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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Only whites could be crazy enough to invent feminism

Most intergroup rivalry in this county boils down to power grabs by different ethnic groups. They're all trying to do what's best for their own kinship groups, their own DNA. This, of course, makes perfect evolutionary sense.

Hispanics and blacks tend to be the most vocal when it comes to ethnic advocacy, and tend to see everything through the lens of race.

But feminists -- a decidedly white lot -- see everything through the lens of gender. Their primary goal is to help all women (especially white women) at the expense of all men (but especially white men).

Every time I meet a woman like this, I want to say to her, if you have a child, there's an equal probability that it will be a boy as a girl. Would you favor the girl over the boy, or would you try to help both your children equally?

To choose sides by gender is to declare war on half of your own relatives. Whether we're born male or female is essentially a genetic accident. However, there is no chance, if you mate with someone of your own race, that your child will be of another race. So why not stick up for your own family -- or your extended family, your race?

Nonwhite ethnic groups certainly concentrate on how they fare as an ethnicity, not how their women fare against their men.

Yet a significant group of whites, for some reason, choose to focus on gender. Whites, partly because of this, are losing the battle of the cradle to the more fecund ethnic groups which don't focus on gender wars. While white women fight for the right to abort their babies, other groups are having more babies.

I'm pro-choice. And I'm glad my daughter can compete on an athletic team in college, and has as much chance to become a doctor as a boy has. But a political war between the sexes will only weaken whichever ethnic group engages in it.

This is not to say that within other ethnic groups, men and women get along just fine. All interpersonal relationships are by nature fraught with tension, maybe even more so among blacks and Hispanics (who have higher rates of both illegitimate births and murder).

But you never hear an Asian woman complain about sexual harassment because men are looking at her the wrong way. You never hear a black woman complain that men see her as a sex object. And you never hear a Hispanic woman rail against the patriarchy.

Only whites are crazy enough to invest their energies in a war between the sexes. Or to cheer the fact that their percentage of the population is dwindling.

And those two forms of insanity do seem to be related.


Anonymous said...

Hi John--All I can say is that was a brilliant article. I think the key dynamic here is that white women simply do not take responsibility for their life, live the best life they can, and stop blaming men for everything. It's much easier to just blame white men. Thanks, Brian

Spychiatrist said...

Feminism was very much a created movement.

I really do think that it was originally designed to weaken Western civilization. Of course, the moronic adherents to this sick mind disease don't know that, but the ruling classes certainly do.

Feminism is a mind virus. A virus that is deadly like AIDS and Hepatitis. Look at the toll it has taken on our society. Look at all the minds that have been wasted on such subterfuge and un-reality.

Cui Bono.

John Craig said...

Brian --
Thank you. Yes, you're right; I mentioned those same things in "Political movements as personality disorders" on April 7th.

John Craig said...

Spike --
I wonder about that. I think of the modern feminist as having been started in the 60's by disgruntled women like Bella Abzug and Gloria Steinem, and I don't think they were thinking in terms of destroying Western civilization so much as just getting more power for themselves and maybe getting even with all the men they felt had wronged them. The same people who encourage them and all the other left wing identity movements have no love for Western civilization, I agree with you about that. And you're certainly right about the moronic nature of feminism's more doctrinaire adherents.

John Craig said...

Spike --
PS -- A rise in feminism coincided with the fall of the Roman Empire, that's one of the things that's always brought up when comparisons are made between that and the current US situation.

Anonymous said...

Is it primarily white women or US white women? My interactions with white women from Europe lead me to believe they are much more comfortable with, and embrace, the natural differences between men and women.

- Ed

John Craig said...

Ed --
That's my impression too, that European women in general are much more comfortable with their femininity. I've heard -- but have no firsthand experience on this -- that it's the Anglo countries where feminism ha taken the strongest root, i.e., in Australia, the UK, and Canada.

I don't get the impression that FEMEN are representative of the Ukraine; the women who are hired by that group seem to be a particularly easily manipulated, mindless lot.

Anonymous said...

Europe, through Russia, is in a demographic death spiral - in many countries its worse than in the US. If feminism is not such a strong influence in those countries then other strong factors are at play.

A few off-the-cuff thoughts: chronically weak economy doesn't help - its difficult to support a family when employment opportunities are weak; when young people can't even get on their feet to support themselves, providing for a family independent of the government dole is not a possibility.

