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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

How whites use that 15 point IQ advantage

I was recently tasked with driving my parents' car back across the country, which I did last week.

Driving back, I listened to a few books on CD. I had been ambitious enough to borrow War and Peace from the library. What Tolstoy did best was analyze how peoples' egos drive them their behavior; he's actually reminiscent of Tom Wolfe that way. The book could have been called War and Pretension.

The actor who narrated it had a somewhat pretentious voice himself to begin with, and when he dialed it up a few notches to read the lines of the more grandiloquent characters, it was hard to take. So I ended up listening to less than a quarter of the book. (Not enough to call myself cultured.)

Anyway, listening to Tolstoy, it struck me: whites may average 15 points higher than blacks in IQ, but what do most of them use those extra points for? Mainly, to be pretentious: to buttress their egos, to admire their own reflections, and to preen morally.

I said in another post that blacks tend to be more genuine in the emotions they display, whereas the vast majority of the time, whites will just say whatever it is they think they're supposed to say -- whatever they think will make them look best.

A white will do something like sit through an opera, or ballet, just to prove to himself -- and others -- that he has sophisticated tastes. (I almost did that with War and Peace.) Blacks don't waste their time that way.

Pretentious blacks do exist -- I've met a few -- but on average, it's just far rarer to see blacks putting on airs. For instance, if they're proud of their clothes -- and black men do pay a great deal of attention to style -- they exhibit that pride guilelessly, without trying to hide their enjoyment of their fancy threads. Whites feel obliged to disguise their pride.

When a black does well at sports, he can be unabashedly egotistical about it, in an I-am-the-greatest sort of way. White athletes are more likely to pay lip service to a modesty they don't feel. (It wasn't a black who came up that trite phrase, "There's no I in team.")

I discussed this difference in a post where I contrasted the behavior of Peyton Manning and Cam Newton after the 2016 Super Bowl. (I basically said that Manning said all the right things, but was a liar; and that Newton behaved like a petulant child, but at least he wasn't phony.)

Whites often seem to have to pretend that they're busy, important people, with pressing engagements, who don't have the time to dally around. I first met people like this in college, back before anyone was important, long before they could possibly have had busy engagement calendars. But, somehow, they always wanted to show how they didn't have time for anything. Blacks never seem to feel that compulsion.

Whites often feel that they must show that they are morally superior beings. So they constantly do things to show how "good" they are. Only whites could be silly enough to define goodness as preferring other races to their own; blacks, Asians, and Hispanics do not suffer from this disease.

And whites will do things like drive around in a Prius, not to save the environment, but to show that they are saving the environment. (How often do you see a black in a Prius?)

Here's the real proof: when was the last time you heard a black person voice a humblebrag? If a black wants to boast, he makes no attempt to disguise it with false modesty. To me, unabashed egotism is far more palatable than the ultimate egotism of thinking you're not even egotistical. (How incredibly egotistical does a person have to be to believe that?)

If you're going to be a race realist, you have to be realistic about this difference, too: whites have the pretentious gene.

As long as I'm on the subject: what do Asians, who average roughly 7 or 8 points higher than whites, do with their extra points? Become grimly efficient automatons. They don't become pretentious; but they also remain charisma-free.

And what do Jewish people, who average 8 to 10 points higher than other whites, do with their extra wattage? Basically, take over -- and tell the gullible what to think. (In particular, to hate white men.)

White men, of course, are the ones who invented the train, the automobile, books on CD, and "War and Peace."

But in all honesty, they probably deserve credit for having invented pretension as well.

(There -- that should offend absolutely everybody.)


Jean-Luc Cougar said...

> (There -- that should offend absolutely everybody.)

Ha. Matt and Trey Parker would be proud =)

> A white will do something like sit through an opera, or ballet, just to prove to himself -- and others -- that he has sophisticated tastes. (I almost did that with War and Peace.) Blacks don't waste their time that way.

I've been around enough middle/upper class Whites/Jews/East Asians/Indians to know that pretension is a high group IQ + money thing. mediumish IQ, monied black/Arabs/Eastern Euros just blow their money on gold plated prole things in an attempt to be sophisticated, and, honestly, probably have more fun.

The true victims of the pretentious people are the middle/upper class children who go on vacation to fun places during the summer and are dragged through dry museums/historical sites just because that's what sophisticated people are supposed to do. Double pain for the kids whose parents force them to get the audio guides.

As a child of sophisticate parents, it took a while to get the sophistication bug out of me. Now, I won't bother with anything I don't find any enjoyment in and avoid the pretentious try hards. Like you said, there are better things to use your extra IQ points for.

John Craig said...

Jean-Luc --
I was one of those children as well, getting dragged around to all sorts of things I had no interest in as a child. As a result I've been determinedly middlebrow my entire life.

Ambrose Kane said...

"And what do Jewish people, who average 8 to 10 points higher than other whites, do with their extra wattage? Basically, take over -- and tell the gullible what to think. (In particular, to hate white men.)" - This is actually quite perceptive on your part. While Jews comprise a very small part of the overall population in the U.S., they have a disproportionate amount of influence on our banking system, educational institutions, government policies, including media and entertainment.

