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Friday, January 22, 2016

What colleges need

An article today on GOPUSA, College prepares to decry impact of white people, described an upcoming event at Portland Community College:

A college in Oregon is preaching against discrimination while illegally discriminating against white people.

April is "Whiteness History Month" at Portland Community College. The project is aimed at exploring how whiteness emerged from “imperialism, conquest, colonialism and American enterprise….”

Event organizers are asking participants to explore ways of dismantling “whiteness...”

Portland Community isn’t the only college or university to conduct such events. The University of Mount St. Mary’s in Maryland (a Catholic college) co-hosted an "Unmasking Whiteness event last summer; and the University of Colorado-Boulder offers a Whiteness Studies course, which “examines the development of whiteness from past white supremacy.”

I honestly believe that this is not enough. We need to go further to dismantle whiteness.

What I propose is this: whenever white freshmen first arrive on campus, they should be herded en masse to a central site on campus, and be forced to run a gauntlet between students of color who will be screaming the following things at them:

"You're the worst people who ever lived!"

"I'm sick of your white privilege!"

"You're a member of the only race which has ever practiced murder and slavery and rape and genocide!"

"You're Hitler! You're Stalin!"

"Stop oppressing me!"

"You're the scum of the earth -- because you're white!"

"Only whites can be racist!"

"Colonialist piece of shit!"

And then, while they're screaming at them, the students of color should be pelting the white freshmen with tomatoes and eggs and the like. 

That should teach those white freshmen their place. 


Lucian Lafayette said...

Here's a radical solution. Because white people are so terrible, we should all be gathered together in one place so nobody else has to put up with us. Make us set up our own government so everyone can see just how bad a job we do when left to our own devices. The region I would suggest is: Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West VA, Georgia. . . .

Think we could get this put into law?


John Craig said...

Luke --
That would certainly be a just punishment….

Anonymous said...

And white people can reply that people within ALL RACES have committed atrocities (our race should not be singled out and punished for what happened in the past). We don't have to feel white guilt about our ancestors because their misdeeds are on them, not us. We can rectify some wrongs that may have occurred, but we do not have to spend an eternity doing so. My two cents.


John Craig said...

Birdie --
You obviously haven't been to college recently. If you had, you'd know that whites are the ONLY race which has ever committed atrocities.

Anonymous said...

I realize that we live in insane times (the thought police are dictating how we're supposed to think). When defending our own race, we can point out that people of every race are guilty of committing the exact same types of crimes against each other, going back to the beginning of time. I had never given as much thought to racial issues, not until President Obama came to power. It's time for whites and other races (who realize the truth about humanity in general) to set the lopsided thinkers straight, giving them history lessons if need be. All races are guilty of "crimes against humanity," blacks, whites, asians, etc. Everyone deserves to have a balanced perspective.

- birdie

John Craig said...

Birdie --