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Sunday, December 17, 2017

The media doesn't believe itself

For anyone willing to take a look at the evidence, it's fairly apparent that Barack Obama is gay, as I explained here and here.

We hear a lot from the media these days about how being gay is perfectly acceptable. In fact, if there's the slightest hint that anybody disapproves in any way of homosexuality, you can be sure the media will pretty much eviscerate them.

Yet the media also "protect" Obama by not talking about his homosexuality, which has to be more or less an open secret in Beltway circles by now. And, after all, if the President of the United States is gay, it's pretty big news.

If the media really believe it's okay to be gay, why do they feel obliged to cover up Obama's sexuality this way? Why do they treat it as such a deep, dark secret?

It's almost as if they don't believe what they preach.

And now that #Metoo is in full swing, the media are coming down especially hard on men who take advantage of their powerful positions to have sex with subordinates.

It's pretty obvious that among Obama's lovers were Kal Penn, who was a temporary White House employee, and his "body men" Nick Colvin and Reggie Love.

If it is a crime to use your powerful position to obtain sex, why isn't Obama being called out for that?


Shaun F said...

John - Just curious do you think Obama is the father of those two young girls that are supposed to be his daughters? I am familiar with men coming out of the closet in their later lives to discover their "true self". At which point they've generally abandoned their wife and family for more meaningful pursuits.

John Craig said...

Shaun --
Wow that was a quick response. I have no idea whether those girls are biologically his. The older one looks vaguely like him, and is somewhat light-skinned. The younger one doesn't. But as I said, I can only guess.

mark said...

They feel obliged to cover up his sexuality because he is married and if he and his wife deny that he is gay, it is gay, set, match or something like that. Really, I have read your gay theory columns and one thing that strikes me is that there isn't much evidence either way. I do think that one reason Obama ended up in Chicago is that he wanted an anonymous very large city to live in. Why is that? I am not sure. Obama is effeminate but black guys can be oddly effeminate and also hyper masculine too. So the whole topic leaves confused but I wouldn't mine seeing is search history and I would rather have that information then his transcripts.