up near San Francisco) this peculiar unfixed-up hole in the wall restaurant in Chinatown...

there was a famous waiter there, Edsel Ford Fong, he behaved terribly:

"He was called the "world's rudest, worst, most insulting waiter" and worked at Sam Wo restaurant...Edsel Ford Fong was born and raised in San Francisco's Chinatown. He worked the second floor of the Sam Wo Restaurant on Washington Street. (The restaurant name means "three in peace", a reference to its founding partners.) As head waiter, Fong greeted visitors with an admonition to "Sit down and shut up!" He was known for calling patrons "retarded" and "fat", criticizing people's menu choices and then telling them what they should order, slamming food on the table, and complaining about receiving only 15% tips. An imposing man with a crew cut hair style, he also was notorious for seating people with strangers, forgetting orders, cursing, spilling soup on customers, hazing newcomers, refusing to provide forks or English menu translations, and busing tables before diners were finished..."

the food was okay... as far as I could tell as a kid, all the Chinese food that I ever ate in San Francisco was the same, all great, except for one place that (details omitted, nostalgic childhood misery, nobody wants to hear that)

John Craig said...

Yes, there are parallels to the shoe shine guy.

When I read your description, that rang a bell. I think I may have heard of him, or, maybe an imitator somewhere else? it's just a vague memory, and I never encountered a guy like that myself, but I think someone described someone like that to me once, a long time ago. I guess that would make your meal more entertaining if you have nothing to talk about with your eating companions.

Anonymous said...

I watched the video of the shoe shine guy. He was funny. I could see how different pedestrians responded to him. The ones who became customers probably got a good shine to their shoes. Hope more people use his service.

- Susan

Anonymous said...

Have you heard of "williams syndrome"? It is a genetic mutation disorder like down syndrome. It seems to be the polar opposite of "organic conditions" when it comes to congeniality and friendliness.

Patients with this disorder show increased ability at reading other people's faces to gauge intentions, emotions, and mood, and a lack of inhibition in social settings. Studies show they they tend to be unusually unselfish, forgiving, and unjudgemental. This can lead to being taken advantage of since some judgement and self concern is needed. The ones who do have intact speech display high prosody and and more emotional descriptors than normal people, now compare that to the flat pedantic literal speech of aspies or monotone loosely garbled speech of schizos.

They display a very unusual talent for certain areas of music. They also respond much stronger to music in many ways too.

Downsides are poor heart health, anxiety, differing degrees of mental retardation, naivety since they don't see the bad as much in other people, decreased lifespan, speech problems, higher levels of fear and phobias, some OCD, and even the decreased aggression can make a person an easier target.
Girl with williams syndrome, notice the interest in a toy piano. Not that big a "hassle" to take care of like with other severely disabled kids. No smashing things, no biting parents, no screaming.

Their elf like appearance, charming personalities, and unusually strong talents for music probably gave rise to the legends of "fairies", "elves in the woods", or "the fair folk" in ancient history.

If I ever had a kid who was doomed to be born with a genetic or heridatary disorder and I was given a choice at least what kind. I'd choose william syndrome over down syndrome, childhood schizophrenia, severe autism, and fragile x any day.

The reason I shared this is it seemed to fit in with the theme of congeniality and inhibition. Williams syndrome is possibly that exception where an organic disorder may make a person nice to be around.


John Craig said...

An0binous --
No, I hadn't, and that's interesting. both the little girl in that video and the 11-year-old girl in the video which came after that seemed to have something a little "off" about their faces. I suppose you could describe it as elfin, but it gave both of them slightly retarded expression. But yes, that condition would e preferable to the other ones you mentioned.

Anonymous said...

The girl in the second video had angelman syndrome, a different disorder.

Interview with a man with william syndrome.
This is quite possibly the only condition I know where emotional responsiveness, sympathetic character, and congeniality is intact or increased, not decreased, and and when a child, they may even be more well behaved than regular children. This disorder is that "one exception", it is typical in causing retardation, but increases EQ rather than retarding it as well.

Intelligence varies, the man in that video has more severe retardation but the woman in this video is less impaired:
Very expressive and social, laughs and has a sense of humor (I don't speak french but I guess they must be having a good time answering questions).

Another video but of an aussie guy:
Displays a lot of insight into his own condition.

Williams syndrome is that one damn exception to all those other forms of retardation, genetic disorders, or mental illness. It makes a person nicer and friendly, more empathetic and social, not the opposite. They have very high emotional stability, and great social skills especially when they have the version with a normal IQ. THAT one damn exception to the rule.