Due to economic hardship most families have two working parents, forcing child-rearing into day care in conjunction with the parent's free time outside of work (and struggling to accomplish household responsibilities).

Personally I'd favor a strong US economic nationalism - the end of outsourcing of US manufacturing; the end of easy immigration policies; tariffs on incoming goods to suppress outsourcing. End high taxes and bloated government payroll that leave the private sector worker in constant danger of losing their job while handling the responsibilities of two or three workers 20 years ago; all while government workers skate and many perform make-work activities - for superior pay and benefits compared to the private sector workers who pay for their service. And policies that favor family - that encourage child rearing by the biological mother; that leave sufficient time outside of work to both be a parent, be active enough to support one's own health and be an fully involved parent.

The tip of the iceberg.....

- Ed

John Craig said...

Ed --
No question, the West is committing suicide. If you've ever seen a list of the average number of children for the women of various European countries, it seems to range from 1.2 to 1.7, something like that. Meanwhile the Muslim invaders are breeding like cockroaches.

I'm with you on ending government bloat, it's way out of control. And I'm for discouraging outsourcing; not quite as convinced about tariffs, they could lead to worldwide stagnation.

Putin has the right idea in Russia, he's trying to get the native population to have more children, he sees clearly what's going on. Over here the picture has been deliberately clouded by the media; anybody who would advocate his policies would be called a dangerous nationalist and eugenicist. Only problem is, what's happening now with no encouragement for the higher IQ's to breed more is incredibly dysgenic.

Glen Filthie said...

We're merely in a slump John.

We also invented capitalism, communism, fascism, Christianity, and a ton of other healthy, wholesome ideologies! I hear our cute little ladies are now seriously discussing the idea of paid menstrual leave in the workplace!

This is not the end game, it is a passing fad. There is going to be lots of blowback and payback coming, rest assured.

Anonymous said...

comment craig.

words fail me.
their forefathers conquered the known world, produced austen and the virgin queen. i wonder what enoch powell would say.

John Craig said...

Glen --
I hope so.

John Craig said...

Anon --
I'm at an airport so couldn't really listen to the audio very well but got the gist of it. These aren't the women I was describing in the post, in fact they're in one way the opposite: they're the ultimate realists, knowing how to lead men around by the nose and exploit them.

They're also despicable, of course, as all such users are. But even though they're realistic and exploitative, none of them gives off the slightest whiff of a triple digit IQ. It's impossible to watch that video without feeling both anger and disgust.

And yes, they're distantly related to Jane Austen and the Virgin Queen. But they're also distant kin to Wallis Simpson and Princess Di, with whom they share a closer spiritual kinship.

Anonymous said...

The problem with feminism is common to all leftists organizations.

At first the feminists demands were reasonable, they wanted the right to vote and own property. Even most conservatives today do not want to take away the right to vote for females.

But, like most leftists, when they win a political battle they keep demanding more and more

It is frustrating that the leftist feminists have taken control of our universities and continue promoting a lifestyle which is unhealthy for females.

John Craig said...

Anon --
You're exactly right. Most leftist movements started off on the side of right: the civil rights movement just wanted equal rights and an end to government-enforced segregation. The unions started off demanding an end to child labor and safer working conditions. And feminism started off asking for more opportunities for women. But each of those movements morphed into sets of unreasonable demands. And the civil rights and feminist movements each demanded forms of political correctness which wouldn't allow for honest discussion of racial and gender differences. They all started out on the side of right, and all ended up on the side of wrong.

jova said...

The feminists and leftists grew frustrated when they realized equality of rights did not result in equal outcomes.

I fully supports equal rights, and all people should be treated the same under the law. But when the leftists realized this did not produce enough female executives, female pilots, female scientists etc.... They began to change the rules, they no longer wanted equal rights, but fought for special privileges .... Such as lower standards for female firefighters, and police and soldiers

There are many reasons women will never be close to 1/3 of our CEOs or 1/3 of our senators ... But they will never acknowledge reality and will continue to claim it is due to sexism or find some other way to blame men, although women make up the majority of our population and control just as much wealth as men in America....

John Craig said...

Jova --
Amen, and all the same logic applies to "racism."