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Monday, November 13, 2017

Human nature isn't confined to Hollywood

I have to admit, I'm enjoying these almost daily revelations of Hollywood, and journalistic, misbehavior. What's been most enjoyable about them is that the people being tarred are for the most part virtue-signaling liberals who pay lip service to feminism. And many of them expressed abhorrence for Donald Trump, partly for his allegedly having made "unwanted sexual advances" to women in the past.

Harvey Weinstein was a big Hillary supporter, and a major Democratic donor. Remember when Hillary said that every woman who claims to have been raped "deserves to be believed?"

Ben Affleck, another prominent liberal, declared that the allegations against Weinstein "made me sick." Then it turned out that he himself had been a harasser, albeit on a smaller scale, and there were similar allegations against his own brother Casey, whom he had supported.

Kevin Spacey was also a Democratic donor.

And journalists Leon Wieseltier, Michael Oreskes, Jann Wenner, and Mark Halperin are prominent liberals as well.

So, seeing these "feminist's" true natures exposed is gratifying.

But does anyone doubt that men in positions of power in other fields act exactly the same way?

Does anyone think that the CEOs of various corporations across the country aren't having it off with  their various subordinates?

Does anyone doubt that there are plenty of corporate managers below CEO level who are having affairs with women who work for them?

Does anyone doubt that all of these women think that having sex with their bosses will help them professionally?

When I worked on Wall Street, over half of the good-looking women there that I knew were having sex with, if not their bosses, someone else who could help them get ahead. Their resumes may have included stints at Drexel Burnham Lambert, or First Boston, or Salomon Brothers, but in spirit, what they were doing was not really all that different from what the ladies at the Bunny Ranch in Nevada do.

Does anyone doubt that a lot of college professors regularly have sex with their students? (At most colleges, this is against the rules.)

Does anyone doubt that there is a lot of hanky panky that goes on in the military? We occasionally hear of harassment cases at West Point or elsewhere, but those are undoubtedly just a small fraction of the incidents that take place.

And does anyone doubt that at medical practices across the country, a fair percentage of doctors aren't having it off with pharmaceutical reps and nurses and other staff?

Just to be clear, it's not always the man in the position of power.

In many of these cases, these incidents are taking place with the full and enthusiastic participation of the subordinates involved. And in some, they're doing it purely for professional advancement. And much of the time, it's a combination of the two.

Also, varying amounts of brazenness were undoubtedly shown by both parties in instigating the affairs.

But virtually all of these situations, if presented in the right light, could be made to sound like sexual harassment.

But exactly where is the line defining "harassment" drawn? There's always going to be a huge gray area there.

We probably won't hear about many of these incidents, since most people have no incentive to report them. (Just as the women who voluntarily slept with Harvey Weinstein to land roles have not had much to say.)

But the idea that sexually aggressive behavior is confined to Hollywood is incredible silly.

Men tend to be the aggressors about sex, and they express that aggression with varying degrees of subtlety. And women play along -- or don't -- with varying degrees of coyness. That's the way it's always been, and the way it will always be.

If these instincts didn't exist, the human race would long ago have died out.


Shaun F said...

John - I was told many years ago that, in the province I resided in at the time, that the Deputy Prime Minister would sleep with women and give em jobs - Assistant Deputy Minister level - which is quite well paying at the provincial level. The person who told me had a certain level of credibility. Of course the inevitable problem is that these people are not competent. Even in the nation's capital I have been around government offices where someone has pointed and stated "Former Prime Minister's child." when pointing at a photo of someone and her child.

John Craig said...

Shaun --
I bet those rumors were true. I forgot about government jobs when writing this post up, but it's undoubtedly true there too.

And yeah, competency becomes a big problem.

Steven said...

I guess all of that is true and I'm not too concerned with it, apart from the fact it is an unfair basis for promotion. The difference with Harvey, of course, is that he is allegedly a multiple rapist. I guess you just have to have certain rules, and if people break them in a consensual way then no on gets hurt. But at least there is some protection for those who don't want it and a deterrent for unsubtle and bad behaviour.