John Craig said...

An0nimous --
Okay, gotcha. So it's a form of retardation. That became more obvious looking at the fellow in the first video, he had a grown up version of the face the little girl had that you'd sent earlier.

Anonymous said...

The average IQ is 69 meaning you have some who are retarded and others who are less (like 80-90). It is a chromosomal error resulting in abnormal development, the other two video show people with the same condition but without same degree of the retardation. It is one of the few if not the only severe genetic disorder/neurological illness where congeniality, friendliness, emotional depth, social abilities, mood, and emotional stability is enhanced rather than decreased, especially in those at the higher end of their IQ curve. The women in the second video was very expressive, had a good sense of humor, and had a two way conversation with the man with her. Even the guy in the first video with severe retardation was very calm and well behaved. He didn't like a gigantic ass on public TV or swing his arms around punching walls. They don't scream or shout or bite, they are the absolute polar opposite of that. They have superior skills at interpreting facial expressions, are superior to normal people registering other peoples emotions, are very unjudgemental, friendly, calm, not egocentric (the complete opposite) despite their lower IQs and disability, and they almost always have amazing musical abilities too. Concerning disabled or mentally ill people, this specific disorder IS THAT ONE DAMN EXCEPTION! The ones with less retardation probably could survive in ancient times instead of being left to die of starvation since their social abilities aren't like those of other disorders. It's no wonder they are behind the legends of elves and fairies. Little charming lovely people with a talent for music who look like elves.

I also sometimes wonder why there are retarded people who do not have chromosomal or severe genetic errors, or have retardation as a side effect of a mental illnesses like severe autism. Maybe its sheer chance, a person could be born at the lower end of the IQ scale without having to have a specific disorder, the ones who have idiopathic intellectual disability, maybe inbreeding has something to do with it (not all of them are inbred thought....), by causing groups of genes to act abnormally rather than being mutated or deleted.

I also wanna say something more on topic, the congeniality and social abilities of black people are superior to white people when it comes to caring for the disabled. When I went to that group home, did I find feces smeared walls and smashed furniture? None at all! The boys there were all in line and some of them actually went from being wrecks to being sweeter and kinder, and more in line. The place was all run by black women. They had everything under control and were less stressed looking than I expected. Their caring strictness, congeniality, and tough love attitude allowed them to handle the place. I can imagine what would happen if one of the guys there acted out. A white person would start panicking and be at a loss, but one of those sassy black ladies I met, I can hear her saying "Nuh uh, you don't go making a fool of yourself, don't gimme any of dat! mmm hmmm, okay now you apologize for what you done or you aren't gettin' any of that playtime we agreed on. Okay? You feelin good now? Now you can go outside and play catch"

Every was under their control. I also find black people are more often caretakers for elderly dementia patients, their abilities also make them superior in that situation. No race is better than another, they each have their own areas of expertise, black people may have lower IQs but shine in situations like these.


John Craig said...

An0nimous --
Thinking about it, I may have seen one or two people with Williams Syndrome before. The retarded people who always say hi to everybody and stick their hands out for everyone to shake.....

I agree that black people tend to be more congenial and friendly by nature; it's part and parcel of being less inhibited. But I also think that when they are friendly, their friendliness tends to be more heartfelt/genuine than it is with whites, who 98% of the time just say whatever it is they think they're supposed to say in that situation. I wrote about that here:

Anonymous said...

The ones who are less retarded (90-100 IQ), you maybe thought they were just incredibly ugly people with a music fetish.


Anonymous said...

Also why do you think it is possible for someone to have the idiopathic kind of mental retardation (like Forrest Gump), without having a severe genetic error or deletion?
Just sheer chance because of the bell curve?


John Craig said...

An0nimous --
Yes, if there's no genetic error at work, it would most likely be a matter of being at the far end of the bell curve. Of course, there's always the possibility of not having gotten enough oxygen at birth, or having been dropped on one's head, or having been exposed to the wrong chemicals, etc.......

Anonymous said...

Then there are people who are very very ugly yet do not seem to have any mental disorders or retardation. Possibly they fell into just being very ugly by sheer chance. The bell curve of handsomeness.


John Craig said...

An0nimous --
Yes, looks, like IQ, seem to follow a bell curve pattern. Of course, looks are much more subjective, with room for argument as to what constitutes beauty.