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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Primitive hairlines, Part IV

Ex-cop Tommie Griffin committed suicide two days ago after a standoff with a SWAT team he was once a member of, in Cleveland, Ohio.

Griffin, a decorated officer, had been on the run for three days after leaving house arrest. He had been accused of the rape and pistol whipping of his girlfriend. 

Here's Griffin:

In the picture on the left, he looks a little like one of those old movie werewolves.

When the police searched his house, they found 67 weapons, including 50 handguns, five assault rifles including an AK-47, an Uzi submachine gun, seven long rifles, and four shotguns.

When someone turns his house into an arsenal like that, things often seem to end poorly for them -- and those around them. For instance, when Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock's homes were searched, a lot of weapons turned up.

(Nobody needs that many weapons.)

And look at the expression on Griffin's face; he doesn't look like a man who would take kindly to being trifled with. In fact, in both of those pictures, he seems to be filled with rage. As if he's trying to decide whether to kill you now, or kill you later.

As it turned out, the only person Griffin killed was himself, so he was no murderer. Still, all in all, a scary guy. And his hairline only added to that impression. 


Anonymous said...

while we are on hairlines

LOOK AT THIS HAIRLINE and the insane's like a combination of RACHEL MADDOW and some female space alien boss of Marshall Applewhite

this is like the worst public display, since ever, DAMN...

you are wise and worldly, o MISTER CRAIG, what's up with this girl?

I need a list of her meds, that's the only clue I can imagine...


John Craig said...

I'm listening to it now. She does sound a little paranoid, and certainly embittered. (Though maybe she has reason to be vis-a-vis Andy Cohen and Harvey Levin.) And it's hypocritical for her to be so hypersensitive to any criticism directed her way, given the way her act is so critical of others. I also don't get how she considers herself a champion of the LGBT community given that her act often consists of calling people like Ryan Seacrest "Miss Seacrest," etc.

That said, I'm more sympathetic to her than most Trump supporters are. I was never offended by the bloodied head thing, she's a comedienne, that's the kind of thing she's supposed to do. And that's what made her funny, she was fearless. (There's nothing less funny than a comedian who's afraid to offend anyone.) She's also had her father die fairly recently, her sister die recently, and it turned out a few years back that her husband was somehow stealing from her, so I can see how she'd fall apart a little bit. And everything she said about Cohen and Levin in that Youtube video sounds true. (And I've always liked her honesty.)

So, while I disagree with her politics, which have always seemed simple-mindedly and reflexively leftist, I don't dislike her personally, and to answer your question, I don't see any syndrome that jumps out at me.

As far as her looks, I agree that she's not attractive, though I don't see her as quite as grotesque as you seem to. I remember when I've watched her shows in the past, the vague thought would go through my mind, could I do that? And the conclusion I would always come to was....nah. Her figure's not bad, but somehow her face was just on the other side of attractive to me. And that manic energy might be a little too much in person.

Actually, that thought just put another thought into my head: is it possible she's bipolar? A lot of the funniest comedians are supposed to be depressive, and it would make sense at that level for her. And she seems to be going through a depressive phase now, even though it's largely situationally induced. I don't know, just a guess.