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Friday, April 29, 2016

Is hysteria part of the liberal psyche?

The NY Post ran an article yesterday with the headline, "PC mob shuts down forum that asked, 'Has political correctness gone too far?'"

It's easy to imagine the behavior of the protesters at the forum, but in case you're unfamiliar with such, the article captures it:

More campus madness: ­UMass-Amherst students this week threw a mass temper tantrum to derail a forum that challenged the speech police.

“The Triggering: Has Political Correctness Gone Too Far?” featured three guests: American Enterprise Institute scholar Christina Hoff Sommers, journalist Milo Yiannopoulos and comedian Steven Crowder.

But they barely got a chance to speak. Protesters broke in to swear, name-call and throw fits. (Isn’t it ironic that this is what “political correctness” means in practice?)

With shouts of “F–k you! F–k you!” and “Keep your hate speech off this campus” — not to mention “Go home!” — the kids of course proved the critics’ point.

“There was not a 10- to 20-second period during [the event] where there wasn’t an interruption,” said senior Nicholas Pappas, one of the panel’s organizers.

If you've ever seen films of leftist protesters, or had the pleasure of watching them in person, you know that this behavior is typical. They chant, yell, scream, and quiver with hatred while accusing the other side of being "haters."

And there always seems to be a strong undercurrent of hysteria running through their behavior.

Think of people who constantly get up on their high horses, and say, in tones of tremulous outrage, "I find that really offensive!"

Think of the way they call names, accusing others of being Nazis, or racists, or sexists, in a similar fashion to people in the Middle Ages accusing others of consorting with the Devil.

Think of the look of absolute horror on their faces if you mention some unacceptable statistic about group differences.

Think of the way they make grand statements, such as, "I could never be friends with a conservative!" (They tend to be extravagant with their verbal exclamation marks.)

Think of the way you have to walk on eggshells around them.

Think of the Left's reactions to "crimes" of unknown origin, such as that student who wore a blanket at Oberlin, causing a panic over a KKK invasion.

Think of the way they initially react to every hate hoax of the past decade -- which, of course, just encourages more hate hoaxes.

Think of the way the Left love to see themselves as victims

The hysteria is apparent in their tones of voice, their body language, their pattern of thought.

Think of the higher number of women than men who are leftist, and then ponder the fact that hysteria has historically been considered a female disease.

In the old days, doctors would cure female hysteria with the "vibrational cure" which was meant to induce a cathartic "paroxysm of the uterus," after which the woman would be left calm and serene.

Sometimes I wish I could just stick a vibrator into the Left and cure it of its hysteria. Unfortunately, the cure for the political variety is not that simple. And, frankly, I wouldn't want to give the Left that pleasure anyway.

But it's hard to escape the impression that what they need is something along those lines.


Anonymous said...

I am going to sound like a psychopath here, but, I will serve truth, and the blog, and speak...

There is a great rule (although it takes experience to learn how to use it): PEOPLE TELL YOU HOW TO TREAT THEM.

A lot of times, when people tell you what not to do them (quite inappropriately, YOU WERE DOING NOTHING EVEN CLOSE), they are actually telling you what they want done to them.

(Let me rush to the shelter of literary allusion, in this case W.H. Auden: "The desires of the heart are as crooked as corkscrews.")

I'ma just put it out there...a lot of those people screaming at the harmless panel of speakers, calling them racists and rapists and fascists and (everything bad) WERE ACTUALLY crying out to have some big strong bad person dominate and abuse them physically and sexually and financially and every other way LIKE A STRONG DRUG that will just take them out of themselves and SMOOSH THEM and make them forget their weakness/worthlessness/self-contempt. Please don't misunderstand me, it is not all of the yellers that probably are like that, just a subset. Nor am I justifying abusive stupid behavior. I just want to point out, that sometimes when harmless people get called bad names, the speaker is actually CALLING OUT FOR A BAD PERSON.

John Craig said...

Anon --
You may be right about that, at least with some of them.

