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Thursday, February 21, 2019

The temperature of the populace

Yahoo News is a typical propaganda outlet whose articles constantly demonize Trump and his supporters in any way they can. So it's a little surprising that they still allow comments after their articles, since most of those comments lean in the other direction.

This morning's article on Yahoo about Jussie Smollett's arrest was not written by Yahoo News, but is simply a reprinting of a straightforward ABC News report. (It would be hard to put a Leftist spin on this piece of news.)

It has -- as of this writing -- 3731 responses. If you click on "View reactions" at the bottom of the article you'll get a sense of how people feel about this case. Virtually every single one flies right in the face of Yahoo's ideology.

It's hard to escape the conclusion that the constant propagandizing by Yahoo News and its ilk that has pushed readers rightward.

It's almost beginning to seem that this prodding is by design.


Anonymous said...

As Q say's: "The World is waking up to the TRUTH. Expect 'attacks' to dramatically intensify across all platforms." Q

The deep state controls the mainstream media. Operation Mockingbird is in place. This is why Trump tweets and uses Q. He drops intel, following national security laws. Trump is notorious for calling out the MSM as Fake news. Personally, I'd like for Trump and his military advisors to come out and tell the public point blank what we need to know, the facts. Q has stated the only way forward is transparency. I use to never be interested in politics, national events until Obama's last term of office.

- birdie

ArthurinCali said...

Also, the Mueller Report was handed to the Attorney General at 5pm on a friday. Not always, but if this had the supposed bombshell revelations the MSM keeps talkimg about, it would have been released on a monday. That way all the "news" programs could talk about it all week. Of course, anything remotely questionable will be spun as total proof that Putin is running America.

John Craig said...

Arthur --
Yes, exactly. And in the meantime the Democrats colluded with Russia far more, but in their topsy turvy world, it was Trump who did it. Never mind Obama's hot mike moment when he told Medvedev, "Don't worry, after the election Ill have more flexibility." Never mid Hillary and her reset button. Never mind Obama telling Romney (who said Russia was our number one global enemy in the '12 campaign) "The 1980's want their foreign policy back." Never mind Hillary selling 20% of North American's uranium supply to Russia because a big contribution was made to the Clinton Foundation.

ArthurinCali said...

Exactly. Nevermind all the video of every leading Democrat ten years ago saying the same things about illegal immigration that Trump says now. The wall or barrier wasn't immoral at the time when the Secure fence act of 2006, but apparently our national sovereignty is now...

John Craig said...

Arthur --
Schuman and Pelosi both voted for barriers at our southern border in the past, but now it's immoral; were they immoral, by their own definition, five years ago? Even Obama as saying at one point that we couldn't allow illegal immigration.

But now, they've all come to the realization that illegal immigration is the best ay to insure a permanent Democratic majority.

ArthurinCali said...

Well, if you can't persuade the voters you have, bring new ones in.

What we seem to have now is modern day Sophists in the MSM and from our public intellectuals. Clever, yet fallacious arguments that do not address the issues.

John Craig said...

The "w" button didn't seem to be working on my last comment.

Agree, today it's all about the hysterical fear that someone might be "discriminating" against someone else. And, of course, only certain groups can be "discriminated" against. You're right, sophistry is the word to describe it all.

ArthurinCali said...

One example would be the current uproar regarding the elite public colleges in New York. Instead of merit, officials wring their hands over representation as if the schools should look like an Old Navy commercial.

John Craig said...

Exactly -- any inequality of outcome is evidence of "discrimination."

ArthurinCali said...

Correction: High Schools. They have a standardized test that everyone has an opportunity to pass for admission.

John Craig said...

I knew what you meant. The Bronx High School of Science and Stuyvesant have long been the most prestigious; if they stop admitting people purely on the basis of test scores, and institute an aggressive program of affirmative action, they'll lose some of that prestige.

Anonymous said...

Along the general idea of the 'temperature of the populace' - I'm going to say its 'pissed off' - on both sides of the aisle.

Many people could analyze this reach differing 'root cause' explanations.

For me it boils down to this:
Mainstream working US citizens are falling behind the income / expense curve, and they have been for a long time. You go to work, work hard all day / year, and get a 2% raise, leaving you with a 1.3% take home pay increase. Meanwhile your health care expense, rent / property tax, and many other expenses increase by far more than that. Every year you bust ass doing the right thing, and you are farther behind. You want a recipe for revolution - there it is.

