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Friday, December 23, 2011

Does the Tea Party ever behave like this?

An article which appeared today about how some Occupy protesters drowned out Michelle Bachmann at a campaign stop in Iowa City:

Protests on the right -- on the rare ocasions when they occur -- are inevitably orderly, well-behaved affairs where the participants clean up after themselves and obey the law. Protests by leftists -- exemplified by the recent never-ending Occupy protests -- are usually exercises in civil disobedience.

The Occupy Wall Street protesters defecated on police cars, stole from each other, and banged on drums at all hours of the night, keeping local residents from sleeping. A few committed rape and dealt drugs.

A similar pattern occurs on college campuses across the nation. Liberal speakers are never shouted down and prevented from speaking. Conservative speakers, on the other hand, are routinely picketed, shouted down, and occasionally even have water poured on them or pies thrust in their faces. And it's been that way for forty years.

If I knew absolutely nothing else about politics, I'd be able to draw a pretty accurate conclusion about which side to put more faith in based purely on their behavior.

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