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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Which accusations stick, and which ricochet

It's always enlightening to see the fallout from accusations of racism in this country. If a black accuses a white of somehow favoring his own, or of trying to undermine blacks somehow, the white can try to prove the charge wrong, which is near impossible. Or he must apologize, grovel, scrape, hire unqualified minorities, and pay lip service to diversity.

(Somehow, blacks never get accused of racism, no matter how much racial solidarity they show. Ninety-eight percent of them can vote for the black candidate over the white one, and it means nothing. They can play the knockout game to their heart's content, and the media will just pretend it never happened. And all black on white crime is evidently "random." Blacks are just assumed to be pure of heart.)

If an Anglo accuses a Jewish person of somehow favoring his own, or of trying to undermine the goyim, however, the accusation never sticks. Instead, the focus gets completely turned on the Anglo for his perceived anti-Semitism. If the Anglo is prominent, Abraham Foxman will land on his back like a hungry wolverine dropping out of a tree. The Anglo will then have to apologize, grovel, scrape, and explain how he has seen the error of his ways.

Then, he'll probably lose his job anyway.

It is completely irrelevant whether the Anglo's original accusation is true. (This blogger's opinion: it never is, otherwise we'd see disproportionate numbers of Jewish people in positions of power and an inordinate amount of our foreign aid funneled towards Israel.)

There's a lesson here for the Anglos: the best defense is a good offense. If you're incredibly aggressive about protecting your own ethnic interests anytime anyone points out how aggressive you are about protecting your own ethnic interests, eventually everybody will be too cowed to point it out.

That is the position you want to occupy in a society: to not only be able to level accusations at others, but to have others' accusations directed at you deflected back onto them.

My suggestion to the next hapless Anglo accused of racism: turn the accusation around. Snarl that your accuser is trading in an age old canard, and of promoting a shibboleth. Organize with other Anglos to demand that the accuser be fired from his job.

The next time someone tries to bundle you off to reeducation camp for some sensitivity training, instead of turning the other cheek, scream, "That is the dirtiest of blood libels!" -- and demand an apology.

Jews are far smarter tacticians than Anglos, who somehow always wind up playing a lame game of defense. To score points, one must have a more well-rounded game.


Spychiatrist (SPIKE) said...

Excellent article, John.

Personally I think that we Anglo's are beset by our sense of fair play, and by operating within the confines of a framework that some things are out of bounds morally-and that is a good thing. Call it Christian ethic, Western sensibilities, or whatever.

However, many people and groups don't follow those confines which gives them unfair advantage (insider trading, war conventions, etc.).

We're just to damned nice, egalitarian and trusting. It hurts to say that honestly, as I think these are good qualities to have and benefit society greatly.

You've hit the nail on the head though with your candor. Nice work.

Spychiatrist (SPIKE) said...

The best defense is a good offense, BTW.

WE need to assert ourselves and our interests, when we don't other tribes see us as weak prey and they don't respect that. Why should they?

Walk softly but carry a large caliber is what I say.

John Craig said...

Spike --
Thank you, and i agree with your analysis.

BTW, you use the word "we" in reference to Anglos, which I'm sure is appropriate. Personally, I don't really identify Anglo; I'm roughly half European of various sorts, but with my East Asian ancestry, I ended up looking about as Anglo as Sitting Bull, as you can see from my photo. I just look at all the racial politics from an outsider's perspective.

Baloo said...

Another doozie, John. I've reprinted it and made a quibcag from it. Of course, it goes without saying that you are invited to use the quibcag, or any of my quibcags, any way you like.
The Race to Racism

Spychiatrist said...


Color is not the issue, character is.

You're a man of good character and that is what is important.

John Craig said...

Spike --
Thank you. What I am, actually, is just a blunt guy of average character. (If I had really good character, like, say, a Jane Goodall, I wouldn't understand sociopaths as well as I do.) But thank you.

Anonymous said...

John--Here's an interesting dynamic from my daughter, who considers me (correctly) a racist. She says she would never date a black or Asian guy. But I'm the racist. Go figure Good article! Brian

John Craig said...

Brian --
I've heard similar hypocritical sentiments from a lot of people. I find it's almost always those who object to racism the most vociferously who are in fact the most racist.

I may start writing about them.

John Craig said...

PS -- Brian, the key with your daughter is to draw her out. Ask her WHY she wouldn't ever date a black or Asian. She'll probably say something like, I don't know, I just don't find them attractive. Keep pressing. Ask, WHY don't you find them attractive? Keep going until she spells out the differences. Then ask, if you notice these personality/physical differences, then why am I racist for noticing differences in IQ or crime statistics between the races?

Anonymous said...

John--Good questions that I will ask her next time I see her (she lives in Denver). My guess is that she'll just say whatever's convenient at the time to shut me up--but I'd be interested in what she says now that she's 25. Hey, I never considered marrying an Asian woman until I was over 30, so I guess there's hope for her. Thanks, Brian

Anonymous said...

The goyim response to Bill Maher's anti-Christian rant: "Mr. Maher, I would like to respectfully ask you to change your focus to something constructive and use your talent to bring awareness to your listeners."

The goyim have a long, long way to go.

- Ed