Give corporate America a huge tax cut, and they plow the money into stock buy backs - so upper management can rake in huge bonuses for pumping their own stock price with Trump's gift. The Fed distorts the economy by artificially suppressing interest rates, and companies borrow money to buy their own stock - for more of the same. ( much more to say on this, but will stop there).

So we have two poles: Go Socialist, or go Trump ( fight back against globalism, insource manufacturing, and America First - stop fighting, and wasting trillions of dollars on - foreign wars, stop backstopping Europe and the rest of the world militarily, at US expense and their savings).

For young people - most come out of college saddled with massive student loan debt - and many companies require a degree for jobs as basic as administrative assistant - since a college degree is now the only legal screen for a modicum of intelligence. They enter the working world only to fall behind the income / expense curve every year - after starting in a hole they were unlikely to ever climb out of anyway. They face the Fed induced housing / real estate bubble so can pay astronomical rent and realize they will never be able to afford a home. They witnessed the Fed bail out the criminal banking system - and all the criminal bankers not only didn't go to jail, but stayed on board, and collected massive raises and bonuses during the 'recovery' gifted to them by the Fed. The Fed kicked in trillions of dollars to save baby boomers and criminal bankers. The Fed has barely tapered from their QE and already more QE is on the horizon. Who is to say what those trillions of dollars should be used for - I can't blame the young for saying 'why don't you just print more trillions for my direct benefit (free education, free health care, green BS - whatever)'?

I campaigned for Trump. I saw him as the last hope. But Trump squandered his chance to fight the fight on Wall funding in 2017 - when he had a guaranteed Rep. House and Senate for a full year. Everyone who knows a bit about politics would know that the Republicans could lose the House in 2018. But Trump waited until the tail end of 2018 to 'go to the mat', lost the battle, went Executive Order, and will now face legal challenges. bottom line: ZERO NEW WALL DURING TRUMP PRESIDENCY; UNPRECEDENTED INVASION OF ILLEGALS DURING HIS WATCH.

America First? Trump surrounds himself with John Bolton - the most out of control war hawk in the US. Trump / US pushing a coup in Venezuela and threatening US intervention; Trump saying US will defend Israel in the Golan Heights; Trump threatening war with Iran. America First? My ass.

I'll give Trump credit for fighting the Trade War.

Overall, for the most part I think I'm watching political theater. GLOBALISTS THROW TRUMP SHOW TO DISTRACT THE PEOPLE WHILE THEIR AGENDA MARCHES ON.

I believe there is no political solution to what's happening in the US. I believe 'yellow vest' type unrest, at a minimum, is coming here - and probably much more than that. (and isn't it interesting that many regular people in the US have never heard about the yellow vests - MSM must be very worried about that type of unrest coming here).

- Ed

John Craig said...

Ed --
There's no question Trump wasted a fantastic opportunity by not pushing of the Wall his first year in office, though I'm not even sure he would have been able to get it by Congress then. As it was, he actually go the House to pass it in 2018, before the new session started. It was the Senate, where the Republicans still have a majority, which said no. There were enough RINO Republicans to vote it down.

As far as labor falling behind, I see that as pretty much a function of immigration. Labor has no bargaining power when all management has to do is issue more H-1B visas to Indian or Chinese programmers who are willing to work cheaper than Americans. And many of the manual labor/factory jobs are taken by immigrants from the South who are willing to work cheaper.

Agree with you completely on wars which serve no purpose for the US, and most of our Mideast involvement falls into that category.

Anonymous said...

Trump could have made the government shutdown fight-to-the-death with a Republican congress in 2017, early 2018. He let the opportunity pass - in my opinion that proves he never intended to get it done. If nothing else, he could have proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that the Republican party is a fraud on immigration.

BUILD THE WALL was the central plank of Trump's candidacy - why wait?

Did anyone think the Democrats were going to cave to the shutdown in 2018?

Labor falling behind: agree about H1B visas, and I think we'll also agree that outsourcing manufacturing greatly undermined wage growth.

I'll throw a change in corporate attitude toward labor. In the 1980's and 90's companies thought their 'talent' was worth keeping. They were willing to give good raises to keep workers with years of experience. If you walked into your manager's office with an offer from another company - there was a good chance they would match that offer to keep you.

Today companies make every effort to make employees replaceable. Workers are cross-trained so they can be shuffled around to replace departing employees. If you come to them with an offer from another company - you can expect 'give us your badge, and then we'll walk you out'. There is still a good amount of chaos and lost productivity due to high turnover, but companies are most willing to take that hit to keep labor costs down.

Another modern game is the set of unattainable goals that you will be measured by, and when you fail, that will be used to ding your raise.

- Ed