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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Liars vs. True Believers

There is a huge difference -- both morally, and intellectually -- between the people who've actually drunk the liberal Kool-Aid, and the people who purposely lie to promote their own agendas.

Only one of these groups really deserves our enmity. And it's not the True Believers, who actually believe what they're fed by the media. They are merely gullible simpletons who don't realize they're being brainwashed with all the talk they constantly hear about how those evil "-isms" -- racism, sexism,  and so on -- are responsible for all the ills of the world.

It's the people who knowingly create and feed those lies to the simpletons who are truly despicable.

Think of it this way: if your child says something childishly naive, you think aww, how cute, and indulge him, because he doesn't know any better. But if a sociopath purposely misleads you in order to get you to do something self-destructive, he deserves your undying hatred.

Example: I get the impression that the vast majority of black people -- who've been told over and over again that all their troubles are due to racism -- honestly believe that.

Given which, they're actually acting in good faith when they protest about whites trying to keep them from having good jobs, or about the police having declared open season on them. They may be deluded; but they're honestly deluded. So, maybe, they deserve pity rather than hatred.

The people who knowingly promulgate these lies, on the other hand, deserve our hatred.

If you doubt that they're lying, just look at the lifestyle of limousine liberals. They decry racism while living in a gated communities. They castigate white flight while putting their own children in private schools. They preach to the masses about environmentalism while leaving a huge carbon footprint themselves. They demand more gun control while enjoying the protection of armed bodyguards.

Hypocrisy is always a good barometer of dishonesty.

The people who swallow those lies are less culpable. The worst they can be accused of is believing what they want to believe -- but they, at least, actually believe it.

Think of it as the difference between children and sociopaths.

(And that's pretty much what the Left is composed of.)


Anonymous said...

not that anyone cares are will notice, just silly pedantic thing.


John Craig said...

B --
Thank you. I vaguely remember meaning to write "composed of," but I'm not sure; that may have been Autocorrect. In any case, I'll change it.

Anonymous said...

"Hypocrisy is always a good barometer of dishonesty",I'm gonna write that one down!

John Craig said...

Anon --
Thank you.

europeasant said...

John this is one of your best observations. I find that it is very difficult to determine what people actually think. One has to be very clever at indirect questioning to make a determination. One way to find out is not to listen to what people say but like you said to observe what they do, like where they move and how far they move to escape dysfunction.

John Craig said...

Europeasant --
Thank you very much. It IS hard to tell what people really believe sometimes. I think even with some of those limousine liberals, they've convinced themselves that they're righteous because the believe the "right things," even if they don't quite believe it in their heart of hearts.