And, as you noted ("to hate white men"), far too many Jews are the source of much of the anti-White rhetoric and disastrous immigration policies that we have been bombarded with. Granted, it's not all Jews, but it would be hard to deny that for many decades Jews have been at the forefront promoting Hollywood filth, radical Leftist ideology, and immigration policies destined to racially and culturally displace Whites throughout the West.

Anonymous said...

To Everyone:
What I believe:
My honest opinion about Jews, yes they have had strong roles in society. I have some Jewish ancestry and have known many Jewish people. The communist party was 50% jewish in the USSR in the beginning, Lenin and Marx had Jewish ancestry. Jewish families control large conglomerates or important positions of power. I don't think there is any Jewish meeting ground where they conspire with eachother on what to do next. There isn't a New World Order being set up by them. World dominance is too much of a hassle, better to stay put and pull in profit.

It's the same with people of Chinese descent in Thailand, they are prominent in government and business, they represent a disproportionate amount of millionaires and billionaires. They are going strong there. They had their surnames forcibly changed but there is always a little bit left so you know if they are one. Ethnicities can rise up and gain lots of control. In Indonesia, the Chinese have lost control because of many pogroms against them, and government repression, the indigenous mafias have stamped them down. If something went wrong, the local Indonesians went over to a Chinese part of town and smashed their shops. Now the Chinese keep their heads down. Or the Sikhs in India, they rose up over time, spread across the world running businesses and gaining prominence back home, then followed backlashes. But there aren't pogroms now against Jews in the USA.

For a historical example: The Golden Horde (a remnant of the mongol empire) was gradually taken over by the Tatars, an insignificant tribe they subjugated. Families started speaking tatar instead of Mongolian, they culturally became Tatar, Tatar religion spread. No tatar conspiracy, they took over because the opportunity presented itself.

The point I'm making is that when you see something happening in society, don't always assume a view that it is unique so something must be up, or it has never happened before and start exaggerating the meaning behind it. Stuff has happened before, and it will happen again.


Anonymous said...

"Whites often feel that they must show that they are morally superior beings. So they constantly do things to show how "good" they are. Only whites could be silly enough to define goodness as preferring other races to their own; blacks, Asians, and Hispanics do not suffer from this disease."

Bingo! Even with mountains of evidence showing that interracial crime is heavily Black on White, how often do you hear Blacks going out of their way to condemn this? Sadly, idiot Whites go out of their way to join BLM and promote a false narrative that Blacks are endangered by cops and Whites.

I do social experiments. Before the election, I wore a Trump 2016 button and today i wear my MAGA hat. It's not my imagination, but the ones who shoot me shitty looks are Whites. A week after the election, some white hippy type pointed to my button and informed me that the election was over. I told him to tell that to the retards who are still protesting. His eyes bugged out when I said that. I could only imagine the story he told his latte drinking friends about the encounter.


John Craig said...

Spartan --
Exactly. For whites to join BLM is a little like blacks joining the KKK. In fact, the BLM movement has probably inspired more blacks to murder white cops (in Louisiana, Texas, and NY last year) than the KKK has inspired whites to murder blacks. (The fellow in Fresno yesterday shouted "Allah Akbar" as he shot his victims, but he also told the police he hated whites. So he sort of falls between the cracks.)

You're more courageous than I am, I don't wear stuff like that in public.

LBD said...

Some of us actually enjoy opera and museums.

Anonymous said...

Good post. All of what you say is true. Love the image of seeing a black in a Prius. Never have seen one yet. LOL.

- Susan

John Craig said...

LBD --
I know; but there are some for whom part of the enjoyment, and a few for whom all of the enjoyment, is preening about their sophisticated tastes.

John Craig said...

Susan --
Thank you. I"m sure there must be a few who drive them, but I've never seen one either.

Anonymous said...


Funny story. I'm on a pro Wrestling Facebook page with some smarmy Hollywood liberal. He and his Egyptian wife went to a BLM meeting and inquired about joining. They rejected his liberal White ass. He chalked it up as Blacks giving Whites a taste of their own medicine. His guilt soothed the pain of rejection.

Wrt me wearing Trump apparel, I'm 5"9 and a pretty solid 225lb. Oh, and I also carry. I went to the Trump rally in Chicago that the libtards rioting caused the cancelation. This is my way of saying fuck you to these assholes. Trust me, this does give me comfort.


John Craig said...

Spartan --
If a primarily white organization rejected a black, it would be front page you now.

Well I"m 5'11" and a pretty flimsy 159 myself. And I have a permit, but don't carry. But even if I weighed 225 and carried, I wouldn't want the aggravation. You're a better man than me.

Mark Caplan said...

How often do you see a black in a Prius?

I imagine there are countless blacks in Priuses in Beverly Hills chauffeuring around the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow and Harrison Ford.

Ian said...

