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Friday, January 16, 2015

The biggest racist and sexist of them all…. Mother Nature. She is the one who made us so diverse, in so many different ways. All of the different sorts of prejudice that exist in this world can be traced directly back to her.

Disparate impact? Lay it at her doorstep.

Unequal distribution of test scores? All Mother Nature's fault.

Invidious stereotypes? She's to blame.

The glass ceiling? Well, Mother Nature, despite being a woman, is obviously not much of a feminist. She's the one who made women bleed, and assigned them the unenviable task of childbearing.

If you want to convict someone of discrimination, let's start with Mama. It's high time that racist, sexist pig (sow?) spent some time in jail for high crimes against humanity.

Hopefully, she'll have a lot of time there to ponder her many sins.

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