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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sex addiction

Above, Steve Phillips, former ESPN analyst, is pictured with Brooke Hundley, the ESPN employee with whom he had a brief fling which resulted in her stalking him, going to his home, writing a letter to his wife, and Facebook-friending his son.

Phillips is now reportedly receiving treatment for sex addiction.

I'd always thought "sex addiction" was mostly just a pseudo-psychological excuse for errant male behavior. ("Honey, it's not my fault, really -- it's an illness, I have no control over it.")

After seeing the picture above, I realized, it really must be a disease.

A little while ago an anonymous commenter on the "ask and tell" post said that I was "superficial and sexist." I guess I've just proven her -- I assume it's a her -- right.

Disclaimer: I would never mock someone on the basis of their appearance alone. But once they've done something like rape a 13 year old girl (like Polanski), do insider trading (Raj Rajaratnam), or stalk someone's family, their looks become fair game.

Addendum, 10/30/09: I was surprised when the editor at Takimag asked if he could re-publish this post as well. This post, which is basically just an extended fat joke, alongside former Presidential candidate Pat Buchanan's sophisticated analysis of the international ramifications of the Afghan war? As my son said last night, "Dad, you're going to bring the level of that website way down."


Anonymous said...

John, That is EXACTLY what I said, too, when I saw the picture. I hope it makes you feel better to know that a woman had the same thought! Julie H

John Craig said...

Julie, good to hear from you. Yes, thank you, it does make me feel better after the recent criticisms. (On the other hand, maybe it should make you feel worse to know you're as sexist and superficial as me.)