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Friday, June 1, 2012

Realistic expectations

There are two local high school girls who for their senior project are attempting to build a hovercraft. I happen to know both; they are intelligent, sweet-natured girls. I asked one if she thought it would actually fly.

"Yes," came the response.

With someone inside it?


What are you going to make it out of?

"Styrofoam and metal."

I have the sinking feeling that this project will never get off the ground, literally or even metaphorically.

If it doesn't, I sincerely hope that no one -- besides me -- is so cruel as to make fun of them for it.

I also hope that next time around they choose a more realistic project.

You know, something just a little less ambitious -- like maybe a time machine.


Anonymous said...

I made a small and simplistic one with a leaf blower and a tarp during high school. Google "Lawn Chair hovercraft" to see what I made. Its really not as hard as you might think to make one that works.

However making one out of metal that will "fly" is definitely not feasible for two high school girls

-Taylor's Friend

John Craig said...

Dave --
Did yours actually fly? I Googled it and saw a bunch of contraptions that didn't really look as if they would rise much, but maybe I'm wrong.

Also, you have a name, you can sign "Dave J" and I will know who it is, you don't have to keep signing "Taylor's friend."

Anonymous said...

"fly" is a relative term.

It worked in that it glided beautifully over linoleum or concrete with a passenger on board directing another leaf blower to give thrust, but it didn't exactly achieve lift off.

It was a fun physics project and Its not terribly hard to make, but its definitely not the kind you see riding up the beaches in action movies

-Dave J

John Craig said...

Dave --
Congratulations on your successful science project. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but obviously I hadn't thought about it too much.

Guess we can't expect to count on it as transportation for our next family vacation.