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Saturday, August 19, 2017

Charlottesville, and the need for a new organization

A lot has been written in the past week about Charlottesville. It does leave one wondering. At which level was it decided to tell the police to stand down and let the two sides clash? Was it Mayor Signer who made that decision? Governor McAuliffe? What exactly was the ACLU's motive in securing the permit for that rally? And who paid for those antifa and BLM types to show up?

Beyond that, it was hard not to be struck by the self-defeating nature of whites who join the KKK, or who call themselves neo-Nazis. Whom exactly do they expect to win over with those labels?

I understand the frustration of whites sick of being punching bags, of being made the default scapegoat for virtually every social ill. I understand the frustration with a media which is virulently anti-white, and gives white on black violence far more publicity than the much more common black on white variety.

Even the slightest defense of whites as a race is met with a barrage of near-hysterical condemnation by the media and their allies in government and academia. And if anyone dares to talk honestly about IQ or crime rates or a host of other race-related issues, he risks losing his job.

But, when you join the KKK, you're identifying yourself with a group most famous for burning crosses on the lawns of blacks who settled in white neighborhoods, and, further back, for lynchings.

It's also hard for most people to see Confederate flags as anything but a sly wink at slavery. Southerners will say no, that's not what it's about, it's about pride in their heritage and their forefathers who fought for the Confederacy. That response has always struck me as a little disingenuous; their presence always seems like an upraised middle finger.

Calling yourself a neo-Nazi is even worse. You're basically saying, hey, let's put the Jews in concentration camps. Oh, and bomb England while we're at it.

Needless to say, all of these associations are abhorrent.

Of course, that's part of their appeal, too: they are the ultimate forbidden fruit these days. Is there any group more vilified than the Nazis? It's now been 72 years since WWII ended, but Hollywood still regularly churns out movies with them as the bad guys. So what stronger statement could someone make than to identify with them?

And, after constantly being falsely accused of "oppressing" other races, and being responsible for all their failures, it's understandable that whites would want to lash back. But it's one thing to express resentment, and another to win converts. And nobody sitting on the fence is going to be won over by people sporting swastikas or Confederate flags.

An analogy: imagine that a group of Catholics tired of being maligned in the press started a group to defend themselves. Fair enough; the media has long hated Catholics. Then imagine, they decided to name their group "The New Inquisition."

That wouldn't exactly be a stroke of public relations genius -- any more than inviting the KKK to your rally would be.

Those who identify as neo-Nazis and the KKK members sometimes seem the psychological equivalents of those who join the antifa movement. It's all about getting attention, and wearing costumes, venting, and, in a sense, play-acting.

There also seems to be an inverse correlation between chanting while marching, and calm, lucid thinking. (Last weekend was the first time I'd ever seen the Right march and chant.)

Think of it this way: the whole point of chanting while doing transcendental meditation is to empty one's mind. Chanting protesters do seem to succeed at this.

But, given all that's happening, non-masochistic whites who want to defend themselves from all the one-sided attacks need a new organization that isn't associated with aggression and violence.

It doesn't have to be called the "We're Not Quite as Bad as Everyone Says Association." But it can't evoke cross burnings, either.

And it should be organized along the lines of the Jewish Defense League, or the Anti-Defamation League: aggressively defensive.

Maybe call it the "European-American League." Or just "Realists" (as in, race realists).

It would be important to emphasize, perhaps in a mission statement, that the organization eschews violence and the excesses that characterized other whites' rights organizations. Then they could list all the reasons whites should be angry -- without sounding angry.

Whites' rights groups would probably react by saying, what's the use, no matter how restrained a tone we take, the MSM will just demonize us and call us neo-Nazis and white supremacists anyway. So why should we even bother to mealy-mouth it?

True enough.

But one thing no white organization has done before is use the Left's tactics. While whites are still a majority, they need to organize boycotts and file lawsuits. That's how the Left gained power over corporations. Those CEO's who left the Trump administration's business councils last week didn't do so because of deeply held moral beliefs. (C'mon, they're CEOs.) They did so because they feared becoming targets of the organized Left.

They don't fear whites simply because whites don't take action the same way. They just write scathing pieces on the internet, and only make the news when a Charlottesville occurs.

And we all saw what a public relations bonanza that was for the Right.

A lot of whites who would be afraid to speak out publicly would quietly support a boycott if a certain corporation took anti-white stances. And that prospect would absolutely terrify those CEOs.

White groups need to start playing the same game the Left does: organize, boycott, and file lawsuits. Sentimentalizing previous eras when whites were unafraid to stick up for themselves -- often violently -- does them absolutely no good.


Anonymous said...

Wow - seems like you're quite ignorant about Nazis. Time to watch "The Greatest Story Never Told" on Youtube!

