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Monday, December 28, 2009

A wild time was had by all

My 52-year-old brother is getting married (for the first time, to a 32-year-old woman) on January 16th, in Santa Barbara.

I just informed him that his bachelor party was this past Friday night, when we watched The Hangover (see review below).

When you're 52, an appropriate bachelor party seems to consist of watching a movie about someone's else's bachelor party, then falling sleep, exhausted, at ten.

And speaking for myself, when you're 55, the idea of a real, live bachelor party is, unfortunately, completely and utterly without appeal. Although, come to think of it, even in my youth I never found them appealing. A late night, and a bunch of obnoxious drunken guys yelling at a hired (and very bored) stripper. Not exactly conducive to thoughts of romance -- or even sex.


Anonymous said...


Holy Crap !!! Paul is getting married, I can't believe it. She must be very special to tie him down. Please pass on to him my sincere congratulations.

Mad Dog

John Craig said...

Thank you Tom, will do.

Anonymous said...

john, since you menation it, why is he unmarried and b)marrying so late in life.

if he's your brother he must be fairly smart and competent as well. so what's the story

John Craig said...

Anon --
Thank you for the compliment, but I have to disagree as far as seeing getting married as an issue of competence.

As far as my brother marrying late, he was one of those guys who looked for perfection early on, and of course there's no such thing -- on either side.