Susan April 19, 2017 at 11:48 AM Wouldn't you rather see a black man under a Prius ?
To Ga April 19, 2017 at 2:32 AM and Ambrose Kane April 18, 2017 at 11:52 PM . Would you entertain the thoughts of Uncle Nasty, veteran commenter on Irish Savant's blog, "You can't afford any number of blacks or jews in your country. Gangrene starts with a mild itching in the toes. Within a week they're having to cut your f****** leg off !" ?

Anonymous said...


Jews don't control the world.
If they did, then why don't I see millions of Chinese Jews in China?


Anonymous said...


No, I wouldn't want to see a black person under a Prius. The truth is (once I thought about it), I've never seen a black person own a Prius. Interesting observation made by John.

- Susan

Ian said...

Ga. You won't see millions of jews in Hollywood either but that doesn't stop them : Who runs Hollywood? C'mon nor do you need to be a majority in a state to "wag the dog". Hence blogger Paul Kersey's concept of Black Run America meaning the blacks have to be pandered to : Stuff Black People Don't Like
You know perfectly well that any collective only has to be installed at the "choke points" in a nation's economy to direct it. "Whoever controls the purse controls the policy" said my history teacher who never even hinted at jews being involved therein. He was not anti-jewish AFAIK.The jews are also known to interbreed with others to disguise their appearance in additionn to changing their names, eg from (((((((((Cohen))))))))) to Cowan. So a few can infiltrate China. Incidentally they call unauthorised immigrants to Israel"infiltrators" which is a splendid example of jewish projection.

Anonymous said...


Okay, please link a story, any, of Judaism in China. I am just curious what it looks like.


Ian said...

Here in detail from The Jewish Virtual Library is Tour of Jewish History in China
There is this news item : China "cracking down" on Kaifeng Jews
From The Occidental Observer : Are Policies By Jewish Elites Really "Good For The Jews"
and Edmund Connelly Archives

Anonymous said...


Well, there aren't many Kaifeng, and I would raise an eyebrow about the quote in one of the articles about "We love the communist party". But it seems like foreign Jews are just trying to reach them. The Kaifeng themselves aren't up to anything fishy from what I get.

And even if they do, there is always a crackdown if they get too much control. Stalin was planning to purge Jewish members from the party and deport Jewish populations. They did have a hand in creating the communist party, but they aren't as immune or safe as you think they are.

Stalin wasn't a Jew, Xi Jinping isn't a jew, Ho Chi Minh wasn't a jew, Trotsky was a Jew but got assassinated under Stalin's orders.

And I've met Jewish families, even stayed with one for a year, I followed them around to the synagogue, had my only year where I didn't have christmas but hanukah, and I didn't see once anyone going to secret meetings. If there are Jews up to no good, not every single one could possibly be in on it. If there is a Jewish conspiracy, it is no mass Jewish conspiracy. And there are plenty of conspiracies by other groups.


Julie said...

I was with you.. until I got to the Jews part. Sorry. I am Jewish, by heritage -- not by religion. My mom is Jewish, in the same way as I am ..but the rest of my family on her side is REALLY Jewish. Except for a few cousins that are my age or younger than I am, I am very much apart from them in my ideas on Israel and Palestine.. but there is no 'Jewish conspiracy'. My grandmother and her mom were almost put in concentration camps (we are Ukrainian)... what exactly do they think Jewish people do? Or want to do? Honestly, prominent Jewish people.. well, they give back to their communities, but in general they are just like prominent Christians.

I have an aunt who refuses to use birth control.. she has 5 kids last time I counted, and they have money and eat a lot of health food. Maybe this conspiracy happens when she goes to synagogue? And they sit around telling everyone to have more kids so somehow Jewish people don't die off?

The reason I am not as Jewish as my family probably has to do with the fact that my dad ..he didn't like Jewish people. I love my dad. He's not around anymore, sadly, he died a few years ago.. but even he never said anything about a Jewish conspiracy. He use to have to defend my mom because in Ukraine people would call her horrible names and ask him how he could have left his first wife to marry a Jew..When they moved to America, I think it was nice that no one cared. But my mom's side of the family was already here, and they hated him, so he always made fun of Jews. But it was funny when he did, and honestly it wasn't some ingrained hate towards them..

Anyway, can you please let me know where the conspiracy is - and most importantly, how can I get in on it? I will give you the inside scoop once I do, I promise..and we will take it all down from the inside. Almost everyone in my family has been to Israel - and they keep telling me to go, its free! So if its there, no problem, I have an in.


John Craig said...

Julie --
I think that the majority of Jewish people aren't in on any "conspiracy," and I have (or until this post, had) Jewish friends myself. But the media, which IS by and large run by -- though not exclusively populated by -- Jewish people, and their useful idiots, has established, more or less, the movement of political correctness. PC -- to oversimplify -- consists of favoring women over men, homosexuals over straights, blacks over whites, etc. And the media considers its job, by and large, to be to tell people how to think. How to think about race, about gender, about crime, about nationalism, about IQ, about Clinton vs. Trump, etc. And to ignore the prominent -- and dominant -- Jewish role in all this propaganda is to be willfully obtuse.

So when I say that Jewish people, with their 8 to 10 point edge in IQ, use it to tell he gullible what to think, that's what I'm referring to.