John Craig said...

Anon --
The point is, no matter what your view of what happened during WWII -- and I'm familiar with both sides, and understand that history is written by the victors, and know the commonly accepted version is a stretch -- the American people believe the commonly accepted version, so whites are doing themselves no favors in this country by self-identifying with the Nazis.

Dave Moriarty said...

One immediate action the "targets of pc"can do is withhold sending money to colleges that are doing their very best to criticize straight white guys. Ine can't be sued for disctimation because one chooses not to donate hard earned dough. The trustees can then choose not to hire lefties to run these educational institutions and eventually people would catch on the role of president will go to someone who does note hate the alumni

John Craig said...

Dave --
Great idea.

Anonymous said...

So what this world needs is a new ADL?

Bob J

John Craig said...

Bob J --
Don't know if the world needs it, but Anglos in this country sure seem to.

Anonymous said...

When this rally took place, I was out of town, on a vacation. My son works in media, so he reported on the events. To me, the whole event was a waste of time. It didn't surprise me to learn that the police were told to stand down. One police officer reportedly stated that the elites wanted a confrontation. The governor and the mayor are liberal. For law enforcement not to be able to do their job is wrong and say's a lot about the people who are in higher up governmental positions, namely, they don't care about the actual safety and well-being of the citizens. They're pushing their far left, socialistic agenda, the heck with the consequences.

- birdie

John Craig said...

Birdie --
Your analysis is exactly what happened. I've seen diagrams of where the Rightist group was located, where the police were located, and where the Antifa and BLM groups were located, and the Rightists were herded straight into a direct confrontation with the Left. The powers that be obviously wanted that confrontation to happen, so they could blame it all on the Rightists -- the story the media faithfully adhered to -- and reap a PR bonanza.

Anonymous said...

I like John's proposal.

Even assuming the best case scenario, where such a movement got going, well organized, represented by great spokesmen, defended by an army of lawyers, and well funded by donors.... It would be vilified by the press, and attacked in the streets by AntiFa. I have to wonder how many people would be willing to publicly 'stand up and be counted' as members of such an organization.

During the Trump campaign, I wore a Trump T-shirt most of the time; I put Trump decals on my car; I went to a Trump rally; and went door to door campaigning for Trump. I got flipped off by other drivers and had people smirk and look at me in disdain. Trump supporters would come and whisper to me that they were with Trump. I believe I am one of a pretty small percentage of people who dared to openly support Trump. And I have to say that now - with AntiFa on the prowl - even I would have to think carefully about whether I would dare go to a public rally for the 'European-American League' (or whatever it would be called) where some AntiFa moron might bash me in the head, or end up getting arrested if I had to defend myself.

And at that point the game is lost. And I fear it is lost.

On a few other asides:

Boycotts: Breitbart organized a boycott of Kelloggs, and it was effective - from what I've read. I agree that 'we' need to employ these tactics.

Slavery, monument destruction, etc. Here are a few claims from a Paul Joseph Watson about slavery; I personally haven't done the research to confirm or deny these points....

- the word 'slave' comes from 'Slav' because Slavs were often forced into slavery in the Middle Ages.
- Historically Arabs enslaved whites (and also blacks)
- virtually all races have participated in enslaving others
- currently there are still millions enslaved in Africa
- there are 46 million people enslaved in the world today
- white people were the first to legally abolish slavery
- hundreds of thousands of whites died in the US civil war, which ended slavery in the US

In light of that - how bad is the US record on slavery?

The current movement to destroy monuments on the Confederate side of the civil war, and of major US historical figures who were slave owners, reminds me of '1984'. Orwell's vision of the future is alive and well - right here in the US. I never thought I'd see it.

- Ed

John Craig said...

Ed --
The current insanity is amazing. Colleges offer courses in how to decrease and get around whiteness, anybody white who accomplishes anything has it attributed to "white privilege" (I've written on this blog about how "yellow privilege" is more of a thing), whites are taught that to stick up for their own is evil, while every other ethnic group is expected to do exactly that. The list just goes on and on. Even the difference in life expectancy between whites and blacks is called a function of "white privilege," even though Hispanics and Asians both have longer life expectancies than whites.

As far as slavery, did you know that the last country to outlaw slavery was Mauritania, in 1981? And even though slavery was made illegal at that point, it wasn't criminalized until 2007! And despite that, there were still thought to be 43,000 slaves there as of 2015. Yet not a peep from the liberals about that. Amazing. Or, maybe, not so amazing.

Dave Moriarty said...

