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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

"'Clinton Cash' author demolishes Hillary's self-defense"

A must-read from the NY Post.

It's amazing that more hasn't been made of Hillary having sold out 20% of the US's uranium production to Russia in return for some hefty contributions by various mining interests to the Clinton Foundation.

Mainstream media, where are you?

Oh, that's right, in the Dem's pocket, as usual.

If Hillary were a Republican, this would be a major scandal. And the word "treasonous" would have been invoked, many times.


Anonymous said...

Obviously, the Clintons are corrupt, using their connections to add to their wealth, in dishonest ways.


High Arka said...

Yes, but then, I do occasionally have hope for Russia--e.g., "Is Orthodox Russia strong enough to resist the forces behind the Federal Reserve?" So in that regard, I wouldn't be concerned about what she did.

Unfortunately, the fact that those "mining interests" are cooperating with the Clintons shows that Russia has also been infiltrated. Which means it really isn't a bulwark against They Who Must Not Be Named. What a crummy thought.

John Craig said...

High Arka --
It IS ironic that Russia, the former leader of the communist world, has now become more conservative than us, the theoretical leader of the "free world."

The main contributor to the Clinton foundation who benefitted from that uranium transaction was Frank Giustra, whom I just looked up on Wiki, and who seems to be of Italian extraction. His father was a miner.

High Arka said...

Well, FFS, the Italian connection again. But that kind of infiltration can't happen without local sellouts. It still speaks badly of Russia that they permitted it to happen. From their perspective, dealing with the Clinton Foundation is like Brigham Young University opening an ISIS Studies department.