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Sunday, July 9, 2017

How Lefties are like children

Ever since Trump was elected President, the Left has been throwing a collective fit, marching and protesting nonstop. And the media has been having a complete meltdown. (How could the electorate not follow our advice?)

This is exactly what children do when they don't get their way: throw a tantrum.

(The Right didn't throw this kind of tantrum when Obama got elected. Two years into his Presidency, after he showed his true colors, the Tea Party emerged. They held some quiet, orderly rallies, and that was pretty much it.)

The Left uses any excuse to riot. They are currently doing it in Hamburg, at the G-20 summit. They set cars on fire, smash store windows, throw Molotov cocktails, throw things at policemen, and in general just wreak as much havoc as they can.

This is the behavior of juvenile delinquents. (Though JD's aren't vain enough to attribute their destructive impulses to a higher purpose.)

The Left prevents conservatives from speaking on campus.

Children scream over you so you can't be heard, or cover their ears and screech, "I can't hear you!"

Since many on the Left seem incapable of logical argument, they resort to name-calling instead. ("Racist!" "Sexist!" "Homophobe!")

That's exactly how children argue, by name-calling.

Various members of the Left will sporadically threaten to leave the country if the Republican is elected President.

This is what spoiled children do: say they're going to hold their breath until they turn blue if they don't get their way.

The Left expects the government to provide them a decent living in return for doing nothing.

Sorta like a child getting an allowance.

The Left does an awful lot of virtue-signaling. They recite the correct beliefs, so as to communicate how good they are. (And they always seem to beam with pride as they do so.)

This is exactly how a teacher's pet acts.

The Left, more than anything else, conforms. They are terrified at the thought that they might say something politically incorrect and someone might accuse them of being racist or sexist or homophobic.

Children are said to be particularly vulnerable to peer pressure.

Various members of the Show Biz Left have talked about bombing the White House, or shooting Trump, or have symbolically decapitated him. They don't actually mean it; Trump was in no danger from any of these Hollywood loudmouths. But they did love to playact.

This is what children do: play make believe games, like GI Joe, or cops and robbers.

The Left has tried to portray Donald Trump as the second coming of Adolf Hitler.

Children create bogeymen whom they can be afraid of.

The more you think about it, the clearer it becomes that many on the Left simply got stuck in infantile mode.

They need to grow up.


Anonymous said...

Good post. The Left has become the epitome of insanity. When the Left speaks, demonstrates, etc., the majority of sane people are seeing them for how they are, irrational, hysterical, illogical, controlling, etc. Consequently, sane people are turned off by these Leftists, not wanting any part of them.

- Susan

John Craig said...

Susan --
Thank you. Yes, in all the special elections which have been held since November '16, the AntiFa movement garnered more votes for the Republicans than any actual Republican could have.

Anonymous said...

As much as I agree with you on the childishness of the Left, it's unfair to imply that it's just them. The attacks on abortion clinic staff have almost always been from the Right, as have attacks on mosques and homes for asylum seekers. I wouldn't wish to walk through the Shankhill area of Northern Ireland, or risk being in any UK town at the time of an English Defence League demonstration. And it's not the Left that I've had abuse by when holding hands with various same-sex partners in public. On public forums such as Twitter, trolls are equally Left & Right, but I see Right ones making more threats of violence.

- Gethin

John Craig said...

Gethin --
I think we sort of have to parse that. Yes, attacks on abortion clinics have been from the Right, as have attacks on mosques. But the attacks on the latter are often "revenge" attacks after violence from young Muslim men against, say, local women, or, perhaps, a terrorist attack. Also, while violence is bad, the focus of this post was on *childishness,* not violence in general, which both sides are guilty of. The violence I described in this post was that against property, a sort of vandalism, which is usually the province of bad teenagers. I did include throwing things at policemen in that paragraph, but that's not quite the same thing as the low level warfare between ethnic or religious groups which is how I'd classify most of the violence in Northern Ireland over the past several decades. (It was So, yes, violence against people is bad, but it's not a peculiarly *childish* form of expression, violence is just as often an adult form of misbehavior.

And anybody who would try to publicly demean you for being gay is unquestionably rude, but is that particular form of rudeness something you'd associate primarily with children? Probably not. In fact, I'd guess that the people who are the most outspoken in that regard are people who are closer to my age, and not people in their 20's or 30's, so that's really an old people's form of misbehavior.

And finally, the internet. I don't subscribe to any Twitter accounts (I tried to subscribe to a friend's, once, but somehow it didn't take), nor do I read most message boards, but I do read the Yahoo message boards (they're one of the last remaining big sites which allows unlimited, unfettered comments) to take the temperature of the populace. And most of the conservative commentary there consists of people saying things like, he (a criminal who tried to break into a house but who was shot and killed) got what he deserved. Or, in the case of a particularly heinous crime, give him the [electric] chair. Or comments like that, which may be ugly in spirit, but aren't threats of violence. (In fact, aren't most people who actually threaten violence kicked off most sites?) But anyway, again, threats of violence weren't really the focus of the post, and I don't see them as being primarily a childish form of expression. The "threats" of violence I referred to in this post were of the nonthreatening type, a la Kathy Griffin and Johnny Depp, both of whom were playacting, as opposed to actually trying to scare or threaten someone.