I have been giving this more thought. The first thing we do is urge our pool to stop watching CNN. That should be simple enough but here is the action with more impact. Boycott DIsney. No more taking the family to the resorts. Skip the movies -don't watch ESPN .
If the Disney parks people walked in one day and saw no white families they would notice. Espn ratings drop overnight. Disney movies are bombs . The stock would take a huge hit . The short sellers would prey on the weakness and push it lower. The stockholders would be annoyed their asset is worth half ore white boycott days. You can be sure the board will notice . That would be a great demonstration of the power of the movement . This is clearly non violent and simply an expression of choice . We chose to not go see mickey because we believe Disney is at war against straight white males.

John Craig said...

Dave --
As far as CNN and ESPN, those "boycotts" have already taken place. I think all news channel watchers are already pretty self-selective in terms of what they're willing to watch, and I doubt too many people who are conservative watch CNN to start with. Likewise, part of the reason ESPN has lost viewers is because they HAVE introduced so much leftist bias into their sports coverage, and the average sports fan has no interest in that. (Of course, part of that is the general shift from cable, too.)

As far as the Disney parks, etc, that would be great. And you've described the ideal outcome of a boycott. That would be gratifying to see.

Rona said...

"Those who identify as neo-Nazis and the KKK members sometimes seem the psychological equivalents of those who join the antifa movement. It's all about getting attention, and wearing costumes, venting, and, in a sense, play-acting."

Very true. The persistent minority of Neo-Nazis that latches on every new right movement is cancer.

The maddening thing is that out of a 1000 altRight people there, less than 2% had Nazi iconography yet the whole thing is described as White supremacist rally.

The appeal to Neo-Nazis to think of the good of the movement and future goals is met with 'They'll call us Nazi anyway'. In their minds their playing into media hands, parading with swastika as a villain in media narrative is 'sticking it to the Jews'.

Like SJWs, they are beyond reason. They would come in full Nazi regalia to Polish nationalist rally sure that once they explain how wonderful Adolf really was Poles would totally understand.

The only, final, solution is to ban these freaks from participating in the movement.

True, media will call us Nazi anyway but, as someone said, imagine if the Catholic priests said 'They'll call us pedos anyway'.

John Craig said...

Rona --
Ha, well put: "The only, final, solution is to ban these freaks......" (I would have taken out the two commas.)

Yes, they're just childish, and also often thuggish. they're the same people who used to be called skinheads in England, just young guys looking for an excuse to create mayhem. (Like their spiritual equivalents, the Antifa crowd.)

They're also the people Anthony Burgess immortalized in Clockwork Orange. (They'd probably like that analogy.)

But here's an analogy they won't like: they're also like the young black thugs who plague every black ghetto. They're young, full of testosterone, low IQ, lawless thugs.

And yeah, they really hurt the Right. I'll occasionally tell someone not to use the n-word because all that does is alienate people as well. (As well as be needlessly ill-mannered.) But for some, a political viewpoint, or movement, is just an excuse to let off steam.

These guys would be better off taking up a sport.

Rona said...

Yes, low IQ, bravado, joblessness and general lack of perspective seem common for this group.

I don't know how much you've been following the Altright scene so disregard if I'm saying here something you already know. White nationalism 1.0 before the AR was pretty much what you described. New people who who don't fit this stereotype are interesting however. A lot of young people came to Altright from internet forums where being trollish, vulgar and offensive is norm, especially while challenging pc. Combine that with culture of using ironic approach to anything that might say something about what people value, the manner in which Trump ran his campaign and general liberal shrieking of Nazi at anyone who disagrees.

From this cocktail so called Ironic Nazism was born. Its weapons are dank memes made to mock and trigger the left by using Trump and later Hitler. Practically none of these guys were actually neo-nazis, for one thing they are funny and WN 1.0 have no sense of humor.

Liberals, many of whom were Jewish, predictably responded to this with outrage, demands for 'Shut it down' and warning that, if we do nothing, another holocaust is just around the corner thereby providing trolls with more ammunition for creating memes such as 'Shut it down, da goyim know', sending Jews attacking Trump pictures of an oven with a trail of dollar bills leading to it, and the entire TRS podcast called The Daily Shoa which combines edgy jokes with discussions of political philosophy.

Most people involved were libertarian, some moving toward white advocacy and nationalism.

With situation getting more polarized, Muslim terrorist attacks followed by liberal defense of Islam, migrant invasion of Europe, doxxing of individuals and explicit attacks on whites in media and academia there was a perceptible shift in tone.

People became openly pro-white. And some of those people begin unironically considering Nazism.

They don't really have anti-social personality of WN 1.0, they're young guys whose American identity has been deconstructed and reduced to role of historical oppressors and who take up Nazism because it projects unapologetic strength and white identity.

It's really a sad result of destruction of healthy understanding of European American identity and history.

Long post but I thought it might be interesting to those outside AR.

John Craig said...

