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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Larger questions raised by the King incident

Why would a Caucasian willingly give up his "white privilege" in order to masquerade as a black person?

What privileges does being black convey?

What would the reaction be if there were college scholarships (like the one Oprah provided for King at Morehouse) which were de facto made available only to whites?

(Speaking of traditionally black colleges like Morehouse, how is it possible for them to provide a worthwhile education to their students without the marvelous benefits of diversity?)

What does it say about the Black Lives Matter movement that it would attract a sociopathic con artist like King, and that he fooled so many within its ranks?

What type of person enjoys posing as a victim when he is not one? What type of organization does the same?

What does it say about the Daily Kos that he blogs there?

When someone tries to stir up racial resentment and animosity by claiming to have been attacked by a "racist mob of rednecks" when in fact that did not occur, is that not a racially-motivated hate crime in and of itself?

Why are such hoaxes never prosecuted as such?

And why does the mainstream media never ask these questions?


Al Jolson said...

What's wrong with young whipper-snappers like Shaun King and Rachel Dolezal?

Haven't they heard of burnt cork?

Sheesh! No guts no glory.

mark said...

Why did he do it? Pretty easy, he went from a not very special white guy to a passionate, articulate(?) black guy. Lib blogs who really don't care that much about black lives matter now have a person they can go to who does care and without asking them for much will give them content. Would you have a problem with him if he was a really good writer? I mean is he a guy who just padded his resume to get a job he ended up being really good at. Sad, funny, strange or just creative, strange fruit indeed. Did you see Hillary confront the BLM protesters? She doesn't believe you can change hearts which I generally but not totally agree with. Looks like another executive orders Presidency could be on the way.

John Craig said...

Mark --
Good answer as to why he did it, though this is evidently a masquerade he carried on for a long while….Would I have a problem with him if he were a good writer? Yes, absolutely, if he was dishonest. And King is a con man, both about what he is pretending to be, and in terms of his political philosophy (the BLM crowd is still insisting that Michael Brown was unjustly "murdered").

I shudder to think of a Hillary Presidency, and she too seems to be an incredibly slippery, dishonest character, but at least I don't believe that in her heart of hearts she's quite as radical as Obama is.

Not MC said...

Out of curiosity John, why do you care so much about whether or not this man is a sociopath?

Question: do you (and others) believe that if Trump were in office (or any of the other candidates) he would be issuing fewer executive orders?

Re: Hillary, I don't believe she is a dishonest character. But she was one of the candidates for 2008 who said she would continue using signing statements (McCain was the only one who said he would not).

Not MC (obviously?) said...

Could your interest stem from a desire (after interacting with someone you felt fairly certain was a sociopath) to never ever want to have a similar experience again?

And subsequently develop an almost a hypervigilant-like response to even the hint of a possible sociopath (and start seeing sociopaths everywhere)?

Nothing like this certainly ever happened to me (nor did anything remotely like anything else) so certainly could not relate.

Also, no offense meant, but I seriously doubt the Black Lives Matter activists enjoy being (or being called) victims (just a gut feeling on that one).

John Craig said...

Not MC --
I wrote about how I became interested in sociopaths here:

Ever since I've been fascinated by them, while horrified at the same time. It galls me that they get away with what they do and I like to see them exposed for what they are. And they actually for the most part operate invisibly, since most people don't quite fathom the extent of their despicableness. Given that they are 3 to 4% of the population, it would be naive to think I'd never run into one again.

No other President before Obama has used executive orders as a substitute for getting legislation on major issues passed. And whether or not the BLM crowd ENJOYS being called victims or not, the basic thrust of their movement is that they ARE victims of the police, who are going around randomly looking for young black males to shoot. To this day they still insist that Michael Brown was an innocent victim.

Quartermain said...

Rachel and Shaun might have gotten the idea of passing themselves as black from these two characters:


Oh, by the way Nicholas Stix posted a link to your previous Shaun King post.

John Craig said...

Allan --
Interesting thought. Benjamin Jealous looks identifiably black, if extremely light-skinned, but Walter White doesn't look as if he has a drop of black blood. And the amazing thing is, both of White's parents were born into slavery. Enough to make one wonder if he got switched at birth for another child, or something like that.

I saw the Nicholas Stix link, thank you.

Runner Katy said...

The media would never publish any of these questions or answers because it would be too "politically incorrect" and heaven forbid they question what "type" of people the Black Lives Matter group attracts. It's just sad.

Stan d Mute said...

Why? Seriously? The cardinal rule of media is never say anything bad about Africans. Never. African mobs celebrating "beat whitey night" are "teens." Look at the hundreds of videos Colin Flaherty has amassed, none ever say the word "black." Africans are always always always victims of evil white male privilege. That's the Narrative. Everybody repeats the Narrative and any deviation will result in loss of your livelihood (if white) or death threats (if non-white).

John Craig said...

Stan d Mute --
Amen, well said.

(And no, I wasn't really asking seriously, those were all rhetorical questions.)