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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Where are the hate crimes hoaxes from the Right?

I mentioned this two days ago, but it bears repeating: you seem to hear of a lot of hate crimes hoaxes these days, but they all seem to come from the Left. Here is a fairly extensive list of such hoaxes.

The vast majority of these "crimes" were ostensibly perpetrated against either blacks or gays, but in fact were committed by members of those communities. Their purpose seemed to have been to stir up outrage against people who target those groups. There were a also a handful of anti-Semitic crimes, though several of these seemed to have been committed for the purpose of covering up insurance fraud, rather than stirring up outrage against anti-Semites. And there were a few rape hoaxes listed.

There were two white women who falsely claimed to have been assaulted by blacks. One was a woman who poured acid on herself, disfiguring her own face. (Think Munchausen's Syndrome.) And one was a woman who was trying to cover up her extramarital affair (her lover had beaten her up.) Neither of them seemed motivated by a desire to stir up racial animosity.

I didn't see a single hate crime hoax "aimed" at white, heterosexual males. I saw none directed at Hispanics, either. And I saw only one directed at Asians.

Almost all of the hoaxes were theoretically perpetrated against members of America's most favored "victim" groups, blacks and gays.

What statement does this make about their movements, and more to the point, their adherents?

What exactly are the benefits accruing to those who manage to successfully position themselves as "victims" these days? They must be considerable if people go to such lengths to be viewed as such.

How dishonest and shameless does someone have to be in order to stage such a hoax, and then try to maintain it until he is caught?

And what does it say about the Left that the hoaxers all seem to come from their side?


hooter tooter said...

It tells you they're children, because that's what children to get back at their brothers and sisters.

John Craig said...

Hooter tooter --
Honestly, most of these hoaxers are sociopaths, I'll explain in the next post.

But yes, sociopaths have the emotional maturity of five-year-olds.

hooter tooter said...

—A study published in The Journal Of Child Psychology And Psychiatry has concluded that an estimated 98 percent of children under the age of 10 are remorseless sociopaths with little regard for anything other than their own egocentric interests and pleasures.

John Craig said...

Hooter tooter --
That's interesting, thought I'm not quite sure i buy it. Their consciences and inhibitions and sense of shame haven't fully developed, but that's not quite the same thing as being a bunch of little Ted Bundy's.

hooter tooter said...

It's a quote from article in the Onion. Interestingly, the 'researcher' in the article was quoted in an actual paper :).

John Craig said...

Hooter tooter--
OK, sorry, thought you were serious. It did sound unhinged enough to have been something an academic might have dreamed up.

Rifleman said...

"Where are the hate crimes hoaxes from the Right?"

I thought maybe Horst Wessel's murder by communists which was used by the Nazis but that actually happened. Blowing up the USS Maine in Havana? It happened but who did it?

The leftist "911 truthers" would say 911 was a hate crimes hoax, it happened but they say Cheney/Bush/oil companies and Israel did it not poor little Muslims.

There's a difference between total hoax/fraud and wrongly claiming something was done as a secret conspiracy.

Aids was a plot to wipe out blacks and gays, claim by many. HIV and aids really happened but hoaxers claim conspiracy - a massive hate crime against Africans, Haitians and gays.

Trayvon murdered by George Zimmerman who called him a coon and killed him simply because he was black. Poor little Mike Brown - "my hands is up don't soot me please, sir!!".

Event = real, interpretation = a "hate crime hoax".

Maybe on the right planned parenthood "killing and dismembering babies with glee" is an interpretation hoax designed to stimulate right wing moral outrage. Which it apparently did in the Colorado mass killer.

The right seems to be more likely to take actual circumstances and say = "see, this hateful thing really happened. Let's do something about it, to prevent more from happening".

Interesting that offense at hateful events - black or hispanic crime, muslim terrorism, large scale abortions of "unborn babies" stimulate moral outrage on the right but the left sees the MORAL OUTRAGE ITSELF as the actual hate crime!!!

"How dare you notice you racist, xenophobic, islamophobic, declarer of a War on Women!!!!".

John Craig said...

Rifleman --
Agreed, there's a big difference between a pure hoax and an actual crime which is ascribed to someone who may not have done it; this post was mostly about the former.

There's a lot of history out there which is grist for conspiracy theorists (and in many cases, the conspiracy theorist may be right), but those are usually sophisticated false flag operations (or not), I was only talking about the obvious low level frauds perpetrated mostly on US campuses recently.

And yeah, agreed, the Right never complains about moral outrage, that's the Left's domain.

Anonymous said...

Here's one hoax, trying to make out that the Black Lives Matter movement vandalised a house when they apparently didn't:

- Gethin

John Craig said...

Gethin --
Yes, that seems to be one. Thank you. The tally sheet is still incredibly one-sided though.