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Sunday, September 27, 2015

The dodo bird

The dodo bird is an extinct species of bird that lived on the island of Mauritius, east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean.

According to Wikipedia:

The first recorded mention of the dodo was by Dutch sailors in 1598. In the following years, the bird was hunted by sailors, their domesticated animals, and invasive species introduced during that time. The last widely accepted sighting of a dodo was in 1662. 

The dodo bird has since become a metaphor for any being or thing which is dumb or has outlived its usefulness. But in fact the dodo was perfectly well adapted to its habitat until the arrival of the white man. It had lost its ability to fly because food was so plentiful on the island, and it had lost its fear because it had no natural enemies.

Reading about the way roughly half of Europe seems to be welcoming the recent invasion of African and Syrian immigrants with open arms, it's hard not to be reminded of the dodo bird.

It's not that Europeans are capable only of niceness. They once had it in them to fight, to conquer, and be dominant. The Vikings raped and plundered and pillaged all over northern Europe. Spain conquered a third of the world back in the 1500's. The Dutch took over South Africa and Indonesia and various other places, and were none too gentle about it. The British empire included North America, India, Australia, New Zealand, and parts of Africa. The Belgians may have been the cruelest of all, judging by how they treated the Congolese.

The history of Europe is basically the history of various brutal conquering empires.

But one thing you can say for all of the lands that the Europeans conquered: they at least tried to resist, at first, though eventually they all had to bow to the superior technology and organization and military might of the white man.

Now the roles are reversed, and the Europeans are offering absolutely no resistance. They seem to have been brainwashed by the media into a strange, passive acquiescence to politically correct ideals that may result in the eventual extinction of their culture.

While the Europeans have been capable of greater, more successful aggression than the other races, they also seem to be more capable of pathological altruism. It's hard to think of another race which has ever simply welcomed its invaders like this.

It's as if Europe has been hypnotized, and is sleepwalking its way toward the same fate that befell the dodo bird.

What will it take to wake them up?


Mark Caplan said...

Great post! That image of the dodo might accomplish more than all of Jared Taylor's eloquent, beautifully reasoned essays combined.

John Craig said...

Mark --
Thank you. To be honest, i don't think this post will accomplish anything, far many more people read AR than come to this blog.

I don't completely understand why Europe (and we) are such patsies. They -- and the US -- should take their cue from countries like Israel, or Mexico, or Australia, or Japan. These countries don't take in any immigrants whose nationality wouldn't mesh with their own, period. (Actually, Mexico will take you if you have enough money.) But they all have extremely strict immigration policies, and enforce them diligently. The US and Europe are just the opposite: huge, sloppy, weak, passive, helpless behemoths.

Anonymous said...

Excellent analogy , the Dodo bird should be the official bid of the European Union

Anonymous said...

In some regards you are right. The response to the immigration suicide has been terribly slow. But it is by no means true that there is no resistance in Europe.
Especial Eastern Europe is anti-immigration and it is reflected in the politics of countries like Hungary and Poland.

Besides that in Germany are large protests (probably not mentioned in the international press). See here for example:

This is Dresden 21th September. They are shouting "Merkel muss weg" which translates to "Merkel has to go".

This is Erfurt 23th September. The people shout "Wir sind das Volk" which translates to "We are the people". A slogan used at the protests that brought down the GDR (Merkel knows this).

All this is foremost happening in East Germany but it is resistance after all. The recent state elections in the northern part of Austria ended with a huge increase for the anti-immigration party FPO (from 15.1 % to 31.4 %):

Soon there will be elections in Switzerland where increases for the SVP (right wing anti-immigration party) are predicted.

In France the Front National is growing and has a decent chance to become the biggest party at the next elections.

Of course I don't know where this will lead us. But trends are clearly moving into an anti-immigration direction.

The influx of immigrants is so big, it became impossible to ignore. It even starts to hurt the typical voters of the left. Cities started to close gymnasiums and use them as refugee centers. They also started to kick out native Germans renters from their government owned housing and house refugees instead (I doubt that these people will ever vote for the Greens/CDU/SPD again).

The situation is bad but chances that things change are better than ever. And we owe this to the dramatic increase of immigrants. Just imagine what would have happened if all these people came slowly year after year 200.000 per year instead of 1.5 or 2 million? Many probably never would have noticed.


John Craig said...

Sebastian --
Yes, I'm well aware of the UKIP, the National Front, etc, and it's encouraging to see that at least some people have grown a spine. If you take another look at the fifth paragraph of the post, what I wrote was "roughly half of Europe seems to be welcoming the recent invasion." By that I didn't mean half the countries, but half of the people of Europe; I guess I could have been clearer. And actually, you're right, it's probably far less than half of the people who are actually actively "welcoming" the immigrants; most are just standing by helplessly as it happens and as their leaders betray them. But I'd also say it's less than half who are actively protesting the invasion as well.

But, as more and more people get a taste of life with Muslims living in their midst, I think those proportion will change. The only question is, will it be too late by the time a critical mass is reached.

Anonymous said...

it does surprise me that Europe is allowing themselves to be invaded by muslims , the same people Europe has fought to push out in the past and whom have an ideology which is far to the right of the average European, with no respect for individual rights. unlike in America, the immigrants swarming their nations are not displacing European jobs, because European Labor laws make it difficult to layoff workers and the min wage is too high for the immigrants to even get jobs, but Europe offers better welfare benefits thus the immigrants are happy enough to get their free housing, free food, free education while bringing their backwards culture to Europe.

By contrast in America one can see why Democrats are no longer opposed to immigration, since the immigrants lean democrat and even the unions now support amnesty to increase union membership...while the wealthy conservatives want more immigrants to keep labor costs down. We are fortunate that most of our immigrants are christian and thus much less likely to be terrorists and more likely to find jobs due to our more fluid labor markets.

Like you, I am libertarian but have become more opposed to immigration due to its effect on our culture and knowledge that diversity results in a worse social environment. One big reason for the success America has had is our high level of trust , this is eroding as the immigrants are coming from low trust cultures. Having children has resulted in me seeing the power of genetics, and thus listening and accepting HBD arguments which I would have ignored when I was childless.

John Craig said...

Anon --
There seem to be a lot of people (me included) who have gone through the same thought process you have. We were all exposed to liberal propagandizing in school which we can't help but absorb a little bit when we're young, just because we haven't had that much life experience. But then we get out in the world, see how much of that propaganda is just lies, and our attitudes gradually adjust accordingly.

The fact is, our diversity is not our strength, IQ is genetic, and everybody ultimately acts in their own self interest, no matter the political system, and those who say they're acting out of idealism (like those who promote more immigration from low IQ populations) are usually deluded or dishonest. All of those things may seem obvious, but they're not when you're young and constantly being brainwashed. So….anyway, yes, everything you say is true.