Shaun F said...

John - Good article, and list of examples to illustrate. I agree with you that leftists are emotional children. And adult emotional children can be anywhere from dangerous, to unstable to insane. (Not denying that they are fun to be around, for awhile.) They don't believe in God, so as a by product they worship state, self, or science. (I think Milo whatever his last name is said something like "As I'm the greatest person alive, there has to be a God, for me to have someone to look up to.") I've reached the point where when I recognize that infantile temperament, I walk away - just don't want to invest the energy.

John Craig said...

Shaun -
Thank you. I actually don't find adult emotional children fun to be around, even for a short while. Though, now that I think of it, I suppose sociopaths are the ultimate adult emotional children, and they can be a lot of fun in the short run.

Milo Yiannopoulos is actually a right wing provocateur with a sense of humor. I'm sure he must have made that comment about God humorously.

You make a great point about how people do need something to believe in, and if they don't have God, they just substitute something else.

Not Dave said...

It's pretty much universally agreed upon that 1/4 of our nation is throwing a temper tantrum because they were never taught how to lose or deal with their emotions when they don't get their way. That's one problem of living your life guided by your emotions. They are emotional infants. Our universities are pumping those out like crazy. The only ones that grow out of it develop critical thinking skills on their own. They usually stop voting Democrat at some point when that occurs.

I was eating breakfast in a restaurant this morning and there was a TV in the corner tuned to CNN. I would've thought by now that anyone with half a brain cell would have given up on CNN as a news source. As we ate I kept looking at the TV. It was never ending with Trump this, Trump that, Trump and the Russians. 45 minutes and they never got off of accusatory Trump-hating stories. Those are people that never learned to lose, got participation trophies and were told they could be anything they wanted to be. Never mind that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spent years courting the Russians and getting "donations" to their foundation in return for things like American uranium. Never mind that Barack Obama was half heartedly having the Russians investigated for election involvement BEFORE the election. He knew they were interfering and yet did practically nothing because he thought it would help Hillary win. Forward to November and Santa Claus snatched away their present that was promised them over and over for months. Let the temper tantrums begin. The mainstream media has also been "promising" that Trump will be removed, found guilty of colluding with the Russians, etc, since January and of course that "gift" has never arrived for the children that believe what they've been promised. More or continued temper tantrums.

Letting your life be guided purely by your emotions is very dangerous. Unfortunately it is now a religion and it is esteemed in universities, the media and Hollywood. Children are incapable of critical thinking. Their basic instinct is to react using what they are born with - emotion. When children grow older they begin to, hopefully, learn the value of working to earn things and respecting others. I used to work in a jail and I'd say 90% of the inmates have never learned those two things. It's always me-me-me and right now! Of course personal responsibility for their actions is out the window. Just like small children.

I see where you're coming from and agree. Sorry if I got too wordy, I have more to say but will leave it at that.

John Craig said...

Not Dave --
That's a great summation of how the left behaves.

And wow, you worked in a jail? So you've undoubtedly had a lot of firsthand experience with sociopaths, the ultimate in emotional immaturity. Sociopaths are often adept at hiding who they really are, at least for a short while, but I suppose in a jail you must have dealt with a lot of the lower-IQ sociopaths who didn't even have that skill, and were more the barnyard animal type.

I disagree with you slightly on the derivation of these emotional children though: their immaturity was set a lot earlier than during their university years, it was when they were small and their parents either gave in to their tantrums, or neglected them completely. the universities are responsible for all the brainwashing that their students undergo, but the kind people the students are was set a lot earlier.

Anonymous said...

John, I thought this article might interest you. My one sentence view: The author is onto something although he probably overstates the overlap / equivalency.

John Craig said...

Samuel --
That's interesting, thanks. I've heard that sociopaths tend to have a more fluid sexuality, but that's about as much as I agree with, though. And while I agree that being transgender is a mental illness, I've never noticed a correlation between LGBTQ people and sociopathy.

Not Dave said...


Absolutely, it was a great learning experience. For two years I worked in a county jail maximum security building. I used to tell people that my job was babysitting adult children. County jails, state and federal prisons are mostly populated with sociopaths, no doubt. More often than not repeat offenders that don't accept personal responsibility but instead blame the police or society for their problems. One benefit is I learned how to recognize mind games and not fall for them. Being around sociopaths you can either get sucked in or learn from it and learn how to protect yourself from them, identify them. Most of them are primitive, like you say, and aren't smart enough to not get caught. They aren't smart enough to realize they aren't smart enough - if that makes sense. Some of them think they're geniuses yet getting caught over and over seems to counter their exaggerated ego. But that's not the point of your article here (though it may be related).

