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Sunday, July 15, 2012

You probably hadn't heard about this

Another outrage by the Obama administration is described by the always commonsensical Kyle Smith in today's NY Post.

Obama now wants to use Title IX to  make sure that math, science, and engineering classes in college are gender balanced.

Yet he also calls it "a great victory for America" that 25% fewer men than women now graduate from college.


Brian Fradet said...


This is clearly insane on Obama's part. While it's unfortunate certain racial and gender groups ever had to suffer in the past, this now just perpetuates the same, but with a different gender. As well, it's a way of unnaturally dumbing down those disciplines that just attract more men then women. Thanks, Brian

John Craig said...

Brian --
Amen. It's so much squeezing of round pegs into square holes. And why stop here? Why not ask for quotas in professional sports as well?

Anonymous said...

This doesn't just happen in the US: I know of a woman who got into a very good British university to study engineering, despite having significantly lower grades than would be required of a man (the university is so popular that admissions tutors would have had to refuse someone else a place in order to offer it to her). Don't get me wrong: I am all for women engineers, but not when their places at university could have gone to men with higher grades.


John Craig said...

Gethin --
I agree completely.