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Monday, June 15, 2015

Rachel Dolezal, Part II

More and more juicy stuff keeps coming out about Rachel Dolezal. Turns out that just like every other sociopath who's ever lived, she's been acting in character her entire life.

Today the NY Post reported:

The embattled NAACP leader accused of spending years pretending to be a black woman once sued Howard University — because she claimed the school discriminated against her for being white.

Rachel Dolezal -- who quite her post as president of the Spokane chapter of the NAACP Monday -- insisted that she lost out on teaching opportunities and scholarship money because of her white skin, according to court documents.

The Post article added that:

Meanwhile, Dolezal’s artwork is also sparking controversy, with accusations that at least one of her paintings bearing an uncanny resemblance to a famous landscape by the artist J.M.W. Turner.

“Rachel Dolezal plagiarized a painting that has its own damn wikipedia article,” one stunned Twitter user wrote.

Hypocrisy, plagiarism, and a nuisance lawsuit. All sociopathic signatures.

Quartermain pointed this article out earlier today:

The relevant excerpt:

The student said that the incident occurred within the first three weeks of an introductory course on race and culture. Dolezal introduced an activity she called “Fishbowl,” in which one student sat in front of the class as others were invited to ask them questions about their racial and cultural experiences.

In the first round of Fishbowl, the student said Dolezal sought out a volunteer of Hispanic background to be questioned.

The student, who told BuzzFeed News that she identifies as Hispanic, grew up in a Spanish-speaking country, speaks the language fluently, and, while she has light skin, believes she has a “pretty solid experience of what it’s like to be Spanish.” She raised her hand to participate.

“I think we should ask another student,” the student recalled Dolezal saying in class.

The student asked why she could not participate.

“Rachel said I didn’t look Hispanic,” she said, and that her instructor “doubted that I could share experiences of racial or ethnic discrimination because I didn’t have the appearance of looking Hispanic.”

Even more hypocrisy. 

In fact, it's a classic case of the pot calling the kettle white. 


Runner Katy said...

Juicy is right! Thanks for continuing to cover this. It's been entertaining to watch this sinking ship.

John Craig said...

Runner Katy --
Thank you. Yes, it's been fun, and has raised all sorts of philosophical questions which makes the left uncomfortable.

Dolezal spoke to the press today, wasn't apologetic at all. I should probably write a post about that.

Runner Katy said...

Ooh, I'll have to find out what she's saying now. I know she posted on Facebook that she will continue to fight for equal rights, and all that nonsense. I would love to read what the rest of the NAACP has to say about her and this revelation.

John Craig said...

Runner Katy --
So far they've been relatively close-mouthed. Al Sharpton has spoken up denouncing Dolezal's parents, but he's not an official NAACP representative.

Alter Ego said...

Good blog post and discussion here:

Quartermain said...

Another wrinkle:

Tune in tomorrow for another development.

I think Sharpton just wants to date her.

John Craig said...

Alter Ego --
Yes, you're right, both the poster and all but one of the commenters seem to be on to her. You can't understand her until you look at her through the prism of sociopathy, and unquestionably she is one.

John Craig said...

Allan --
Thank you for that. Yes, it just keep getting better. Dolezal is a pathological liar, which is always a dead giveaway of sociopathy.

I hope Al succeeds in dating her, those two deserve each other.

Rifleman said...

Here are some interviews with the sociopath:

Melissa Harris-Perry Interviews Her New BFF, Asks If She's A Con Artist

John Craig said...

Rifleman --
Blacks generally resent wiggers, they rightly see them as white boys who're just playing at being and can go back to begin white any time they close, so I'm a little surprised at Harris-Perry's reaction.

I saw the interview with Matt Lauer earlier. The striking ting about Dolezal's in these clips is that even though she's just been caught and her scam exposed, she is totally without shame or embarrassment. reminded me of Lance Armstrong's interview with Oprah: not a trace of embarrassment shown. Sociopaths are completely unable to feel shame or embarrassment.

Steven said...

She wanted a boycott of exodus for casting white actors as Africans. lol

John Craig said...

Steven --
I thought you were just kidding at first, but wasn't sure, so I looked it up. Wow. This woman's hypocrisy knows no bounds. I hadn't seen that, thank you.

For those interested:

Steven said...

An interview with her just appeared in the Guardian which does into detail about her childhood and the experiences that led her to identify as black.

Here are the cliff notes:

She had abusive Christian fundamentalist parents who made her feel ashamed to be herself. She saw African kids in a book and fantasised about being one of them and not being herself. Her parents adopted black babies whom she cared for and that was her only experience of love. She learnt black history to teach it to them and started to see the world through their eyes and then got more involved with this kind of thing at college. She instinctively identified with the black side and opposed white supremacy.

Then there is this: 'At Howard she had been introduced to the idea that racial identity was “an invention of human beings”; an arbitrary classification devised by colonial whites to justify their power and privilege. “It’s socially constructed as a world view, and people operate within it, but that also means that it can be reconstructed or deconstructed. And this was a great awakening for me, because it meant I wasn’t forced to own whiteness. It wasn’t like the honest thing to do is say, ‘I’m white’, because race is a social construct. And this gave me this great sense of internal freedom: I wasn’t actually all fucked up. I was actually on to something this whole time.”'

I'm obviously not as perceptive as you on this topic and could be fooled by her clever story about her life but she comes across as having empathy and due to her unique life experiences going through a step by step process of identifying with blacks more and more, culminating in totally buying into the liberal view of race.

Correct me if I'm wrong. I'm sure you will.

John Craig said...

Steven --
Interesting, thank you. My first thought as I was reading that was, could this all be a story she concocted in order to justify her elaborate scam, to make herself seem more like a victim than she actually was?

The answer is, I honestly don't know. I wouldn't be surprised if she embellished her story to make herself sound more sympathetic than she is, but I'd also guess that there is some truth to the story: after all, for someone as screwed up as her, there would have had to be something in her background that made her that way, and this story is as plausible as any.

So, my best guess is that the real story is somewhere in between; this story has its roots in a truly dysfunctional family background, but that it is carefully presents to put her in the best light possible. She's obviously leaving out the bit about how she got more sympathy and better treatment by posing as a "black" victim rather than just another ordinary vanilla girl.

Steven said...

ah okay thanks. That sounds sensible.