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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Now that Bill Cosby has gotten a mistrial.....

....I guess he can go back to being "America's Dad."

I never thought Cosby a good comedian, but one funny thing did emerge from his trial: various people -- including Cosby and his daughters -- have claimed that it was all a racially motivated conspiracy.  

If it was a conspiracy, it was certainly painstakingly organized. No fewer than 57 different women came forward to say that Cosby had drugged and then raped them when they were helpless. That's an awful lot of smoke for there not to be any fire, especially when you take into account that they all recounted the same telltale signature to his crimes.

It's also striking that the racist conspiracy would include at least eight accusers who were black. (Michelle Hurd, Renita Chaney Hill, Angela Leslie, Jewel Allison, Beverly Johnson, "Lisa," Lise-Lotte Lublin, and Lili Bernard.)

There's always been something extremely self-indulgent about Bill Cosby. In many of his photos he just looks unutterably pleased with himself:

(The "Aren't I cute?" look tends to pall around age seven; Cosby kept wearing it well into adulthood.) 

I remember reading once that Cosby had shared a taxi with a woman in Tahoe and said to her, "How does it feel to be next to someone who will make more money tonight than you'll make all year?"

If you want arrogance and self-indulgence personified in a single sentence, there it is. 

The kind of guy who'd say that is pretty much the same kind who'd drug a woman, then rape her. 

After the initial flurry of women came forth saying they'd been raped by Cosby, a few psychologists speculated that Cosby had that sexual kink whereby it turned him on more to have sex with sleeping women. Given that as a celebrity, Cosby probably had access to plenty of women who were wide awake, there's probably something to that. 

Cosby also has that slightly bug-eyed look I tend to associate with lack of inhibition. The center of inhibition in the brain is in the frontal lobe, and that bug-eyed look is due partly to the lack of a protruding forehead. Might that mean less frontal lobe?

It's just a theory, and I know it sounds farfetched, but it's a correlation I've noticed for some time.

Anyway, I could easily be wrong about that. But there's simply no way all 57 of those accusers are wrong about "America's Dad," and there's also no way they are part of a racist conspiracy. 


Mark Caplan said...

If Andrea Constand hadn't been so bizarre looking with her outlandish hair tower, the jurors might have given her testimony more credibility. You're more inclined to believe someone who doesn't look like a weirdo. Her lawyers should have coached her to look normal, not like someone from outer-space.

John Craig said...

Mark --
Plus Costand has guy-face, which can't have helped either. And, truth be told, sometimes peopler less sympathetic to a lesbian. It's also possible that all of that may have been irrelevant: there were two black people on that jury; I'd love to know what the racial breakdown of the voting was.

Mark Caplan said...

Cosby took a conservative stance on many black social problems, a stance that infuriated most blacks. The two black jurors might not have felt any allegiance to a brother who had gone over to the dark side.

John Craig said...

Mark --
That's true. But when you think about it, the fact that OJ had sort of turned his back on black America before he committed that double murder didn't dissuade the black jurors deciding his case to vote against The Juice. Admittedly, going Hollywood is not the same as telling ghetto denizens to pull up their pants, but there was a fair amount of commentary at the time that OJ had "rediscovered his roots" during the trial.

Anonymous said...

Have you done a sociopath alert on Bill Cosby? He has always worked so hard on keeping that squeaky clean persona. Never cussed or talked about unsavory topics in his comedy routines...but still came across as somehow "angry". Surrounded himself by kids as a beloved father figure. I remember watching his cartoon show when I was younger...its hard to remember...but I think I felt the cartoons were "mean" in some way. And I felt that Cosby was a bad man in some way. Then again, I could not stand Mister Rogers because I thought he was the biggest whimp who ever walked the face of the Earth and it seems that he was/ is a pretty decent don't take my judgmental childhood perceptions too seriously. Still, I do believe Cosby is a sociopath. I hear he is now going to become a public speaker in order to help other men who have had the misfortune of being blamed of "acts" for which they are totally innocent. It also seems that he has recovered his eyesight. A miracle! Probably just a sign that Jesus was on his side.


Not Dave said...