There's a strong parallel to what you're saying when you hear women talk about what they want in a man. Almost all of them will say they want a nice, responsible guy who will treat them with respect. And if you suggest to them that what they really want is a bad boy who will abuse them a little, they'll all shriek in protest. But….in fact…..when they get that nice guy, they're soon bored by him, and find him annoying. And when they get the bad boy, they go crazy over him. It's just female nature, though most women will deny it. And there may well be something similar going on with these hysterical protesters, deep in their psyches.

Steven said...

The guests were all people who agreed with the motion. They didnt need to speak. Getting shut down by a PC mob was absolutely the best thing that could have happened to prove their point. its pretty funny how unself aware they are.

Then there's these Trump protesters in the news. what are they trying to achieve? it will be decided. quite rightly, by a national vote, not a 200 strong hissy fit.

John Craig said...

Steven --
Exactly, on both counts.

The problem with the protests at Trump rallies is that the way the media covers it, they make it sound almost as if it's Trump's responsibility: "Violence flares at Trump rally," etc.

Steven said...

yeah thats true. If Trump supporters invaded a Sanders rally and there was violence, they'd be jackboot wearing fascists and Sanders' folk would be completely innocent. It would be all about the dangerous rise of fascism and how Nazis broke up the meetings of rivals.

I was actually referring to a headline on the guardian site...Trump forced from his motorcade amid chaotic protests at Cali convention.

John Craig said...

Steven --
Yes, you're right, if Trump supporters tried to disrupt Sanders of Hillary rallies, they'd get all the blame -- as they should. The only thing is, Republicans don't go to disrupt Democratic gatherings, it happens the other way around.

Anonymous said...

I just checked the odds, Hillary's are paying $1.30 Trump $5.45 AUD

I'm going to drop a grand on Hillary.


Anonymous said...

Over time, the public is becoming aware of how corrupt things are from the top on down. With Trump, we're really seeing how the left operates.


John Craig said...

Andrew --
Ugh, no offense but I sincerely hope you lose that bet.

John Craig said...

Birdie --
Once you become aware of their duplicity, the Left's methods become all too apparent, all the time.

Fitzmac said...

The hysteria of the Left is their way of responding to their inner doubts that their program cannot succeed. Because they are incapable of silencing their doubts in an internal manner, they have to do it demonstratively, make a show of it, which lets them gain reassurance because they see other people doing the same thing and so can persuade themselves for a short time that their beliefs do in fact correspond to reality.

It is a matter of duplicity, but also, more fundamentally, of mental illness. The current generation of college students are probably the first to come of age in a truly post-patriarchal age, where fathers are absent or are denigrated by the education system. Graham Seibert (who I found through Sailer) in his bio makes a very interesting point about how public education encouraged his children to dismiss his perspective as a kind of reflex. All visions of personal improvement have been contaminated by the idea of privilege, so that people who are fat, slovenly, sexually confused, and physically grotesque achieve a higher moral standing on the basis of their failings.

John Craig said...

Fitzmac --
Those are great insights. That makes perfect sense -- the reason the Left always chants at their demonstrations is to reassure themselves, it's a strength-in-numbers kind of thing. I also get the sense sometimes that their histrionics are a kind of acting that isn't entirely dissimilar to what sociopaths do, acting as if they're completely convinced of their own righteousness as a way of trying to convince others that they must in fact be right, otherwise why would they feel so passionately?

I'm not sure fat and slovenly have achieved a higher moral standing yet, but sexually confused certainly has. gay is almost always favored over straight in the media, in the same way that blacks are assumed to have higher moral standing than whites, or women are over men.

Anonymous said...

Ha no offense taken.

Trumps up to $3.25 AUD Hillary's down to $1.30

My heart wants Trump.


John Craig said...

Andrew --
Well, at least your heart -- if not your head -- is in the right place.

I don't even like Trump that much personally, but the policies he espouses are just way better for the middle class than anything any Democrat or Republican has done in the last 20 years.

At those odds, btw, I'd take Trump; I think e's going to surprise people. But November is a long way away.