Rona --
That is a fantastic summation of what the evolution of the alt-right has been. I"m not part of that, I"m just a 63-year-old who can't shuck his Boomer mentality, or so my son keeps telling me. But I hear a lot about all this from him, he has enjoyed reading the MPC website and has enjoyed all the trolling that those types do.

And you're right, WN 1.0 was/is a humorless group in general, and the mic crowd brought some much-needed zest and humor to that cause.

And yes, the increased polarization and all the useful idiots (in the bolshevik sense of the phrase) arguing for increased Muslim immigration has driven those who were so inclined even further to the right, but still, identifying in any way with Naziism can only hurt their cause.

Another interesting aspect, much of the evolution you're describing has happened in the past three or four years, things seem to be developing much more quickly now, and that's partly a function of the polarization you describe and the heightened feelings.

Charlie Manson predicted a race war back in 1968 or so, and I used to take that as evidence of how crazy he was. Now, it doesn't seem quite as crazy.

Full disclosure, I've always considered myself just sort of an interested but mostly uninvolved bystander. As a Eurasian, I'd look pretty silly identifying with the white nationalists, given that they wouldn't have me. But I see what's going on pretty clearly (I think), and I think it's even more clear to me since I am, at a racial level, somewhat nonpartisan. And what's going on is tragic; there are people who actively want to destroy the greatest civilizations ever, those of the West, and are operating behind the scenes to facilitate this. And all the "useful idiots" are swallowing their propaganda. And, maybe it's the obvious dishonesty of the propaganda which is most galling of all.

Anonymous said...

Not to be annoying, but one word in the title of your post needs correction, the word organization.

- Susan

John Craig said...

Susan --
Not annoying at all, thank you very much. I always appreciate corrections like that, that mistake was pretty embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

Please don't be embarrassed by a misspelled word. I just kept noticing it and wanted to let you know about it.

- Susan

John Craig said...

Thank you Susan.

Anonymous said...


I would love nothing better than to punch those idiot KKK members and people waving the swastika. you, like any other sensible person, hit the nail on the head by saying that this scares off more people than it attracts. In the last two years, I believe there was a momentum turn. More and more people were waking up from their liberal slumber and started seeing the light. For God's sake, Trump won WI and came close to winning liberal Minnesota. We were in the midst of a revolution. I firmly believe that the actions of BLM and antifa helped people wake up.

Sadly, these Nazi idiots and the social retard who ran over Heather Heyer probably set us back. We had CNN and MSNBC on the ropes, seeing that their topic of discussin every single day was Russia. Well, they now have their new talking point that they can milk for months.

Also, the face of the alt-right needs to be someone like Jared Taylor. Spencer isn't really that sharp. Ive seen him lose debates to liberals where Taylor would have eaten them for breakfast.

John, just curious, do you know what happened to Ambrose Kane? The website is down. I hope he's alright. That was truly one of my favorite sites.


John Craig said...

Spartan --
Couldn't agree with you more. And yes, the KKK and Nazi guys only give the alt-right a bad name. I likened them psychology to the Antifa types, but they're also similar in terms of the effect they have on those sitting on the fence: both groups drive people away from their side.

People do seem to be waking up despite them, though; the Left has overplayed its hand, and has been for a while. And now their insanity is more apparent than ever.

Jared Taylor would make a fantastic spokesman for an alt-right party. As it is, he's as close to a spokesman as they have, though he's more closely associated with outright white nationalism. He's got gravitas, and he's good on his feet and has been interviewed so many times that he's not going to get caught in the sorts of traps that interviewers like to set for people like him. Plus his resume is clean (he's never advocated nor been linked to any hint of violence. And, for whatever it's worth, he went to Yale, and the Institut de Science Politiques (I may be spelling that wrong), is trilingual, and had a few "normal" jobs, like working for a bank, before starting up American Renaissance. Plus he's good-looking, which always helps.

The problem right now is that Taylor is primarily a journalist. He's a spokesman, yes, but AR is basically an online publication, and a forum. They host a conference once a year where like-minded people give talks, but it's still primarily about journalism. What a white group needs to do is operate the way the Left does, and organize boycotts and use the court system to their advantage (much as I disapprove of the latter in principle).

There's also the problem of exactly where the new group would stand. Race realism is one thing, white nationalism is another, and the group would have to walk a fine line there.

Agreed, Richard Spencer is not the right guy, he's sort of a loose cannon and sort of disqualified himself with that Nazi salute (I'm still not clear on whether that was done jokingly).

I have no idea what happened to Ambrose Kane, hope it's just a temporary internet blip and not a function of the recent crackdown.

Chris Mallory said...

"their presence always seems like an upraised middle finger."

We are a nation occupied by a hostile invader. Of course our flag is meant to be an upraised middle finger against the occupying forces. Let the Confederate States of America regain it's freedom.