Having not paid attention to the trial save for the outcome (mistrial) I had no idea he and his family have claimed racism. Really? In this instance it seems like a cop-out because they have no valid argument. When some of the accusers are the same race as the accused the validity of the racism claim is severely tarnished if not outright ludicrous. My impression of him was he was above race. At any rate the court of public opinion has labeled him a sexual predator. I can understand being supported by your own family but when there's nearly 60 accusers claiming the same thing, and none of the accusers are related in any way, the family has to at least tell Cosby to shut up. He's spent a lifetime selling himself as a comedian and actor, you'd think that looking at the basics he'd realize this claim of racism does nothing but hurt his image, not that it isn't damaged enough already. Normal folks don't want to be associated with sexual predators.

John Craig said...

Anna --
No, I haven't done a sociopath alert on him. And weirdly, even though that's the prism I usually view people through, especially if they've done something like Cosby has done, it hadn't even occurred to me. Is he one? Probably, though I'm not quite 100% on that. Sometimes, with blacks, they seem to be capable of all sorts of heinous acts which if committed by whites would make you almost automatically assume they had to be sociopaths, but somehow, with the blacks, they don't have the entire panoply of traits that you associate with sociopathy. For instance, with Cosby, as incredibly noxious as he is, he doesn't seem to have the destructive streak that you'd fine in most white sociopaths. Yes, he damaged all those women; but he didn't damage them for the fun of damaging them, as a white sociopath might do; Cosby just seemed to see it as the easiest way to have sex with them. And he did seem to get off on the idea of a helpless, sleeping woman. The example you just gave of him refusing to use swear words is actually the closest I've seen to the emotional falseness that characterizes so many white sociopaths. And his dishonesty seems to have centered around his rapes, as far as I know, and doesn't seem to have extended further, into the realm of pathological lying. (I consider the "blindness" to be part of his dishonesty about the rapes, just a trial-related ploy.)

As far as that unbelievably obnoxious comment to the woman he shared the taxi with, that was like something a child would say, not something a slick sociopath would give himself away with. In a way it reminded me of Donald Trump -- so nakedly egotistical and arrogant it leaves you shaking your head, but it also leaves me thinking that most sociopaths would simply be too smooth, too wily, and too charming to say something like that. And actually, that's another sociopathic trait Cosby lacked -- charm. From what I would see, he was a complete charm-free zone.

Anyway, sorry to give you a wishy-washy answer here, but as consistently horrible as he was, his horribleness seemed a little too uni-dimensional to make me 100%

My take on Mister Rogers, btw, is that he gave off awfully strong child molester vibes. He was married to the same woman for 51 years, until his death, and they had two sons, which would indicate otherwise. But there seem to be plenty of married guys who turn out to be pederasts. I don't think he ever actually molested any children, otherwise we'd probably have heard about it; but I wouldn't be surprised if that was the way his sexuality tilted.

John Craig said...

Not Dave --
I didn't follow the trial closely either, but I don't think any reasonable person has any doubt as to his guilt. Is it possible that one or two or three of those women are lying and were just looking for a payday? Sure. But all 57? No way.

By this point his image is irreparable.

Anonymous said...

yeah that MISTER ROGERS was constantly calling this nice 85 year old lady who lived in STILLWELL OKLAHOMA and raising her blood pressure with his inane repartee.

he was NO BETTER than he should be


Not Dave said...

Irreparable image to some, restored to others. Just depends on what myopic glasses you're looking through, or better just denial. Restored because of an outcome other than GUILTY which, to some, means NOT GUILTY.

Do I think he's a sociopath? Nah. He is a sexual deviate. I called him a predator earlier. He may possess the ability to love and still do that one weird thing to get his rocks off. Might be illegal but "I'm a celebrity", that seems to cover a multitude of sins (for a while).

He may show signs of sociopathy like control over women but I will just pass him off as someone that knows they possess a trait that is socially and morally wrong and he's in not even in denial, just wants to cover it up. He knows right and wrong. He's pretending he does no wrong but accusing his accusers of racism is just plain weak. Sociopaths are smarter than that.

John Craig said...

Not Dave --
Good points about how he's primarily just a deviate. And yes, the racism defense is lamer than lame.