I've been thinking about this and I have a feeling that men don't naturally understand how psychologically harmful rape is...they have to be educated about it. I've been surprised by some of the testimony I've read from a woman's pov and how damaging it was for a man, its not intuitively obvious to me it would be that harmful. I could imagine a man in a different time and place, maybe pre civilization or when there was less awareness about it, being opportunistic and either not realizing how harmful he was being or just not having a strong legal and social deterrent. The latter itself probbaly deters a lot of luck pushing in intimate situations.

I think education, respect for consent and legal deterrents are all important. I just wonder if men in a primitive state of social development are quite rapey. Maybe I'm barking up the wrong tree here and rape is not that common in hunter gatherer tribes...what do you think?

John Craig said...

Steven --
I agree that it can be extremely harmful to women, and it's against the law for good reason. And, yeah, education is good. But I also suspect that we're sort of hard-wired for it, as I wrote about here:

The fact that it's such a common fantasy among both men and women has to mean.....something.

Jokah Macpherson said...

One of the women who started at my employer around the same time as me just out of college wound up marrying a guy from upper management who's about 15-20 years older. When the relationship began, she reported to him via the chain of command, but when they disclosed it was going on she was moved from under him (organizationally, at least) like the same day. As best I can ascertain, it was as genuine a relationship as any relationship ever really is, and wasn't undertaken for career advancement reasons or anything. There's no sign she's been shown much favoritism in advancement, and had a fairly cool, youngish personality and look even though he was much older, so it's the sort of thing that might have happened even if he wasn't in a position of power in the workplace. A lot of it is just proximity.

Jokah Macpherson said...

If you think about it, rape is fundamentally the same as a wet willy. Both involve inserting body fluid into an orifice via an appendage without consent.

John Craig said...

Jokah --
You're right, proximity accounts for a lot of it. As I said in the post, some of these things take place with the full and enthusiastic participation of the subordinates involved.

By the way, I love your phrase, "it was as genuine a relationship as any relationship ever really is." That is really the ultimate in cynicism, whether or not you intended it that way. But I suppose anybody who was ever a good comedian sort of has to be like that.

John Craig said...

Jokah --
I didn't even know what a wet willy is, had to look it up. Hmm. Well some feminists might beg to differ.

Though I have to admit, it does sound sort of unpleasant.

Not Dave said...

Something juveniles do, most don't do it as adults. Mostly male on male.

europeasant said...

Since everyone is confessing I figure it's my turn.

Back when I was in fifth grade a very pretty girl was transferred into my class room.She looked like a doll. I was infatuated,in love,in lust, I don't know which but my head was swimming high in the clouds whenever she walked near me.
Well at least two times I gave her a slow love tap on her behind as she walked by. After the second time she said she would tell the Nun on me if I persisted in my behavior, so I stopped. That was a long time ago but you can imagine what might have happened in this day and age.The police might even have gotten involved.
BTW I'm a tits and ass man and have been for a long time I guess.

John Craig said...

Europeasant --
As confessions go, that one's not particularly damning. Anyway, fifth grade pretty much goes into the same category that George W.H. Bush's recent trespasses go into: not of an age where you can be held responsible.

Then again, if Gloria Allred had been the principal of that school (wrong ethnicity, I know), maybe a big deal would have been made of it.

There's nothing like an elementary school crush. It's innocent, but because it's all so new, it's incredibly intense.

Alicia W. said...

I certainly don't find it surprising. Humans are pretty carnal and surprisingly primitive creatures. We use sex to gain power, as bargaining chips, and just because it we find fun. And as you pointed out, men and women tend to express sexuality differently. That's to say nothing of the different mating strategies and goals we have and employ. I don't think people are actually shocked at all. We just like to act like we are because that's how society says we should react. Anyone who is actually shocked is remarkably naive about how humans behave.

John Craig said...

Alicia W. --
Yes, there are basically two possibilities here: anyone expressing shock is either incredibly naive, or has been brainwashed into thinking men and women are just like each other. OR, they're just trying to virtue signal by acting so horrified that men are aggressive about sex.