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Friday, December 2, 2011

Missing the point

The NY Post ran an editorial this morning in which they praised Barack Obama for refusing to apologize to Pakistan for the recent drone bombing which left two dozen members of the Pakistani military dead: 

[Obama] called the Bush-led War on Terror “a series of hasty decisions.” In his Cairo speech, he apologized to Muslims and even stretched back to 1953 to express contrition for the CIA’s role in a coup in Iran that year.

And who can forget how he literally bowed before Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah and Japan’s Emperor Akihito?

The strategy backfired big-time; rather than admire America, the world saw this country as weak. And acted accordingly.

So now Obama’s reversed course — and won’t utter an “Our bad!” to Pakistan?

That sure would be a welcome first step — late in his presidential term though it is. 

The Post has, somewhat uncharacteristically, misread Obama's personality: this most recent action does not demonstrate a sudden change in character.

Obama apologized for the 1953 interference in Iran because a bad Republican, Dwight D. Eisenhower, instigated it. He apologized for the War on Terror because a bad Republican, George W. Bush, waged it.

But Obama is not about to apologize for a bombing that he himself, a good Democrat, called for. It would be totally out of character for a narcissistic personality like him to admit fault.

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