But I his image is as irreparable as OJ Simpson's. Simpson was declared "not guilty" at the conclusion of the Trial of the Century, but that didn't make him not guilty in the eyes of the public, and ditto for Cosby. Simpson is spending the rest of his life, behind bars or not, as a pariah, and so will Cosby.

Anonymous said...

Well at the very least he definitely lacks empathy and has that unique ability to "compartmentalize" -- whereby he could happily hypocritically point fingers at others' behavior and scold (all the while he himself was sexually assaulting women, nice). I remember years ago hearing about how he publicly humiliated the young Note Dame college student, Dean Brown, at his own graduation. Brown, by all reports a decent, nice kid, had been excited that his childhood idol was speaking at the commencement, only to be singled out and and picked apart by Cosby in front of everybody as the butt of Cosby's self -righteousness ire. What a jerk. Unnecessary and cruel. It is said the encounter affected Brown (who died a few years ago from a blood clot) for years afterwards. So if not a sociopath, then an ugly Narcissistic asshat of the first degree....:.

John Craig said...

Anon --
I hadn't heard that Dean Brown story, thank you for that.

I couldn't agree with you more about Cosby being a 'hole of the first order. I could never stand the guy, even before this drug-and-rape stuff came out. I never found him funny in the least, and he always seems to walk around on a cloud of egomania. Even his vocal delivery reeked of self-indulgence to me. And then, after the drugging stuff came out.....

But the question was, is he a sociopath? There are just too many ways in which he's not quite a sociopath for me to say I"m 100% on that. He's not charming. He's not particularly sly. Other than the rape stuff, he's never really been known as a big time liar. He doesn't exhibit a lot of emotional falseness, and in the past, at least, didn't try to portray himself as some kind of saint. I'd actually give him a slight pass on the Dean Brown incident: he probably didn't realize how much he meant to Brown, and probably didn't know anything about his background, and figured he was just giving a coach-like inspirational pep talk. A lot of people soured on Cosby after he started delivering that pull-yourself-up-by-the-bootstrap series of lectures to the black community. But his basic message was correct: they SHOULD stop taking drugs and SHOULD study harder etc. if they want to do better.

Anyway, yeah, I could never stand the guy, but I'd probably peg him as an extreme narcissist and 'hole. Despite the rapes, he's probably not a sociopath.

Fled The Undertow said...

I'm curious to know what his children have been told and/or believe about their father. My FIL molested one of my daughters, and my sis-in-law didn't believe it for a long time.

OT: I have a friend who's in his mid-60s and had a child with a woman in her 20s (his daughter is in kindergarten now). They were never married, but he was devastated when the young woman dumped him for a younger guy (shocker) a year after the birth of their daughter.

The young mother died unexpectedly last year, so now this old dude is a full time dad to a little girl.

His way of coping with grief is to have his daughter acknowledge her mom in present-tense all day long, as though she's in the room but invisible, or maybe on Skype. This HAS to be screwing her up, but I can't find anything on this peculiar denial online. I was wondering if maybe you could?

John Craig said...

Fled --
Wow, what happened to your FIL? Did you see that he suffered legal consequences?

Honestly, I'd have no ides where to even look or what words to use to Google that particular quirk. I agree with you that it's unhealthy, to me it would be encouraging her to not face reality, and that kind of pattern tends to repeat itself in various ways later on in life. But I don't even know if that has a name, other than something more generalized, liked dishonesty, or living a lie.

Not Dave said...


Just to clarify OJ Simpson was found not guilty in his criminal case but guilty in the civil case. That criminal case was truly poorly executed and a circus. He did commit more crimes afterward and was found guilty of those. From what I remember he searched all the golf courses across the USA looking for the real murderer.

Cosby will always have the stigma attached, for sure. The mistrial didn't exonerate him, it means one or more still believed him guilty. Cosby doesn't have the luxury of searching the worlds golf courses looking for the rapist that those 57 women were victimized by. He either needs to admit to it or become a hermit and disappear from public. Well unless there's a retrial and he is found guilty the next time.

Anonymous said...

Lust is revealed in the eyes! Rapists (rapo) and child molesters (chomo) in prison can be easily identified by their "weird eyes". Without having any charging information on an inmate, the other prisoners can tell who has extortable "bad charges". It is true, but don't take my word for it, just ask any ex-cons you know! They will tell you all about it!