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Friday, January 2, 2015

Yellow privilege

The greatest injustice in this country right now is the unearned advantage that Asian-Americans enjoy simply by virtue of their skin color.

Non-Hispanic whites have a median household income of $58,270 a year, vs. $68,088 for Asian-Americans. This can only be due to the legacy of prejudice and discrimination that whites have historically faced.

The difference in life expectancy between the races is equally pronounced: the average age at death of Asian-Americans is 86.5, vs. 78.9 for whites. Being white in this racist country can obviously take years off your life.

Asian-Americans enjoy other privileges as well: they do better on SAT's (in 2013, it was 1641 vs. 1578). They have more stable marriages (22% of Asian women, vs. 40% of white women, are divorced from their first marriages). They get more education (31% of Asians graduate from college, vs. 21% of whites).

Asians are only 5% of the population, but constitute 20% of the students at Ivy league schools, and 50% of the students at Cal/Berkeley, the jewel of the California system.

There's only one way to account for this: yellow privilege.

The way yellow people walk around not realizing what unearned privileges they enjoy is enough to drive anyone crazy. Asians have an invisible package of unearned assets that they can count on to cash in every single day of their privileged lives. They may not see themselves as the oppressors in a damaged culture, but this just makes it all the worse.

They can take their lily-yellow asses anywhere and people will not be suspect them of being alcoholics or meth-heads.

No one assumes they're spoiled trust fund babies.

No one ever assumes that they are acting like bullies, or partying too loudly.

There's never any pressure on them to be the life of a party, or to crack funny jokes.

Nobody will automatically assume that they're the kind of morons who can't perform quadratic equations in their heads, or recite the periodic table.

And police are far more likely to arrest a white than a yellow. (Can you spell P-R-O-F-I-L-I-N-G?)

How did Asians come by these unearned privileges? By oppressing whites. Teachers obviously discriminate against whites, as does the Educational Testing Service. It has to be obvious to any right-thinking person that standardized tests have been rigged to discriminate against whites.

It's a racist system, and it's high time the concept of yellow privilege was taught in colleges.

No justice, no peace!


Anonymous said...

Ha ha thanks for exposing yellow privilege, always minding their own business just under the radar.


John Craig said...

Andrew --
They obviously got to where they did by exploiting white people.

Anonymous said...


Had me smiling again with your post...way to "poke the bear". Its simple really, two names come to mind (Fat Man and Little Boy) after dropping those two big ones in WW2 we owed it to them, giving every one of their heritage an opportunity to succeed.

Mad Dog

John Craig said...

Mad Dog --
Thanks, but this post actually had very little to do with Asians, it was basically a mockery of the concept of white privilege.

Spychiatrist said...

The yellow peril.

Your sarcasm is brilliantly noted sir!

Another brilliant and pithy take-down of the crusading (fake)social justice movement in this infecting this country.

John Craig said...

Thank you Spike.

Steven said...

Preach it brother.

John Craig said...

Steven --
Yes! I like the revivalist atmosphere!

Anonymous said...


This post appears on the American Renaissance website.

- Susan

bluffcreek1967 said...

Good article John! It was also posted at the American Renaissance website too.

John Craig said...

Ambrose --
Thank you, and thank you also for your kind words about me over there.

Anonymous said...

Good satire sir, I saw something similar to this once on takimag(I think?) with much uproar.

I think you should make a post which Amren recently featured(but me, and many others have known about this for a long time) the systematic discrimination against Asians and Whites in med school acceptance.

Maybe more Asians would be on the logical side if they saw they are actually discriminated against the most in the "system".

-Dude who is too lazy to sign in

John Craig said...

Dude --
Thank you very much. I read Takimag from time to time, but can't recall seeing anything about "yellow privilege." (I try to only write stuff if I haven't seen something similar elsewhere.)

Ron Unz wrote the definitive piece on discrimination against Asians in college acceptance:

I certainly couldn't top that.

As far as the overall discrimination against whites and Asians when it comes to college acceptance, I think pretty much everybody is familiar with affirmative action.

And I agree, it's silly for Asians not to side with whites on most of these hot button issues. (There was a big shift in their voting patterns from 2008 to 2012, however.)

Marie Curie said...

FYI, not all Asian-Americans "enjoy" what privilege they may experience.

John Craig said...

Mare Curie --
I think you missed the point of this post, which was to mock the concept of white privilege, show how ridiculous it is.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed your other post...this one has made me consider that you may be indignant towards races that aren't your own. But what is white just a color not a race or grouping of people. Why do Americans segregate themselves? Willie Lynch doctrine. Only way humanity can reunite is through understanding and compassion not satire only written to give a chuckle to...[whomever you intended to enjoy] fill in whatever color code you transcribe.

John Craig said...

Anon --
I"m not indignant towards races not my own. I'm indignant against those who are indignant against races not their own, for specious reasons. The whole concept of white privilege is ridiculous, and that's what I was making fun of. Yes, white people on average do better than blacks, but that's for reasons other than "white privilege." If white privilege existed, then why do Asian-Americans do better than them? And yes, "white" encompasses a lot of ethnicities, but it's synonymous with evil in the hearts of Leftists, which is what I object to.