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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Joe Biden and blacks

That article I linked ten days ago referred to the time Joe Biden told a black church audience that the Republicans "gonna put y'all back in chains."

On January 31, 2007, Biden famously said about Obama, "I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that's a storybook, man."

People who talk the way I did in the previous post are inevitably accused of racism. 

But which is more insulting to black people, Biden's kind of talk or mine? 

Biden must think black churchgoers incredibly stupid to believe that Republicans want to return them to slavery. 

And to say what Biden did about Obama strongly implies that most blacks are inarticulate and dumb and dirty and ugly. In fact, by saying that Obama is the "first," he's basically saying that there's never been a black who's had all four of the qualities he listed before.

It's hard to see how Biden could have put that more plainly. Yet he gets a pass because he's a Democrat.

Race realists are banished from polite society because they speak honestly about racial differences. Yet I've never heard a race realist say that there was never a single black who was articulate and bright and clean and nice-looking before Obama. 

But for the past seven years Biden has been Obama's VP. 

I mean, that's a storybook, man. 


Mark Caplan said...

In Ted Cruz's time at Harvard Law, the student publication Harvard Law Review had 80 student editors, 64 chosen on merit, 16 based on affirmative action. (Editor and Law Review President Barack Obama had graduated the year before Cruz started at Harvard Law.)

The editors held a discussion on whether to maintain affirmative action. Ted Cruz quoted one of the well-meaning liberals: "If we abolish affirmative action, the Harvard Law Review will be nothing but rich white men." The exam for the Review was anonymous, so the remark was not about the Old Boys' Network; it was about the liberal's assumed intellectual inferiority of minorities and women.

Cruz, who opposes affirmative action, does not say how big a role affirmative action played in his admission to Princeton and Harvard Law.

Source: A Time for Truth (2015), by Ted Cruz (p. 77).

John Craig said...

Mark --
Interesting, thank you. Yes, liberals are, underneath it all, just as "racist" as most race realists. But they feel that they will demonstrate moral superiority by pretending they don't see any of the obvious racial differences. And they huff and puff whenever anyone else points those obvious differences. But, every now and then, they let slip the kind of comment you (and Cruz) quote above.

I wonder if Cruz took advantage of affirmative action. Interesting question.

Mark Caplan said...

Barack Obama was selected as one of the 80 student editors of the Harvard Law Review. Affirmative action criteria were used to fill 20 percent of the editor slots.

The NY Times ran a humorous piece about Obama's frequently heard hypercorrect solecism exemplified by "graciously invited Michelle and I." You'd think any middling law student, let alone an editor of the prestigious Harvard Law Review, would know the difference between the objective case "me" and the subjective case "I."

"The I's Have It"

John Craig said...

Mark --
Yes, funny article.

We all make mistakes, but those mistakes are only fair game for the mainstream media and comedians if the political figure is a white Republican. Remember what a big deal was made of Dan Quayle misspelling "potatoes?" And he had been handed a card which itself was misspelled, he had just read the card. Yet from all the publicity about that incident, you'd have thought Western civilization was coming to an end. If it's a black Democrat, like Obama, making the mistakes, well, we'll just all pretend we didn't notice them.

Samuel Nock said...

In the leftist mindset, it is all about "who, whom". Simply speaking, in their minds leftists cannot be racist, or at least they receive a default pass on such questions (unless other leftists decide to attack that person, in which case there is a hierarchy: gay trumps black trumps woman trumps asian etc).

Example 1:

Pat Buchanan: "Within a generation, whites will be a minority in this country."

Leftist response: Racist!!!

Example 2:

Time Wise: "Within a generation, whites will be a minority in this country."

Leftists response: Yay!! You're so right! How awesome is that!

John Craig said...

Samuel --
You're so right, their hypocrisy is amazing. There never seems to be any sense of fair play with the SJW's, and you get the impression they never take a hard look at themselves.

riptapart said...

Great blog. I have it bookmarked.

John Craig said...

Riptapart --
Thank you.