I suppose I didn't make it clear. The universities are encouraging students to not grow up whereas kids that get jobs out of high school, learn how to manage their money, rent apartments, buy food and clothes and deal with the public every day tend to grow up a lot more quickly. Their social skills are advanced more than career students. I liken it to a soldier that makes it up to Sergeant and has to tell a Lieutenant how things work, how things run even though a Lieutenant has a college education and a degree saying they're smart.

On the side sociopaths generally don't make it to college and if they do rarely graduate with a degree but that's a different story. You brought it up!

John Craig said...

Not Dave --
So you had a real education (not a fake one like political science or sociology or women's studies majors get in college). I couldn't agree with you more about the sociopaths in jail. I've heard estimates of 25% or the prison population being sociopathic, but I always suspected it was a little higher.

And you're right about the IQ level there; higher IQ sociopaths tend to become CEO's, and lawyers, and hedge fund managers, or successful salesmen.

I knew a few sociopaths in college; I didn't recognize them for what they were back then, but after I learned about sociopathy, I was able to look back and recognize them.

Not Dave said...


That was a crash course, heavy immersion. My numbers are probably skewed as I believe not as many incarcerated are sociopaths as I previously stated. There are a lot incarcerated who probably follow the lead, play the games to survive and/or pass the time. One thing I observed was plenty of them not taking responsibility for their actions and that's what children do. Their sense of right and wrong is not one based on general societal morals but one based upon whether it works for them at the moment.

I only went to community college for a short time after high school, never earned a degree or anything so no formal education. I still deal with the same type of people but in the general public, no longer work at the jail. I've had an interest in psychology for a few years now, may eventually take some college courses on it.

As for CEO's and others in high places that are sociopaths you've recently touched on the Clinton's (attorney's) and Steve Jobs (though he dropped out of college) and I wholeheartedly agree they are certifiable sociopaths. There may be some in Congress and other elected positions throughout the country, that's totally conceivable and their IQ's are likely higher than the general population of jailed sociopaths committing misdemeanor and felony crimes. The ones in federal prisons tend to be the Hillary Clinton type.

John Craig said...

Not Dave --
agreed, you probably have to play the game, and in a certain sense, mimic sociopaths if you want to survive in prison.

And yes, I'm sure there are plenty of members of Congress who are sociopaths, whom we don't know about, simply because they don't get that much publicity. Until BillClinton became President, his reputation was as a "wonk," hardly a description you'd associate with a sociopath.

GT said...

One of the children has been acting up again.

John Craig said...

GT --
Wow, I'd heard about his arrest, but I hadn't heard that bit about the black police officer going to hell because he's black. LaBeouf is a well known Trump-hater; imagine the publicity that incident would have gotten if he's been a Trump supporter.

LaBeouf has long been an all-around idiot, he gets in fights with all sorts of people, he lies (last time he was arrested, in NYC, he told the arresting officers that he was in the Army), and he takes steroids. In this article he admits he's having trouble with sobriety, which makes perfect sense, and partially explains his other behavior. What a jerk.

High Arka said...

John, you're getting popular enough that you you should reach out to some of the new marketing goys and get paid for your work. Your "left" v. "right" plain-talk articles are worth good money to people who don't want to see political dialogue become too specifically genetic. See if you can't reach out to one of the marketing agents and get yourself an independently hosted website with pay-per-click ads, reciprocal blogroll arrangements with other professionals, and access to yearly blog conventions at nice hotels with catered meals. If you're careful, you might even get a contract for a 10th-5th NYT bestseller spot for some edited-up Regnery collection of your longer posts.

John Craig said...

High Arka --
Thank you very much, that's very kind of you. I'm not so sure I'm getting popular, though: readership of this blog has plateaued at around 1300 to 1400 page views per day, and has been roughly at that level for about a year and a half now. You may be referring to the fact that this post, and several others, have been reprinted in American Renaissance. (I've known Jared Taylor since I was 13 and he was 16.)

I wasn't even aware that there are marketing agents who do that kind of stuff. And I suspect I'd be trouble for anyone who wanted to publish me officially, all anybody would have to do to get me in trouble would be to point out some of the more honest pieces I've done on race. (They're all accurate, but that's sorta beside the point these days.) Also, posting here and not making any money is actually a sort of a defense, in a way: I steal (use) a lot of photographs, which I understand is common practice, but I would make a more tempting target in court if it turned out I was using these photographs to make money. And I do sort of rely on them; yesterday's post about "The most insulting judgment on women, ever" wouldn't have worked as well without those pictures of Hillary, and the relatively recent post "Those fat shamers at NBC" wouldn't have worked at all.

As far as nice hotels and catered meals, that stuff does nothing for me. And conventions aren't exactly my idea of fun either, I used to think corporate retreats were basically purgatorial.

I'd certainly leap at the chance to get some of these posts published in book form, though. I may get in touch with you to ask about that.

Again, thank you very much.